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Default How to Create Your Own FBA Picture

If you want to create your own picture for the Face Behind the Avatar section, and you know Photoshop, you can do as follows. Once it's done, just PM me and I'll upload it.
  1. Download mugshot_template.zip and unzip. It should be mugshot_template.psd.
  2. Open up mugshot_template.psd.
  3. Open up your picture (so now you have two opened files).
  4. Copy your picture onto the mughshot_template.psd.
  5. Resize your picture if need be, if it's too big. For the best look, resize the picture
    so the width of it matches the width of the canvas.
  6. Make sure you're on the layer that you just pasted, which is your pic.
  7. Select-> Load Selection.
  8. In the "Channel" drop down, choose "mugshot" and click ok.
  9. Select -> modify -> smooth -> sample radius of 5 pixels
  10. Select -> inverse
  11. Hit delete. You should see your pic now has rounded edges
  12. Do a stroke style (by double clicking on the layer of your pic in the layers window) of 1 pix (size) width with color #787272 (c54 m49 y47 k13)
  13. Delete anything else around it. Copy that layer onto a new file so you get the exact
    size of the image. The image size should be 130 x 111.
  14. Save as JPG and tell me that you want it uploaded.
Any questions, post here. If you know Photoshop, it should be pretty straightforward. Have a question, just let me know. For general Photoshop questions, please create a new thread. Thanks!

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What program should I open this with?
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