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xDD So thats why I was so confused. i was like: wtf were is my other post. Anyways...Insomni I understand where you are coming from with the 'simplicity' thing. i agree that sigs shouldn't be over GFXed, but to a certain extent they should have more than just a picture and text.

Yeah, my avatar was just a cutout of one of my previous siggies. But thanks for the CnC

Now, onto your avvie! ^_^ I love the colors, they blend very nicely together while not losing the picture visibility. Text is a little hard to read, but it looks cool [and of course as you said before the size doesnt give much room]. I'd say... 8.5/10
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Wow, Kesmi, your avatar (and signature too!) are both very impressive. I could definitely learn a thing or two from you when it comes to GFXin' :P.

The avatar is very clean, and you blended the background effects with the image very nicely, it all blends together rather nicely. Even the border effect is done very well. Maybe I'm being too nice, or maybe I'm just a little too rusty with doing avatars and signatures, but I really don't see anything that's wrong with it...

It's clean, it's cool, it's got nice colors, the letter is clear and works well with the rest of the image. It's very well done! I just can't find anything to really critique about it, but I may just be inexperienced.

I'll give it a 10/10
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"Try not to stare to much..."

At Musashi's crotch. The avatar is way to focused on the center of the small swordsman that it seems like looking at will get me an eyeful of shota-genitals.

7/10 at best.
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What can you say really? The sin city images alone provide a grim atmosphere in a beautiful way. Simplicity is in this case a good thing.

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I HATE long hair, but it looks really good. Good quality stock, not overdone with effects, and very simple and clean. The border fits perfectly and the expression on the guys face is either really pleased, or about to shoot a load.

Border [1/1] + Stock [2.5/3] + Quality [3/3] + Effects [2.5/3] = 9/10.
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There's nothing wrong with it. Apollo is always great. The text is a little large for my tastes, but it's not bad. 7/10!
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*Squints* Eh...what is that..an ant? Lint? Well, this certainly draws the eye and leaves an impression after moving to another thread. I kinda want to rest my head on that table and stare at that thing too, whatever it is, lol.

I'm more a fan of bigger avatars, though. And colours that are easier on the eyes too, so....7/10 methinks.

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Lmao, very interesting choice for an avatar. I have no idea what it is or what it may be from but it-- he, has an interesting face. a nice haircut and a cool glow. If I'm to assume you made this yourself than nicely done. Though it would be cool to see something to make "CALIBUR" stick out. It's almost lost in the pic.


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Well, Paint can only do so much. It was a nice pic I found of a character from FMA, reminding me of me, or at least the idealised me...with a better fashion sense. What are your thoughts on my previous one?

And for yours...good dynamics - points, curves and the overall upwards angle. Very cool background and a simple font but more impactful than mine, lol. The white outline seals the deal for a 9/10.

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