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An indescribable, almost slack-jawed expression covered Motonubu's face. He wasn't one to hide his emotions but even so it would be difficult to discern what was going through his head at that moment.

After taking in what the genin had done for a few taciturn seconds, he closed his eyes, took in a few huffs of air, and relaxed his shoulders. Without uttering a word he strode towards where the captured criminal lay then effortlessly tossed the teenager over his shoulder.

He turned, letting just one eye stare back down at the genin. Saying nothing, he began to walk away at a brisk pace. He wasn't headed back towards the streets. Rather, the chuunin twisted and turned around a corner, quickly cutting line of sight between himself and the boy. A moment later came a brief sound of struggle, then a pained 'agh!'.

The large body of Motonubu stumbled back into sight. His already moist clothes now dripped with a darker liquid, as a kunai was embedded right between the gaps in his chest plate. With an agonized expression he pointed at the genin and roared. “Imbecile! He was still armed!” Motonubu panted and leaned against a hot stone wall to steady himself as his hand clutched the wound at his side. “This is why I ordered you to kill him, you cretin! Look what your stupidity has caused!”

From behind the corner where Motonubu had been only moments before came another growing pool of blood. Their prisoner lay within it, his face smashed into an unrecognizable pulp.

“Go and get help!”
The chuunin bellowed. “Or do you look too cause my death too with your incompetence? GO!

Getting out of patrol duty, slandering a child, and snuffing out the life of an outlaw, all in one day? Good thing that blade in his side was contorting his face with agony, or Motonubu might have been wearing quite a satisfied smile.
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