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Default Kaen's Craptastic Gallery!

I'll be posting my noteworthy sig works(and drawings, if I ever get good enough anyway) here.

I did this just today, the emptiness of my own sig was bugging me.

I made this one for oak.

Please comment.
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Awsome! the text made me laugh and the picture is gorgeous great creations!
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I kind of liked your old sig, But the Wolf's Reign one is cool as well. The onw for Oakapea is nice except you cant really see the "O". Would have been cooler if you put dont fuck with the Pea (or Oak) for oakapea's sig lol.
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And I had noticed the O thing, but I still love it xD

If you say that that picture is from Wolf's Rain---




Your personal title ;_;

'Knows oak is scary'

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lol, that's pretty good. I almost thought it was Princess Monoke! I never really got into Wolf's Rain.... Anyways it's pretty good! 3....... outta ...5!

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