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Default Bunch o' Swaps

Here is a list of swaps I've come up with for my characters(that may or may not exist yet). I'm still learning the Jutsu lists and don't have too much of a sense for balance yet, so any and all suggestions/criticism helps! Each jutsu is made with a specific list in mind and I've sorted them based on those lists. Also, the Japanese is probably all wrong because I just used google for it

Name: Wire-Puller's Slingshot
Stage: 2
Description: By latching their wires to a point and applying a very small amount of chakra, a Kagemusha can launch themselves in that direction with a strong yank. It's a useful technique for quickly getting into the air or crossing small gaps that the user would otherwise be unable to. The distance this technique can launch is equal to the Kagemusha's wire attack range multiplied by two.

Name: Wire-Puller's Drop Kick
Requirements: Wire-Puller's Slingshot
Stage: 4
Description: Building off of their Slingshot technique, some Kagemushas have learned how to use it in combat. By launching themselves towards a target they have wrapped up/latched onto, they'll have the opportunity to land a powerful kick attack, one that often sends their opponent flying backward if it lands.
Note: the enemy must be wrapped before using this technique

Name: Haru no Ha (Spring Leaves)
Stage: 3
Description: After forming the required handseals, a giant leaf will burst from the ground in front of the user. The leaf is on a very springy stalk and can be used to either boost someone 20ft into the air or break someones fall. The maximum weight the leaf can hold is 300 pounds, and any more than that will break it.

Name: Eye Stalk
Stage: 2
Description: By placing their palm on the ground or an existing plant's limbs, this jutsu causes a small flower to sprout near where they touched. In the center of the flower is a tiny black bead, which is actually a type of eye capable of seeing. By closing their eyes and focusing, the user may see through the eye of the plant. The plant can change the direction of its flower to look around but will be the same speed as usual plants, i.e. very slow. Only one eye stalk may be active at a time, and using the jutsu again will cause the previous one to wither and die.
Stage 3: When the stalk forms, it will also have ear-like appendages, allowing the user to hear while peering through it.
Stage 4: When the stalk forms, it will also have a mouth-like appendage, allowing the user to speak through it in a gravely voice.

Name: Shokan no Jutsu (Surprise Letter Technique)
Stage: 1
Description: Instead of releasing a jutsu as they normally would, the user paints a seal on an appropriate surface. As long as the user is within a 30ft radius of the seal, they may release it at any time with a simple handseal, destroying the seal and releasing the jutsu as though it were its point of origin. If the user leaves the radius of the seal, or if they use this technique again, the previous seal will be rendered inert. Creating the seal counts as a stage usage both for itself and for the other jutsu used.
Stage 2: User may seal a stage 2 jutsu.
Stage 3: User may seal a stage 3 jutsu.

Name: Bagu Hoji Bin (Bug Catching Jar)
Stage: 5
Description: This jutsu summons a glass jar that's 8ft tall with a 5ft diameter to their location. Anything placed inside the jar will remain inside when the jutsu is used again. The lid on the jar has tiny holes that allow air to pass through, meaning any living thing inside will still be able to breathe. Liquids can pass through the lid. The glass itself can be broken by being hit by a stage 3 jutsu or level 3 taijutsu. If shattered/broken, the jar will be reformed the next time it is summoned, but anything inside will be left behind.

Name: Ofuda Gijutsu: - Seal Technique: Preservation
Stage: 1
Description: An ofuda seal used on food or carcasses to prevent them from decaying or getting moldy. As soon as the seal is disrupted/torn off, the item will continue to rot as it usually would.

Name: Ryouri no Kanki - Jubilation of Cooking
Stage: 4(?)
Description: The Miko's ability to imbue her power into things she cooks further increases. At this stage, any food cooked directly by the Miko tastes delightful, usually cheering up whoever eats it. If eaten by someone while under the effects of Miko Powers of the Mending Path, the spiritual energy in the food will continue the effect for two posts after the duration (Ex. if you were using handseal on someone, and gave them a treat, you could walk away and for the next two posts their wound would still feel no pain and continue to heal up).

Name: Ofuda Gijutsu: Kaori no Shio - Seal Technique: Smelling Salts
Stage: 3
Description: By using her mending powers on an ofuda tag, the Miko can infuse it with a very strong scent that can be wafted under someone's nose to wake them from sleep or unconsciousness.

