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Sailing down the side of the rock face, wind billowing through her hair, being swallowed by the darkness of whatever it was below, Jun'ko almost felt free. She had enough time while falling to consider that, if death was anything like this feeling, maybe she could welcome it with open arms, instead of spending a lifetime passing it on to others in an effort to hide it away from her own soul. Or whatever was left of her soul, even at her tender age of nineteen.

She kicked out her foot towards the stone and caught it with a glide of chakra magic, gaining traction and slowing her decent. She followed this with her other foot, bending her knees to absorb the impact, and slid down the vertical rockface as easily as a professional skier might tackle the beginnner's course on a bright warm day. She slid down into the darkness, face alight with the pleasure of skirting against death, dodging uneven patches of the wall, slowing more and more as her chakra assisted feet started to come closer and closer to the direct rock. Working with her daredevil attitude as her only guide, when her speed felt right and she seemed to be falling for just long enough, she leapt from the wall and went into a safety roll...and intuition rewarded her, as she landed on the ground and rolled to relative safety, her arm and thigh taking a bruise and light cuts from the uneven surface.

Her heart raced. Her teeth flashed their uneven grin despite the lack of light, and she peered up back where she had jumped from. There was nothing up there, not even stars---she thought she heard a voice calling down to her, but it was too distant and meshed to nothing in the sounds of air circulating around the area.

Jun'ko took a step forward, and then another, and then another. Her legs moved in strong concert with each other, big thighs propelling dainty feet, her hips swaying in an easy, seductive fashion, her stomach pulled in taut and her arms curled up around her chest to give the illusion she was more amply blessed than she really was. Warmth filled her from somewhere behind her navel, somewhere inside her lungs. A reasonable part of her mind, quiet and low, said, “Isn't this a genjutsu? We should...”

Another voice made an unfortunately primal moan at the pleasure rising up in her neck. A third pushed passed the reason and clutched to the animal. She simply walked, now—no rhyme, no reason, until she had reached the shrine with all it's cute lanterns and pools of water. The two lion dog guards of the gate moved. The reason in her mind was gone. The other two voices looked on with interest—one perverse and blood thirsty, one fearful. The two shisaa, however, were placid. They circled around her in wide arcs that grew tighter and tighter.

Vaguely aware of a man before her, Jun'ko tried to catch his eyes, but he seemed to always be slightly above her and to the left. Her vision failed her even though her body seemed to be moving. Her legs buckled and she feel to her knees, sprawled out like a mewling nymphomaniac on a love hotel's dirty sheets. Something crawled up her leg like a snake and slipped under her skirt and up the ridge of her back until it clutched firmly around her neck, cold like a lover's hands, strong like a teacher's special treatment. Memories bubbled up from places she couldn't remember. A single tear flew from her face.

The leash around her neck was made out of some sort of stone, the brace between her ankles was made out of an ornate and fine piece of wood. Her hands bound behind her back in steel handcuffs, and the dogs plopped down on either side of her, as if sleeping.

The man caught her floating tear in his tea cup and then drunk deeply.

Higashi Jun'ko was captured.

OOC: Finally thought of what to put into this stupid shrine!

This man is a severe threat with powerful techniques, including the genjutsu that makes up most of this post. It's duration, in this shrine, is infinite, and it's genjutsu training is “high enough”. Once you enter the shrine grounds, the genjutsu compulses your basest instinct (fear of arousal and bloodlust, for my jounin) to push them forward into the range of two lion-dogs. While between the two lion-dogs, you lose your combat ability and in exchange, the man can't attack you, either. (As the minor summoning list's technique). The genjutsu causes terrible memories (abandonment and abuse, for Jun'ko) to surface, even if they don't exist, and the tear is absorbed by the man in his fancy tea. This grants him access to your memories—some real, some imagined.

He's incredibly powerful, if you guys are wise enough to avoid the genjutsu field.

Age: 100+ (appears a well-worn 40)
Lists: All great 5 villages at stage 5, universal genjutsu at stage 7(possibly higher), uses Iron Fist for taijutsu, at stage 5.
Items: He's made even more powerful by this shrine that keeps him alive. The pools allow him to scry the outside world, the dogs keep him safe (since they stop all combat), and his genjutsu allows him to 'eat' on the brains of wayward travelers. He's a trapdoor illusion spider.

