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Old 02-28-2006, 05:12 PM   #11
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Happy birthday, Engi >w< Wish I'd joined sooner XD
*huggles Kaito back* <.< >.>
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> .
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Awww...Kaito is huggling again folks.

Anyway, yay us.
Has been on Engi longer then kyz.
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Well, just for today, I decided to drag myself out of bed, for better or worse... I couldn't let this slip by, and the meds are doing their thing nicely, allowing me to write this all up for you guys... And myself ofcourse. Two years. It doesn't really seem much more than a couple of months to me, to be honest. But I guess that's a good thing. Time flies when you're having fun, right? I may have left this place once or twice, but my love for it always had me crawling back to it. And not just because I made it. Because I didn't. We all made it, and we still make it today. Seriously, if you guys go and call me the Father of Engi, I'm gonna go ahead and call all of you it's uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, nephews, cousins and best friends. We\ve all had a share in this. Perhaps it's not such a bad idea to tell you guys again how we came this far.

Two years ago, there was a forum that still exists today, but can't be compared to anymore to how it once was. It's called NarutoForums, and it's part of NarutoFan. Back in the day, it was basically the only large Naruto community around, and it was run by two admins who were in constant struggle with eachother. This, and various hacking attempts, caused NarutoForums to get reset every so often. About twenty people or so, on that forum, took part in a small RPing community. Just one category in a much larger forum. That was all the RP was, really, but it was fun. However, losing everything twice a month because of another reset was frustrating. So then came the point that I myself and Manten Shikaku, AKA Lord Manten, AKA Baka-san, got together. I had the idea for an RP, he had the interest, and he had a server ready somewhere. The initial URL was a bit weird, but it was all we had. Engi no Jutsu started out at www.foulpseudo.com. We invited Final Ultima, a veteran on NarutoForums, and he came up with the name for the RP. "Engi no Jutsu". The three of us got the system up and running, and we invited every RPer we knew from NF, and some others. Guys like White Eyes, Shinku and Slavik joined up immediately. Guys like Kaito, Miyamoto, Bers and Cnagy followed shortly after.

Engi has seen many changes over the years. Hell, I'm the only original admin left, and even the second generation admins are all gone already. Ultima, Manten, Bers, Tenjin... Kaito, CNagy and TLLOTS replaced them over time, and all did a great job. TLLOTS left us not too long ago. Samaru joined early on right after Manten was demoted because of some silly things that seemed really important back then while I can hardly remember them right now. Sam came to be our technical admin, and Engi flourished because of him. That, and Tenjin's initial propaganda across the entire internet made Engi big. That, and the fact we're all such a charming bunch of people.

So, here we are now. We've changed, but I can still see some of that same vibe, with a lot of new additions and insights I never expected we'd have back then. At first, I wanted to give those twenty guys from NarutoForums a cool place to hang out at. Now, there's thousands of people who signed up, and hundreds who are still active up to this day... And no doubt beyond this day as well. Because I don't intend to quit now. They say the first years are the hardest. We've seen a couple of years, and we're still standing, which is more than what ninety percent of the other Naruto forums can say. We're still the biggest, the first, the most active, the most inventive and the most interesting Naruto RP out there, and we're not done yet.

For those who bothered reading this; thanks. To everybody who contributed to this place in one way or another; thanks. Kaito; great job for catching this up. I was afraid it would be forgotten. I'm back to bed, back to recovery, back to creating my clan and characters in the back of my head... You'll see me again soon. Love ya'll. Hugs.

- Pandemonium Puppet
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Old 02-28-2006, 07:14 PM   #15
Yeah....I'm THAT Azn....
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Holy hell, it's been two years? Already!? Wow...sure doesn't feel like it.


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in lame man terms
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Happy 2-years, everyone.

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the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

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Wow, already...? I'd forget my own birthday. Its already two years... Damn. Well if its lasted this long it can probably last longer.
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Although I've only been here for a year, it feels as if I've been here forever. Can't imagine surfing the net without Engi. A heart-felt thank you to all those who created Engi, and another one for the people who keep this site going. ^^
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White Shirou
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Wow, Pande's giving hugs, too. This is a special day. XD

Call us whatever you want, Pande, but you'll always be the 'Father of Engi', forever n' ever. *hugs back*

*hugs everyone else for the heck of it and passes around the non-alcoholic beverages*
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*Hugs PP-sama* ow crap your scar...ay..thots gotta hurt, I better get out of here. ^^

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