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Hyuuga Kaito
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Default Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Engi!

Every year we get nearer and nearer the holidays. Yet rather than spending this time with friends, family, and loved ones we come online and hop onto Engi to sate our common addiction. But it's more than that. Every year I see people both new and old come and go. Sometimes it's sad to see someone who's been with us for so long leave, and others it's more a blessing. And when we receive new members, we try to be as hospitable as possible (or as hospitable as humanly possible, for some of us).

My point is, Engi is as much a group of friends as it is a random bunch of people who enjoy writing and playing in a fictional online world. We're all very connected with each other. We share experiences be they bad or good, and we've grown up with each other through some of life's most trying times. In all, Engi is the great place that it is not because we have an elaborate system set up for roleplaying, but instead because each and everyone one of you makes it what it is.

So this Christmas Holiday, I want to congratulate and thank everyone who's made Engi more fun and engaging for me. Lord knows that there were times when I didn't feel Engi was worth the time and effort, but now I feel silly even just typing that out. So in conclusion, I would like to say on behalf of all of us here on the staff and especially myself:

Merry Christmas!

Here's to many more to come, and that we all recognize each other for the amazing bunch we are. Happy holidays everyone, you all deserve it.

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Snow GM
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That was really sweey Kaito.

Merry Christmas.
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Imala Dasan
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Happy holidays Engi!
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Nanoha Syndrome!
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Happy Holidays! :'D
Now gimme my damn presents.

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The Duke of Fluke???
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Season's Greetings, yo.
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Happy Holidays!!
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Where's my present, Chris? >: D
justkidding. <3

Merry christmas! =]

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King Koopa
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-wipes away tear-
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Virtual Dream
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lol I wrote an essay on the 'how roleplaying communities bond' topic before

Anyway. -hugs Kaito- I love you.
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Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying themselves!
That was touching Kaito.......now where is my present?
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