If he leaves the shrine, he'll age several decades a post until he reaches the end of his natural lifespan (which is just over a hundred for a magical martial artist), but he has no plans too. The shrine protects a flower that blossoms only once a year with four to five giant bulbs that look like water. He drinks these in his tea to grant himself his incredible genjutsu ability, but Kage or Sennin-level characters could likely weaponize it differently, making it something important to bring back to our respective villages – or to hold onto until enlightenment, in Kenji's case.

His clothes are distinctly Stone Country, his teas smell like Fire Country, his architecture is easily Cloud, and his voice sounds like he's from Wind Country. His mannerisms and taijutsu remind one of ancient Hidden Mist, and his skin tone is Rice country. He's a man out of time out of place.
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She stood in defiance to the darkness, her breath ragged and her eyes desperately searching for any signs of the shinobi who disappeared below. The only thing that Laien could see was the faint glimmer of a world she'd never witnessed before. Unbeknownst to her the effect of the temple grasped outward, licking at her vulnerable mind, causing a rage to build deep inside her. It started off as a slow simmer like it always did.

Clenching her teeth, Laien caught herself, “That slimy piece of shit! I knew she was trouble when I laid eyes on her!” She shouted, hoping Jun'ko could hear her through the darkness. “This is your last chance Jun'ko! Or whatever your name is!”

Laien's eyes were twitching back and forth and she continued to stand on the cliff's edge, wanting to dive down into the darkness after her. Something deep inside Laien wanted to jump down into the temple and hunt down their guide like the trickster she was. Something wanted to rip Jun'ko's throat out and shove it down the hole it created, to tear out her eyes and punch in her teeth. That was what Laien wanted after all, she wanted to snap every single joint and break every single bone in that woman's body and watch her cry out for help. To watch her cry for mercy and to see the fear and helplessness wipe the smirk off her face as Jun'ko realized that the only person who could hear her was Kouten Laien.

Laien was smiling when she slammed her right fist into the smooth rockface beside her. The twinge of pain as her ring finger broke brought her out of the episode. She collapsed backwards away from the cliff and back into the cold tunnel. The rage, for the most part, was gone. Shaking her head vigorously, Laien wiped a speckle of drool that had formed on her lower lip. Flexing her hand only confirmed that she had in fact broken a bone. A moment later Laien realized that Raiko's light had gone out, she looked behind her to realize why it had dissipated.

Raiko's light had indeed gone out, when she saw what Laien was doing she quickly pulled a kunai and waited at the ready for her comrade to turn around. She had seen that look in her friend's eyes before, it had been a very long time since anything had caused such an effect.

The young shinobi spoke as if being revisited by a ghost long since passed. “Laien...?” Raiko said wearily. “I'm sure she didn't desert us... She's probably just gone up ahead to scout the area... Are you alright?”

“Yes... now I am...” Laien said as she lifted herself up with her left hand. “Just... something came over me is all. It's passed now, don't worry... Keiji-san,” she said with unexpected formality, “I'm sorry if I made a spectacle of myself. I've had anger issues since childhood. Perhaps this long journey of ours has loosed my grip.”

Laien turned back towards the cliff not wanting to walk towards it again.
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Maybe the jungle was a safer place to be. To the Snow-nin it was definitely beginning to seem that way. Apparently the Rain-nin who was leading the way had vanished down into the darkness where the path they followed gave way to a drop off. Laien, the hard ass Cloud-nin, chased after her, but didn’t jump off. Raiko could see Laien, but Keiji was positioned too far back to really see what was going on. He had already equipped his glove and was preparing for the worst. He didn’t know what was going on, but a gut feeling left the massive man feeling queasy. This island was beginning to turn a nightmarish hell and Keiji was losing all desire to stay there any longer.

