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Default Caterwaul

A disappointed 'guh' was all the crew member could express as his cigarette tumbled out of his mouth. The small red tip twisted and twirled down, and down, and down, before disappearing out of sight completely into the chaotic streets of Sector 4 far below. One of his buddies pointed and laughed.

“Cut it out, dude.”
The hooded heads of the construction crew turned to look towards their leader, who was the only one with enough foresight to bring sunglasses up to the blisteringly bright Amegakure ceiling. “One mistake and they'll be scraping you off the pavement. Keep moving.”

With that the men begrudgingly continued their crawl across the scaffolding of Sector 4's rooftop. Navigating the complicated electrical wiring and metal walkways that stood high above the rest of the village took a mental toll. It tested even the mettle of trained professionals. Sweat poured from the group of laborers by the time they reached the junction box in the center of the massive lighting array

All their communication units buzzed out at once. “Lookout 3 says someone entered the west access tunnel. Lookout 5 says someone entered the northeast one. What should we do, Koji?”

As his crew began unloading their equipment head honcho Koji briefly removed his sunglasses to look down below. Several riots erupted early that morning in what was quickly becoming a common occurrence in the underground city. Even the most basic of repairs became a high wire act in such chaos.

“No chances.”
Koji put his sunglasses back on as one of his men began to weld a control panel mounted onto the side of a large controller box. “Stop every soul who tries to get through.”

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Tsukio’s breathing was steady. Her forehead began to shine as the crew continued moving across the metal catwalk; she was sweating. Sweat wept out of her temples like a lonely child who lost his mother in the supermarket. But the girl kept her cool and stayed silent. She wasn’t about to make friends with the morons in this crew.

The Amegakure ceiling was bright, intense. She bit her lip. It was hard to keep her eyes open. The bright lights were almost too much. Koji was smart for wearing sunglasses. Her hood did minimal to help guide her through the frame above Sector 4.

Ugh,” she groaned as she pulled ahead of her teammates, annoyed by their mindless chatter.

And then it happened.

Something hissed in her ear and she stopped for a moment to listen for instructions. Of course. Of course someone was going to use today as an opportunity.

Tsukio’s lips began to curl upwards. Finally, something more exciting than just staring into a giant white beam above her head and untangling cords that made no sense to her. She was literally happy to do anything but this.

Tsukio turned to one of the shinobi in her crew, Josuke. What a weird looking kid…

I’ll take the west,” she stated to him and Koji. The other crew members heard her as well, but they were in the midst of catching their breath after climbing the scaffolding. Weaklings. She wanted to scoff at them, but her manners held her back.

I can handle it alone,” she assured her captain. She shuffled her feet and began to head in that direction, without looking back to see if anyone was following her. Her body was outlined against the giant light beam radiating out of the ceiling, and you could see Tsukio moving quickly and silently. She was very excited.

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ity. He would not look down, or up, or make eye contact with any of the swarthy maintenance workers.

Escort duty, easy stuff, right? Wasn't that why he volunteered for the job? Both his thin arms wrapped around a support rod as the workers began to fiddle and tinker with Amegakure's wiring. If it was so easy, why was he breathing so hard? Pills, he decided. He needed more pills. His previous dose hadn't been big enough. With shaky hands he retrieved and unmarked, opaque bottle from his heavy coat. Getting those child proof caps off with only half as many fingers used to be hard but in the months since getting his hand sliced up the boy had really-

The radio announcement came and he jolted upright. A good number of his drugs slipped out from between his gloved hands and tumbled down towards the streets below. Without a word he placed the bottle back in his pocket, pausing for a moment as if mourning the loss.

“You aren't keeping us safe standing there like a bloody idiot, shinobi.”
Koji adjusted his glasses and made a chopping gesture in the direction that Kougoushii Tsukio took off in. “Go earn your paycheck.”

Josuke's expressionless gas mask rose up slowly to meet Koji's gaze, just for a second. Then he turned away and began his slow lurch after his teammate. She sure moved fast! Fear of heights wasn't keeping her down, that was for sure.

"Lookout 2 isn't responding to radio."
This time the fuzzy voice on the communication didn't cause Josuke to visibly flinch, though his insides still twisted in a knot. "Is anyone checking on the southwest stairwell? Nobody is missing from the crew, right?"

A long, winding, spiral staircase was the only way to safely get up to Amegakure's dazzling array of lights. Any intruders would have to arrive through that choke point.

There were many quick ways to leave, on the other hand. Josuke's lost pills could attest to that.
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