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Default Ninja: The Musical! [Open]

Hikaru Matsuruki strolled down the Leaf Village's market, whistling a happy tune. He wasn't sure why, but something about today just felt so... musical. The sounds coming from all around him; the slamming of doors, the ringing of bells, his footsteps, everything was perfectly in tune. It was almost good enough for a song!

"Everything is great! Everything is grand!" He sung, every note perfectly on-key, as he grabbed a falling apple. Instantly, it began to burn.

"I've got a burning apple in the palm of my hand!" He threw it over his shoulder, where it smacked a Mist shinobi in the face. He was sneaking up behind him, with two Kunai in each hand.

"Life's a happy song!" He sang louder, turning to the crowd of stunned onlookers. Hikaru stared at them, indicating they should join in. Some shrugged their shoulders, some smiled, and some rolled their eyes, but they all joined in for the last line:


Hikaru continued with his stroll in the leaf village, loving the sheer musicality of it all.
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Marissa charged down the road, a crowd of angry people behind her.

She screamed "Wake up!"

The crowd chanted "Grab your brush, put on a little make up!"
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Heavenly picked up a scroll, unsealed it and read its contents. Every symbol happened to be in code he was told, and Heavenly was hired to figure out what it all meant. It was strange to see some of the writing was off key. He could easily mark the ones that he should read.

He read aloud to his frightened audience, a group of frightened rich people, curious to know who gave them this letter. It was written like to threaten them, however, from what Heavenly read, it was misleading:

"I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling..."
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you

"I need to feel other people's emotions. Not just understand them."

"I need throw away the cards to oblivion."
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"Ugh, that song sucks."

Hikaru glared at the man reading the awful petry, and bit his thumb.

"I must confess, a thousand degrees brings out the beast inside of me!"

He wrote several seals on the floor as he sang, and put both hands on the floor.

The ground cracked, and magma spurted from the cracks. The magma swirled ominously around Hikaru, and then took the shape of the Kyuubi.

"Don't be afraid, go into the blaze, it's going to melt your fears away!"

The Kyuubi contorted its face into a vicious grin.

"I'm going to get this fire started!"

"STARTED." The kyuubi repeated, glaring at Heavenly.

"Impossible for you to breathe! The temperature is rising up, up, so hot...

"And Im burning up!!!" The two yelled, in perfect synchronisation.

The Kyuubi pounced at Heavenly, going in for the kill.

My characters:
Hikaru Matsuruki - Leaf Chunin, Ready.

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