Why was he even sticking with these three. He didn’t owe them anything. He barely knew them. Keiji felt like an old piece of him was surfacing again, but how could that be. He had closed himself off for so long that he didn’t even know if anything of his past existed. Here it was though. Raiko had to be the culprit for his desire to stick it out. She calmed him and brought out these old emotions. The Snow-nin didn’t like it. Began to hate it even. He didn’t deserve to feel this again. He was too weak to save his country. He would likely be too weak to protect her or any of the other two as well, so why stick around for her or anyone else…

The Cloud-nin, Laien, began to rage at the edge of the drop off. Keiji and Raiko heard her yell in anger at the darkness. She turned feral. It was if she changed from a serious and collected shinobi into a raging beast. The unsettling feeling grew larger. It was a sudden shift of personality. What came in like a storm left just as quickly, as Laien seemed to regain her composure and rejoined the other two shinobi. She explained that she had anger issues and that she apologized. Keiji nodded and took the opportunity to check out the edge of the cliff.

The darkness engulfed him as he peered down the ledge. He noticed the faint glow of the plants, but something wasn’t right. The Snow-nin could feel it again. The dread from a year and half ago. The day he lost everything engulfed his mind. He was back in the Harada Corp Building. In the hallway of the fourth floor. Fire was surrounding him quickly as the building’s structure began to give away. The terror of the situated hit him like a ton of bricks and there wasn’t anything he could do. He felt frozen. He made a step towards what looked like stairs. It must be the way out. The idea of being inside a cavern on an island seemed to be forgotten. It was as if he was transported away from the island and away from the two Cloud-nin and brought back into the terror of that event.

Raiko and Laien would see Keiji freeze. They would know that something was up with him and then suddenly they would see him fall. What Keiji thought would be stairs was the edge of the cliff that led down to the Rain-nin. Once he was halfway to the bottom of the stairs his feet gave way and he tumbled to the floor. Back in reality Keiji had smashed into the ground. Anger began to swell in him. He wasn’t helpless this time. He would bring this burning down around him if he needed to. He wasn’t going to be a victim to this terror anymore. He was tired of the situation. Keiji stood on his feet and wiped the sweat and and dirt from his face, as he began to refocus. It was then that they building faded back to the cavern, but the emotions still lingered. Keiji was in a terror induced anger. It was as if his mind was setting up a defense. Like an animal backed into a corner.

He stepped forward as he made out a path. Whatever was going on wasn’t going to end well. Keiji couldn’t shake the emotions, as he continued to walk further into the new hallway. His body ached of pain, but it was secondary. He had to focus. He had to fight the terror and helplessness that began to eat away his anger. It was then that he found the shrine. Jun’ko was there. She seemed to be bound, but he didn’t see anyone else. Who bound her and what is this shrine. Fear. That is what ate him the most now, but that was nothing. “I learned to live with this emotion. These emotions you are attempting to play me with.” Keiji looked up at two creatures that seemed to be an amalgamation of a lion and a dog. They split up and began to circle the Snow-nin, but before they could the man jumped back away from them.

“I don’t know where you are or who you are, but have you ever had your home taken from you? I lived in a country that was expanding too fast for it’s own good and was snuffed out because of it. No one knows who did it and no one is attempting to find out. When you lose your home and you hold the secrets of your village in your very combat abilities. You begin to wonder how long until someone comes asking questions. Before someone comes and hunts you down for your abilities. You learn to live with all the fears and you lose your old self and become something new. Something cold. Something… not human…” Keiji knew it was a genjutsu. It was strong and he was doing everything he could to keep one step ahead of the dogs. He didn’t know their motive or if they were even real. He didn’t know if anything was real anymore, but he didn’t want to stay still long enough to find out. Rushing a series of seals Keiji attempted to slow the beasts and anyone else around him.

The seals ended and from Keiji’s feet the moist stones began to freeze. His breathe released in a cloud of frozen moisture as it spread over the entire shrine with Keiji being the focal point. The frost faded as quickly as it formed, as the dogs had found a way to put Keiji in between them. He tried again, but to no avail. The dogs must cut off his abilities, but he didn’t know how they could do it. It wasn’t long before Keiji found himself also bound and placed next to Jun’ko. Unsure of what would happen next Keiji’s fear of helplessness finally overtook him. He tried to fight it for so long, but eventually it was turned into a realization. What could they possibly do now...

