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Default Sushy's Bucket of Resources (Updated 9/13)

Love me, for these are my precious resources. For a long time, I have hoarded them and have refused to give any of them out, but here they are. I am a giving and loving human being, and I have decided to share the fruits of my internet-time with you folks. Think of it as a summer present. I highly recommend every one of these websites.

1. Randomly Awesome

http://deviantart.com/ -- Everything you could ever wish for; everything from wallpapers, to tattoos, to anime art, to your mom. so check it out.
http://www.conceptart.org/ - The better version of deviantART, but focuses only on art. No nooby crap here.
http://www.depthcore.com/ -- Renders, graphic design, illustrations.
http://atp.boo.jp/ -- Best pixel website in the world. click the stuff on the left. It's where I get all my pixellys. :')

http://www.livejournal.com/tools/mem...nts&filter=all -- A handful of rants by this one chick, Limyaeel about Fantasy stories. A good read if you're bored, can help you out with your character creations and roleplaying. =)
http://waiterrant.net -- Rants by a waiter who's been in the business for far too long. Great stuff.
http://postsecret.com -- People send in their secrets anonymously on a postcard (to relieve themselves?); every Sunday, the blog is updated with new secrets.
http://www.illegalart.org/index.cfm -- Look through their projects. They do some great stuff here.


2. Character Art or Whatever

http://www.planetrenders.net/ -- Character renders and art (HQ) (Thanks Feisar)
http://gallery.aethereality.net/ -- Characters and artwork from anime series
http://animestocks.com/ -- Characters, artwork, and screenshots from anime series

http://auroreblackcat.free.fr/ -- Anime-style illustrations (a lot of good links here too, which is why I only gave this one)

http://usuarios.lycos.es/cardgallery/ahruon/ -- Pixels of video game, anime characters
http://www4.atwiki.jp/hitec/ -- Pokemon in human form. Great funnies.


3. Stocks that aren't anime

http://sweetandtalented.com/ -- Celebrities, musicians, actors
http://www.scan-tastic.net/index.php -- Same as the above
http://www.elegancepixelfied.com/ -- Same as the above
-- tbh, you can never have enough of these websites, because each website usually finds different scans. these three are the creme of the crop though.
http://community.livejournal.com/foto_decadent/ -- High fashion photography

http://resurgere.deviantart.com/ - Amazing stocks, everything from flowers, stones, lightning, peole...
http://www.sxc.hu/ -- Stock photography, real people, etc.


4. Fonts

http://fonts500.com/ -- 500 of the best fonts you'll ever need
http://www.dafont.com/ -- Second only to fonts500. More fonts than you could possibly want

I only really recommend these two. You don't really need much else...

http://www.mediafire.com/?pl2ezwxdzxp -- A file I uploaded myself, this file contains 200~ fonts that you need only to edit manga. Yes, it seems a bit useless to have fonts like these, but some of them are quite interesting.


5. Photoshop Brushes

(deviantART also has good PS brushes, though the most popular ones are usually CS2 or CS3)

http://veredgf.fredfarm.com/vbrush/main.html -- Lots of brushes, also a brush search engine that searches for brushes all over the internet
http://www.personainternet.com/echoica/brushes.php -- Some of the best brushes you'lll ever find
http://www.magitek-designs.net/brushes/ -- Decent brushes, a little fruity, but sometimes you need fruity brushes
http://antibrush001.tripod.com/ -- Only like, 8, but they're all good ones
http://memento.im-pulse.org/brushes.htm -- Same as the above

http://www.ex-posed.com/index.html -- Though I put this in the brush section, there's a lot of good things like textures and patterns here.

http://psychobob.xepher.net/screentonez/ -- Screentones; has a crapload of awesome links.


6. Link Directories

http://link-lounge.com/index.php -- A directory of links such as these, if you want to find your own shit.
http://glitter.silencia.net/ -- It's not open right now, but when it is, it's the best web directory on the internet


7. Uploading crap

http://www.mediafire.com -- This is my first choice for uploading anything. There aren't many ads, they don't delay your download, and the download itself is fast. Uploading is relatively painless.
http://www.badongo.com/ -- The uploading is a little slow, but the downloading is painless and very comfortable to use.

http://www.splashcast.com/ -- This is for people who want to upload audio. It mainly focuses on audio shows, but is very powerful. Creates a widget.
http://www.mypodcast.com/ -- Another place to upload audio, designed for podcasts, audio shows, etc.

http://www.photobucket.com -- Best place to upload pictures


8. Music Websites

www.pandora.com -- An online radio that chooses songs based on one song or artist you like. You can later rate the song they choose for you so they know how to choose in the future.
www.last.fm -- It has a similar function as the above, but is also a full-on musical community. Blogs, can comment on songs, etc.
http://www.imeem.com/ -- In some ways similar to the above, but people can make playlists and such, and you can listen from the website. Good for finding obscure music.

http://diditleak.co.uk/ -- Wanna know if your favorite artist's album got leaked early? Find it here.

http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/ -- A music website that reviews albums, keeps track of musicians, and has some interesting features.


9. Gaming

www.kotaku.com -- The most solid gaming blog you will ever find.
www.gonintendo.com -- Good, consistent news on Nintendo happenings. (Yeah, I'm a fangirl. So what.) The nintendo equivalent of Kotaku.

http://www.1up.com/, http://gamespot.com, www.gamefaqs.com, http://www.ign.com -- ... Had to be included for completion's sake.

If you have more links, feel free to post below. Or PM them to me and I'll put them up here and credit you. Yarr.

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