Name: Inochi no Ki - Tree of Life
Stage: 4
Description: The Miko places an ofuda seal on a tree, her mending powers spreading throughout it. if the tree was dead, its color turns vibrant with new life as leaves grow. Three vibrant fruits grow from its branches and eating a fruit restores a single chakra usage for each stage 3 and below.

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hot take:

The taijutsu specials seem fine at 3 and 4 respectively, but I will admit that taijutsu is not really my forte (not like anything else is either, lol got'em). That said, there are similar web-slinging techniques in a few other lists that are at/around that point (smoke's tendril ninjutsu technique at stage three comes to mind). Drop-kick is conditional enough that 4 seems fair. Cool combo!

Spring Leaves -- how high exactly is this boosted jump? Otherwise, breaking fall is fine, weight limit seems fair.

Eye Stalk -- can this be created anywhere within the user's vision? can it be created totally remotely? (trying to figure out a range) Also wonder how long it lasts (indefinitely until destroyed / at the user's discretion is probably fine)

Ink Jutsu -- not sure about this one, gonna let someone else take a crack at it (honestly it's probably fine as is?)

Bug Catching Jar -- I like this one, lol. Need a way to transport all these dang bijuu out of the desert and back to the village y'know? It's like shunshin x the saint's cataloging jutsu x stage four glass defensive tech. I would re-define 'taijutsu equivalent' to include either a base strength taijutsu value or a specific taijutsu level. As is, it's probably stage five only because it's doing a lot, but I wouldn't be uncomfortable slapping a four on it either.

Seal Technique: Preservation -- could probably be a stage two, I think. Maybe. /shrug

Jubilation of Cooking -- another one I like. not sure how to place it, though.

Seal Technique: Smelling Salts -- 2 is probably fine here.

Inochi no Ki -- not sure how to place this one either, but mechanically I think it's fine. Low level usages aren't super valuable as threads tend to end before chakra usage limits become that big of a problem... that aside, it's a cool technique.


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Usually you don't put the stage in until someone suggests one, and then someone else agrees with it. That aside let's just take a stab at rating these! Don't take any comments personally, making jutsu is tricky and usually requires editing. I'm happy to work with you over the chat to figure this stuff out.

Slingshot makes me suspicious that you intend to spiderman around with razor wire, buuuut Wess does that anyway with ribbons so it's not like it's not allowed. Ribbon Extension is Stage Two and similar mobility techs are usually rated Stage Two as well (just like wall walking!). Dance of the Overseer (the whip style) has a mobility tech at Stage Two as well. So, all things considered, I'd say it's Stage Two (but you should really just take wall walking).

Drop Kick doesn't have to be a special tech. It sounds just like a standard attack. Unless it does something special like stunning or reducing stats or something along those lines, there's no need to register it. Stage One is what I'd give it if you really want it to be a tech.

Spring Leaf would be similar to a swap I registered here:
Stage: 2
Grants the surface of a stationary water source a rubbery, elastic covering. The water (or water-coated object) will now bounce as if made of an elastic material. Large bodies of water can be used like a trampoline, whereas small objects coated with water will ricochet once if thrown. Lasts for one bounce or 2 posts, whichever comes first. Only water in a 10 foot radius can be converted. Note: Cannot be used on deep (exceeding 1 foot) water sources until water walking is learned.
Sounds like another 'I don't want to take wall walking' swap BUT that's fine. A similar ribbon technique (parachute) breaks falls and it's Stage Three, so this is a Stage Two + Stage Three which is...probably still Stage Three. I'll put Stage Four though since you can launch stuff and I guess that might push it over the edge.

Eye Stalk is similar to the eye techs in the Sand and Stone list. So it would be Stage One/Two depending on these details you need to add: what is its range and duration? Though, typically it's seen as bad form to register swaps that are directly taken from other lists. The fact it's an immobile eye might be good enough to make it significantly different, but be prepared to change it up if someone else voices an objection.

Ink is a bad list you shouldn't take but aside from that, sealing a jutsu for later use got rated as Stage One in the newly approved Wax list, so it's probably the same here, though you'll need to make it clear what Stages it seals (specifically you say 'levels', which isn't the proper terminology).

