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Default MMORPGs

So I was thinking about this and figured I should make a thread for us all to gripe about MMOs.

I've been playing Final Fantasy 14 since a few months after A Realm Reborn came out and I really enjoy the battle system. It's simplistic but depending on your job it has a lot of variety. Heavensward added good new options such as a new tank and healer as well as interesting and fun story and content. Now Stormblood is rolling around and I'm only finding myself interested for story purposes. Sure, I wanna play a Red Mage and the general game improvements are exciting but there's a large problem.

The server transfer has DESTROYED all hope I had of playing Stormblood. I don't know if I need to nag my ISP or nag Square (because many many others have been negatively affected by this) but my game is unplayable. I will have perfect connection for a bit and then the next second I have almost no connection. Upon doing pings and trace routes in the command prompt I find my packets are just dropping for no reason and when they do my ping spikes.

This is unfortunate because I love sinking my time into this game, I like gathering and crafting as well as the combat in it.

My plan is to cancel my subscription and look into other MMOs

I'm currently looking into Black Desert Online with its beautiful character creator, so to start this discussion has anyone played Black Desert and/or what MMOs do you play and why?

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