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Mei Natsuki
Gone, Sorry!
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Default ~Home of the Sleepy Poet~

~Lair of the Sleepy Poet~

This first post shall serve as a disclaimer!

To start... well... what do you consider poetry?
An escape from reality?
Or peeking on your sanity?
Submerged in depression?
Or emotional succession?
Either way is appropriate...
So please get the hint
Any and all poetry is wondrous expression
So please don't look at the words...
Instead feel the message

(In simple terms: i will post dark depressing poems from time to time but it doesn't mean i'm depressed, it merely means i'm working out a problem and putting how i feel on page so i can help myself release it)

-Mei Natsuki, The Sleepy Poet
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Mei Natsuki
Gone, Sorry!
Join Date: Apr 2017
Location: N/A
Posts: 8

Title: That All May See

Set upon the world is me
This legacy and the will to be
To see what I want to see...
and believe that it can be free

Some will say nay you can't be able to say...
What you feel they should be for that is fake!
Oh well some will stay but most run away
They always break as if its fate

Most will run towards the sun
Shout out loud "Oh what fun!"
But some will in the shade
Always at peace yet always away

Found your tomb in the reaches of consciousness
I burned the incense that makes it all worth it
So now that I found it how shall I birth it?
Simple wait for them to Unearth it?

Feelings buried in a sea of sand
Coming out of a well so grand
They fight and sing and die in glory
So I will take this as a happy story

Fear is only a state of mind
But then why do I feel so blind?
I cannot see but I am still scared
Is that right? Well its too much to bear!

Light and dark comprise many concepts so surreal
We take them and make them what we will but cannot feel
We all just want something that we can say is real
So how you work with no wind and a windmill

This is my story and my message to you... to conclude
That you may feel your face upon your minds empty tomb
So that it may become the real you as it may become the real me
Now you must make it out alive... so that all may see
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