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Default Happy New Years 2020 To Everyone!

Happy New Years Everyone!

Okay a ton happened over this year, and there was plenty that didn't happen. So I'm just going to ramble on for a bit until I feel satisfied that I've discussed everything that I need to. But I'm going to talk about global arcs, server transfers, and activity levels.

Time to start with the Global Arc. Honestly, like many large arcs beforehand, it has gone dead in the water. Which is a shame, because there are definitely people who really liked participating in it, and where everything was going. I attempted at the rear-end of last year to push everything forward so we could just finish it, but that proved difficult even with a smaller number of participants. I don't have a solution to it right now, but it is showing me that a different format would be in order if we were to ever try something like that again. Darn shame. That said, I'm still going to work to finish this one out, regardless of what is required.

As for the server transfer, well let me tell you about it. Sometime last year I started working with a friend of mine named Rob to try to move engi to an updated version of vbulletin. I figured that would be a reasonable goal, and that everything would make that plausible. Instead, it turned out that every force short of the government was around to make that process difficult. Engi is on an old enough version of Vbulletin that we couldn't just directly upgrade, our current hosting package can't handle an upgraded version of Vbulletin, and our hosts were wholly unprepared to assist us in a process I imagined would be every day for them. In the end, I put it on the backburner so we could do the wildly successful donation drive (I'm still proud of you guys for that). When I get a chance, I will go back and finish the server, and everyone will know because it will make a lot of waves.

Now for activity, this year got real slow near the end. That always happens, it isn't anything unexpected, but we also lost our normal number of people to adulthood and new MMOs and the dreaded gacha. On top of that, I was around much less because I moved to Canada, and had to jump through a ton of government hoops to make that happen! But the funny part is, the community of Engi isn't really suffering for it. Even when posting is low, the Discord is still bumping, and we all take care of each other. Sometimes I get worried about Engi, but then I realize that I'm only worried about one part of it. The community is still alive, just many people temporarily forget where the website is.

Anyway, it is time for 2020! I would call it a Year of Clarity of Vision, but I can't say I know what is coming. Instead, I think it will be smarter if we all keep our eyes open to doing what is best for the community. Remember, if you ever need me you can PM me here or on discord. Have a Happy New Year everybody!

Also for AP, go post in my silly Resolutions thread here.

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