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The whole situation was a mess. Not only were the the three of them defeated quite easily within the terms of the scenario, but now they were running for their lives. Well, it could only be assumed that it would be their lives considering what Tento had previously done. The young genin was unsure whether or not the blade he flung at the native actually killed him or if it just wounded him. More so, the effects of the poison were starting to feel a little different and feeling was still quite diminished.

Then the sails came down and next to their chuunin commander. The puppet master seemed to do more then his previous chuunin comrade. More so Tento enjoyed the mans demeanor as well. So far out of all the shinobi he had to interact since his promotion to genin; Hadoubu was the best one.

As the three of them traversed the jungle or should Tento say, their chuunin commander traversed the terrain they came upon where they were originally stationed. It would be an important task to get to where they needed to be but as they grew closer to the camp something interesting happened. The nose of Tento picked up the fact that the denizens of the jungle were growing in distance to where they were. Then the smell became unreachable.

It was clear to Tento that the people of the jungle had retreated, or maybe they had travelled too far from their own base of operations. Either way, there was a lot to take in and there was some hope that they could recuperate before they had to face such forces again.

”I cant smell the poison anymore. I think they have stopped following us. They might know about the airship and the amount of forces we have. We need to report and so something before more of them assemble.” Tento suggested as he continued to fly on the fram of the kite.
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As the retreating trio crossed the border of the encampment they were immediately met by reinforcements and shinobi guards who sealed the pathway behind them. Outlying scouts had notified the main force of their arrival and preparations had been made prior in an event of an emergency. As the medical response team reached their location, a number of luminous barrier techniques went up around the area and the siren signaled, 'High alert.'

Hadoubu heaved out a major sigh of relief, it was an atypical reaction to an alarm, but the chuunin had already been informed by his sniff sensing charge that they had not been followed all the way. Nonetheless the information would have had to be confirmed by KATA sentries, and a camp-wide warning was a necessary precaution and by the book response to the situation.

Finally team leader lowered his two large kites parallel to the ground as to form medical stretchers for his teammates to be examined on, and before he could ready himself further a needle was injected straight into his neck. It had been one of the senior medical staff, her eyes glowed with chakra indicating she had understood the circumstances with a diagnostic technique of her own, and moments later the muted chuunin’s voice had finally returned.

“Errrggh… that was annoying...”

“Hadoubu! This is no time for your antics. Report to the Captain at once,” she commanded him with such authority that he dared not to respond. Alert and with haste, he immediately departed without even a salute or murmur to his teammates. He however knew they were in very capable hands and hoped they would eventually catch up with him on the bridge of the Bouenkyou after they own inspections and treatments were completed.

As he ascended the 45 degree anchoring stays of the airship, he passed First Officer Saito who was simultaneously descending a different stay. “Saito!” The kite runner called to get his attention after remembering that there was something important he had needed to convey to the emergency response teams, but had forgotten.

“Stop by the medical team! My two genin should still be there. Ume has some scraps of paint on her arms, we need to have it tested ASAP.”

“Roger! Leave it to me,” and the two continued swiftly along their ways.

The door of the bridge was sealed when Hadoubu arrived, as protocol dictated. He placed his right hand on the exterior terminal, his arm had returned to function along the way thanks to the impromptu serum he had been spiked with, and once contact had been made, he release a password signaled wave of chakra into the console. The door then began to open allowing the Yasha member with his eye-lidded kite on his back to enter for his debriefing.
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The journey out of the jungle seemed much faster than their initial expedition, though Ume figured that was probably due to the charred and fallen trees. With no dense foliage to keep them from their escape, the trio made it out relatively unharmed. Still, their return to camp wasn’t exactly met with a welcome party. The ninja of Sunagakure readied their defense, while Hadoubu drew the attention of a medic.

Frowning, Ume looked in his direction and let out a sigh. The Yasha seemed out of his element, though to someone who didn’t live their life as an instrument of war, it could be expected. Still subordinate to the chuunin, the Renchishin followed Saito away for a moment, leaving Hadoubu and Tento to do whatever it was that they were doing.

Tucked safely in a tent near the airship, Ume just watched the man gather supplies and the like for a few minutes. He moved with a since of urgency, but with too low of a speed for Ume to appreciate. She fought the urge to tap her foot and instead crossed one leg over the other, outstretching it for good measure.

“Alright, where’s this paint?”

“Poison. And they got me in my leg, here.” He gestured at it in a matter-of-fact way. The medic nodded, moving to collect the samples that had splashed and dried on her leg in impact.

“What were the symptoms?”

“Temporary paralysis, borderline numbness.”

He nodded and disappeared for a moment. Another boy, a few years older than her came in and healed the puncture marks left in her legs before disappearing. A few more minutes went by, and the man returned from the tent.

“It’s hemlock-based. Lethal, in high doses, but it looks like these people weren’t trying to kill you. Just disable you.”

Ume stared at him for a moment. “Tento killed one of them. Do you think they’ll retaliate accordingly?”

“They might. I don’t think you want to find out, so avoid being hit, yeah?”

Ume nodded before returning to her team.
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