Glass is a bad list but- wait, I've already gone over that. Anyway, Bug Catching Jar is Stage Four minimum for its defensive rating. It's also a kind of reverse shunshin on top of that, which is weird. Does this trap people when you summon it? If it's not actually a glass technique since no glass is created/destroyed/manipulated, are you sure you want it swapped into the Glass list? I'd probably say Stage Five since I assume it's intended usage is to trap people and teleport them places.

Preservation is Stage One. Worst abuse I can think of is using this on body parts...which is Stage Two medical tech. So I'm not broken up over it.

Cooking I'm hesitant towards. Passive swaps are hard enough to get through, and swaps that passively modify other jutsu can be even harder. The wording here makes it kind of extra sketchy since there are a lot of miko techs with one-post durations and I'm not sure how this interacts with them. Not only that but there's no way of knowing what Miko swaps you might register in the future that would be modified by it. I would strongly suggest simply registering a miko ability that does what you want, and has the duration you want, rather than trying to put a massive scaling boost on top of everything all at once. EDIT: Alternatively, just state which techniques you intend to boost, since you might only intend to use this on Mend category ones and that would limit it's potential considerably.

Smelling Salts is probably Stage Three but I'm really stretching here since it feels more like a Stage Two. I say Stage Three because that's where medical antidotes are listed, and this is kind of like an antidote except with limited scope. I could definitely go Stage Two on this if others feel the same way.

I'd super strongly advise you to simplify what Tree of Life does. It's kind of convoluted for an effect that's so simple. I'd also say that replenishing low-stage usages isn't very meaningful, since those are almost never exhausted in normal threads anyway, but that's up to you. If it were me, I'd make it a technique that revives (any) dead plant, and produces three fruits which regenerate one usage for each stage 3 or below. That's a pretty weak Stage Four, purely by definition.

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I'm okay with things being a bit weak for what they are, I just enjoy coming up with jutsu that thematically fit the lists they're a part of

Slingshot- Changed to Stage 2. I got the idea for it based on what the guy does near the end of this video

Drop Kick- I'd be okay with removing this one if it's something a standard attack could do. I guess it would be more of a regular technique but there's not anywhere to keep track of those is there?

Spring Leaf- Removed the part about catapulting, I don't plan as using it as one and just put it there as a "what-if". Added height of 20ft and changed to stage 3. The idea for this jutsu was that I wanted something involving giant leaves since I think they're really cool, but most of the usual stuff with them involves wind manipulation and that's not really where I wanted to go with it. Also, puns.

Eye Stalk- Specified a range of basically touch and changed to stage 2

Surprise Letter- Fixed wording and changed to stage 1

Bug Catching Jar- Fixed wording and changed to stage 5

Seal: Preservation- Changed to stage 1

Jubilation of Cooking- The idea of this technique is basically to be a stronger version of The Joy of Cooking from the mending Miko list. I changed it to specify that it would only work for mending miko powers. I also removed the level scaling part since the character I'm planning this for wouldn't be able to use it.
Originally Posted by Ryouri no Yorokubi - The Joy of Cooking
Condition: None
Not every Miko can cook, but a mending Miko imbues her power into anything she crafts, which even includes meals cooked. Any meal cooked directly by the Miko, even if it tastes dreadful, will perk up the person eating it with a little energy. Many miko carry these around on long or dangerous journeys. These treats have another power. If they are eaten by someone while they are receiving healing from a miko, the spiritual energy in the treat will continue the healing technique's effects for a post after the duration (Ex. if you were using handseal on someone, and gave them a treat, you could walk away and the next post their wound would still feel no pain and continue to heal up).
Smelling Salts- Changed to stage 3(though I'm certainly not opposed to it being 2)

Tree of Life- Simplified the wording on this one towards what Junge suggested, changed to stage 4

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Bug Catching Jar, at Stage 5? Capture techniques last for 1 post at the most, so I can understand the scaling on this. However, taijutsu levels scale differently than ninjutsu. Precedent is usually 2 levels above its current stage. I'm fine with this holding level 5 taijutsu and stage 3 ninjutsu.

Change it to say level 5, not stage 5 taijutsu, and I'll approve this.
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Not sure if you're still around, Tabby, but consider this approved at all the aforementioned stages.

Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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