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Default [Served] The Great Escape

If nothing else, Tenzan had to thank Hana.

He froze long before she did, abject terror of what Aramaki Kenai was capable of unleashing in his reincarnated form flooding his thoughts. For several seconds, he couldn't hear anything over the echo of his beating heart and the instinct driven tension gripping his entire body. Everything Tenzan could do--and much of what he couldn't--was at Kenai's disposal, and their second meeting was no doubt going to be worse than the first.

Hana's explosion was a grateful distraction. It snapped him out of his panic enough that he became much more aware of what was happening, and he realized that she wasn't reacting to his reanimated father.

"What the hell?!"
The chuunin didn't waste any time standing around in incredulity; he was already running, ignoring the cries of pain and agony from the other not-so-innocent thieves caught up in Hana's explosion. His arms and legs ignited as he ran, illuminating his path. Still, he was forced to follow Hana's lead; he couldn't remember how they'd gotten in, much less how to get out, and running blindly would only end badly.

"Who the hell was that woman?" As he asked the question, he could hear the echoes of rapid-fire explosions, tearing away at the rubble of the collapse Hana had caused. Tenzan knew the technique by sound alone, and he knew that wouldn't work. He'd already tried it once.

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“RUN!” Hana barked, fear evident in her voice. If it had been up to her, the kunoichi would have bailed thirty seconds ago. Instead, she had a fellow chuunin to try and protect. Regardless, their mission was a failure: Their new one was to survive. Her quick thinking had bought them some time, and even in the lowly lit mine, Hana was capable of remembering the pathway. Not because she had a perfect memory, but because of her sensory perception – she was no Hyuuga, but her keen sense of eyesight allowed her great attention to detail. She rounded a corner at her top speed, heading south at the four-way intersection. And then she snapped.

Another explosion rocked the mine as she and Tenzan barreled through. It was big enough to cave in the mine’s ceiling, sending rocks falling wantonly. At this point, Hana didn’t care about the integrity of the structure: Being squished by falling rubble and debris was a far better way to go than being killed by a loved one.

A ribbon wrapped around her arm squeezed her gently. Her grandmother and Tenzan’s father were catching up to them. At first, Hana had felt some amount of rejoice in seeing her grandmother again, but it was short lived. Their purpose was to kill them. Reanimated by some scumbag who had stolen the Second Hokage’s technique – it was forbidden for a reason. Hana tried not to think of who had been sacrificed to turn her grandmother into a killing machine.

“She’s a ghost, same as the man who looks like you.”

As they continued upward, three more guards intercepted them.

“Hold it right–”

There was no time to hesitate. It was either her and Tenzan or them. After biting her thumb, Hana outstretched her arms, obscured for half a second by a large puff of smoke. Two vultures, followed by a large murder of crows flew towards the men, swiftly turning into variations of weaponry before plowing into them. As each weapon landed, they pulled out, leaving a series of holes and gashes in the men before Hana and Tenzan. Once the men collapsed, the birds frenzied their corpses, beginning to pick them clean while the vultures procured their valuables.

“Hana! How rude!”

There was an explosion as the two chuunin’s relatives stepped out from a hole they had made nearby.

“Is this your boyfriend? And you didn’t even have the courtesy to introduce us!”

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