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7/10 The background is a little too dark for my taste, not a big fan of the render sticking out of the background either. I like the text though.
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I like the colors, and the blending of the spikes behind El, but the left side could sue somthing. I give it a 6/10, solid thought it is, jsut not extremly awsome.
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Based Kiba
Based Kiba
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I dunno why you peepz are so nice with your grades! It is time to get hardass!

6/10. It's all fine and well, but the focal point of the sig seems off to me. -2 points for no name! GET NAMES YOU PPL! That way your sigs are yours and yours alone!

*hugs narf for his sig*

Narf is gorgeous, give him a 10/10.

Even if I am a hardass.

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Adding Names to Signatures is a persons personal touch. Though Im horrible with text.

Anyway, 6/10 the background is alittle basic and I dislike the text on the bottom right. Im being a hardass.
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minimally exceptional
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What can i say..
I believe the signature is the person's personal touch.. but hey, what the heck.

As for the signature, hmm.. Decent background, if a bit bland. The art has been worked in decently. Technically i have no issues with this one. Yeah, okay, there is no name, but then whom cares?
I fear that the whole doesn't strike me as so impressive as to go beyond the 6 /10 basis for no muck-ups..
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