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Do the job right the first time and no time has to be wasted redoing it. Josuke learned that lesson too many times, as the missing fingers on his hands could attest to.

When the lights went out Josuke's hands instantly flung together into a rapid set of hand seals. From beneath the metal grate rose a malformed, elongated shape standing as high as a man. It took a second for him to switch on the night vision in his gas mask, but he already knew what it looked like: a giant piece of garbage. Aesthetics weren't his thing.

The 'dragon' slopped itself length-ways around the tunnel and created a seething barrier of mud and chakra. Whatever was coming down the tunnel Josuke wanted to keep as far from himself as possible. In the next moment a burning sensation ran up and down his legs as he pumped his technique into them- and in the last moment, he ran. He ran like a frightened mouse.

Within his communication unit could be heard the rapid sound of his boots on the metal floor. “I am being pursued and cannot return the way I came.” A long silence. “Find a water main and open it. Flood this area. We can run faster than rats can swim.”

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Ten wasn’t a fan of the whole idea to run faster then a rat swimming. She also wondered how they wouldn’t be caught in the subsequent flooding as well. It wasn’t like they were able to walk on walls or water? Actually, Ten realized that was possible, it was only by her own failure of design that she was just unable to do such a thing and in that moment she realized that she should have been paying attention more in her training. Either way, as she was frantically thinking as to what to do she started to hear the rushing of tiny little bodies as they drew closer and closer. It was almost deafening and then the sound of their jaws chittering also made Ten a little nervous.

She knew that she would definitely need to do something. Grabbing a large container she saw earlier that had a large amount of water she spilled it over the entrance to where she had originally come from and created a small amount of chakra to create an oil slick. Quickly grabbing a match she let it on fire in hopes to stave off the horde of rats barrowing down on her location.

It seemed to work for the time as Ten saw immeasurable amount of beady eyes staring back at her through the flicker of the dancing flame.

”Ok, main water valve, main water valve, main water.” Ten frantically searched the room until finally she found what she was looking for.

The turning of the wheel was actually a lot easier then she had originally thought and she was quite happy with the fact that it only took one good tug before releasing the contents into the system. The sound of the rushing water could be heard through the walls of the sewer hub, she only hoped she had turned the right one.
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Water, clean or not, came barreling down the tunnels in such force that the pitter patter of feet was soon drown out. Of course Josuke felt no fear in the face of such a flood; not only could his gas mask recirculate his oxygen, he possessed numerous techniques that worked far better in liquid than on dry land. Like an elevator he felt himself rise with the water level. His speedy retreat seemed to work perfectly, for the time being.

The small breather let him frantically try and piece together what was happening. It would be one thing if the karamushi outbreak was larger than expected, but these rats seemed to be operating with a strange level of tactical foresight. Was that first rat that Maeda Ten saw bait as well? But why? The ifs, ands, and buts would have to wait until later. In the pitch darkness of the tunnel Josuke's night vision barely worked, but he swore the walls of the tunnel were becoming...grosser? Strange weeds and moss seemed to be growing along the feeder pipes, giving the location an almost intestinal look. Right as he turned down a bend, he felt something heavy stab into his back. It couldn't pierce the body armor, but that didn't make Josuke freak out any less.

Josuke spun around and whipped the offensive thing away. Flung from his body it splatted against the tunnel walls and gave the chuunin just a moment to observe it. The form was rat-like, that was more or less expected. The fins and fish tail it seemed to have grown- that was a little bit more concerning. As was the giant, throbbing stinger on its face. As was the giant, throbbing mass of ratfish now leaping out from the sewer behind him. The small breather was over.

Before his communication unit became filled with nothing but panicked, underwater gurgling, Josuke decided to go for his original idea instead. “Maeda Ten, slight change of plan. Meet me in...” A pained scream followed. When his voice came back it was much more strained. “Septic Basin 37B, I think. It's hard to read the sign with all the veins growing over it.”
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