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The island disappeared off the horizon, and with it the unnamed monsters Ichi and Ringo could only guess the origin of. Anyone who knew Ringo knew she wasn't a very curious type, though- if it wasn't part of the mission, then why bother thinking about it? And Ichi, well. Ichi didn't really think much at all in the first place.

As the seas grew calmer and their pace more even the jounin finally let his shoulders sag. Blood flowed openly from several wounds scattered across his face and body but it was nothing he couldn't get patched up. What he wouldn't be able to shake it what he saw- that thing he had awoken. Inside his flak jacket rested a small, flat stone. It seemed to vibrate and give off a warmth he could feel right through his armor. He hadn't had any time to inspect it after picking it up since the madness started right after. What on earth could be that important?

Lost in his thoughts he barely noticed when Ringo nearly bowled into him. The genin had been running up and down the deck like a lunatic. Snapping back to reality he grabbed the girl by the shoulder and shook her in frustration. “Hey, brat! What do you think you are doing?”

Ringo looked her captain dead in the eye and responded without missing a beat. “Finishing those laps, Sir!”
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