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Jun'ko strained against the illusionary bindings, her hips twisting on their axis in the air, her face pressed hard against the cobblestone walkway. Her hands, pressed together at the wrist behind her, was rubbing together so hard the skin started to break away in a red rash against her pale features, deepening into a bruise comparable to her chipping purple nail polish. Her toes coiled in her boots.

When Keiji fell down next to her, she was overcome with emotions, each bubbling up from within her and then being fiercely overtaken by the next in turn: Excitement that he was pushed down next to her, bound and easy pray. Fear that her comrade was captured, too—meaning there was likely no chance she'd be saved. Frantic feelings of warmth in her lips and neck. She felt embarrassed, felt cheap.

Felt used.

“Kei...Keiji-kun,” She managed, using her chin to tilt her head to look at him. “I can't.”

More tears broke free from her face, falling down pale, cold skin to the dirt and stone below her. “I can't move, Keiji-kun.” Her voice was hot with the unabashed flirtations of a teenage girl, mixed with some frantic terror. “We're gonna die, man. We're gonna get killed, man.”

She kept repeating this, over and over, all the while rubbing her lower back and wrists raw with the constant gyrating and seductive movements the genjutsu was putting her through.

That's all very well,” said the man, collecting the tear from Reiji's bindings and drinking deeply. “Two ninja come into my home after losing their own. Well, if you can call the sewers a home.

His cracked, folded skin peered over the ornate tea glass as he looked down at his two prisoners, one eye obviously blind, the other sinister and wearing anger his face didn't seem to. “What should I do with the trash that blows onto my yard? Should I burn it? Compost it? Grind it up?

His crossed legs popped with effort as he leaned forward to look closer at he two, sitting so casually on the wooden porch that opened into the shrine. “The secrets of this island are to remain secrets, I hope you understand. I can't just let you go away now, can I?

Jun'ko's desperate grinding and years of training as a Youkai found purchase while the man talked, allowing her to focus her mind on the sounds of the man's voice—external to the genjutsu—and the friction on her own body—something wholly herself. Her wrists slipped apart from each other and for a moment, Jun'ko had the sickening sensation of being fully aware her hands were free from the binding, but being fully aware she was tightly bound by handcuffs.

A voice in her head was whispering to her, begging her to do it, encouraging her to take the plunge into madness. The youkai, her other self and oldest friend. The madman murderer, the wild dog of the Amegakure sewers.

“Father!” She exclaimed, her five fingers on her left hand biting deeply into the skin of her right elbow, twisting with a practice motion she had only ever done on other people. Pain sparked into her brain like an electrical storm, and the white-faced ghost cackled madly as she twisted her bone out of the socket, twisting her arm at an impossible angle.

The pain was more than she had bargained for, but when she rolled over on her back to cry out in agony, the illusion of bindings around her body slithered away like frightened snakes. The heels of her boots slammed against the cobblestone and her hips rested against the cool rocks. The relief of her spine, resting after such an embarrassing display of teenage hormones, was irrelevant. Her left arm clutched at her face and neck, scratching deep into her porcelain skin, her other arm lay next to her, palm down and thumb away from the body.

Her howls echoed up through the cavern, high enough to reach the Cloud ninja, like a pack of dogs barking and howling. Part of her brain receded into the darkness, hiding away from the pain...

...and something else started to take her place.
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A beat passed and the two shinobi heard and the last they saw of Keiji was a glimpse of him running past a large stone structure. Laien and Raiko stood on the edge of the cliff thinking of what to do next. They knew they were on limited time; something deep inside them was screaming for them to act. That same feeling of rage began to grow within the older shinobi as she stood at the cliff's edge. It took a moment but it was at that point did Laien finally realize what they were up against, she pulled a kunai out from her belt and squeezed her broken fingers around it in order to collect herself.

