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Default Places to Host Your Images

http://www.imageshack.us - You don't have to create an account. Just upload and go! Limit is 1 MB per image.

If you need to host html or ASP pages, go to: http://www.1asphost.com

If you know other sites, please post them here.

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www.photobucket.com is great, if you want to have an online collection of pictures. For example, my computer's hard drive got fried this summer. But because I had most of my pics hosted online, I didn't lose anything when I got my new comp.

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http://filelodge.com/ 500 mb storage and unlimited bandwith, can upload multiple images as well or even music, videos etc as long as it isnt over 50 mb.

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How to add your own signature.

After uploading your image trough one of the websites named in the previous post's simply copy-past the URL to your signature in the user control panel.

Make sure that you place your image URL between two image tags:

[Img] Image URL [/Img]

That should do it.

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Sometimes when using imageshack.us and photobucket.com are really slow I use tinypic.com. It is just like imageshack.us For me it works pretty good and the url is much shorter as well.
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You can also use Imagecave.com Which is quite nice as well. EAsy to use Etc, etc ^^.
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Default Eh.

Well I perfer usually between Tinypic, Knowing you can alternate the photo size during upload.
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