Inside Raiko a much different feeling began to arise, however. A deep conceited fear from a previous experience came flooding back to her. She had never enjoyed tight spaces, let alone dark ones. She never had the ability to lose control of her emotions before. The answer became obvious almost as immediately as it hit her. Raiko's voice became weak, “Laien...” She said, beginning to shake, “It's gen-”

“Genjutsu, I know that know Raiko. Nothing we haven't faced before but...” Laien responded, the pain in her hand subsiding her rage only slightly. “If it's this powerful from all the way up here then we're definitely up against something big and nasty down there.... Can you see or hear anything down the-”

Laien was cut off by a loud and pitiful howl from below. The time to act was decided upon Jun'ko's own pain. The two shinobi collected themselves and dived down below in silent agreement. Old temples, covered in damp moss, were everywhere. No sign of riches or anything of value, just decrepit and empty tombs of centuries passed. It didn't take long for the Cloud shinobi to come across the two Liondogs.

Thinking that these were their targets the two shinobi divided themselves up and decided to take even the odds. The dogs quickly counters, attempting to surround the two. Unbeknownst to Laien and Raiko, their tactic to stay on the outside of the dog's pincer attack saved them from the paralysis technique. In synchronization the two shinobi divided into fourteen surrounding each dog instead.

As the dogs reacted to the maneuver they attempted to increase the size of their berth. The clones that ended up between them collapsed to the floor and dispersed in a puff of electric smoke. Raiko, in her fear, noticed and shouted to her compatriot.

“Stay on the outside, Laien! There's some kind of barrier!” Raiko shouted

“Make it quick then, Raiko!” Laien shouted, her vision becoming red.

The ten remaining shinobi flashed several more seals and dived into the two dogs, readying their kunai. Laien and Raiko however jumped backwards and grounded themselves to the stone below them knowing what was to follow.

The clones stabbed their weapons into the dogs' flesh and disintegrated into an eruption of blinding electrical energy. After the air cleared the dogs were still, no life could be seen, it was as if they had returned back into the stone in which they were originally formed. Relief from the Genjutsu however did not come to the Cloud shinobi.

“This isn't good...!” Laien shouted, a long strand of drool flicked away from her gritting teeth, “I can only keep myself focused for a little longer! Raiko, are you still with me?”

“Yes, ma'am...” Raiko quivered in return, the walls seemed to be closing around her as she stood there.

'We have to find those fools or else we're screwed...!' Laien's thoughts were racing.

The two grouped up again and ran through the empty streets, searching for anything or anyone that could answer for this. They split up just enough to hide their numbers but be in constant contact with each other. It seemed like an eternity in their states of mind but it was almost instantaneous that Laien stumbled across the old man and his captured prey.

“Well... Well... Well....” A deep voiced boomed in front of them. “It has been a LONG time since anyone has dealt with my pets. Of course I was never expecting three little birds to come calling all at once either...”

Raiko and Laien stood in awe as they saw Keiji and Jun'ko paralyzed besides this ancient man. They had to do something...

“So you're the Fucker behind this bullshit!” Laien howled, pointing the Kunai at the man. “What is the meaning of this!?”

The old man only responded with a chuckle at first, but soon granted the deranged shinobi a response, “My reasonings are to protect this land, isn't it obvious? You, child, and these other two will make excellent reminders to those on the outside not to trespass...”

As soon as he finished his statement a series of kunai flew from the behind the group, landed in succession along the bindings of Jun'ko and Keiji. Attached to these Kunai were explosive notes within enough punch to break through the genjutsu as well as any physical restraints that might be holding them.

Raiko had taken it upon herself to find just the right opportunity to counter attack and make things a little more even.

Raiton: Dengeki Bushin (Lightning Release: Electric Shock Clone)
Requirements: Willpower 3, Reserve 3
The Lightning Clone is a weak incarnation of lightning that resembles its creation only in silhouette. It is an ethereal, insubstantial thing that glows and sparks. It is incredibly weak—incapable of surviving even the lightest of blows—but it moves at one fourth the user’s speed (including bonuses) and on contact with an enemy it will disperse in a flash of electricity, quite painful. It is however useful only as a distraction and irritant.
Stage Four: 7 Clones

Raiton: Bakuhatsu (Lightning Release: Detonation)
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Willpower 7
Flashing a few quick handseals, the user causes all their Raiton Bunshin to disperse simultaneously and release an enormous electric charge into the air around them. Anyone close to the clones at the time will be overwhelmed by the power of it, suffering from a vicious spasm that will take them to the ground but never make them senseless.
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