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Certain enthusiastic cheerers seemed to scream out louder than the rest with calls of “what the hell even just happened” and “fight to the death!”. For all her earlier energy Muneshige seemed quite content just to applaud and smile. “But really,” she whispered over to her comrades. “We all agree that was a total fluke, right?”

Noboru on the other hand felt a mixture of elation and anxiety as he began scooping his cards together for game three. Rolo used to exist on the dreaded banlist prior to that tournament (for reasons best left unsaid), which was completely unfair since she’d played a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the Watermleon War arc…but those novels weren’t technically recognized Onmyodo canon, just like how technically you couldn’t see Rolo’s- “Good game!” Noboru squeaked, realizing he’d completely forgotten to be a good sport. “It’s not- you know, it’s like-“ He nervously shuffled his cards while trying to find some rejoinder to Kagero’s ribbing. He settled for an accepting shrug. “I can't abandon my friends, you know? I gotta play with them, for better or worse.” Unsaid, but repeating loudly in his head was 'Never be ashamed of who you are.', but now didn't seem the time or place to start dropping quotes.

“Alright alright alright, ladies and gentlemen!”
the tuxedoed MC seemed relieved that at last a game ended with an acceptable amount of excitement. “Get yourselves seated, finish up the last of your refreshments, and hold on tight! Let’s get ready for the match decider! Thous- Hundr- Lots of fans are ready for the thrilling, pulse-pounding finish to a rollercoaster ride of a tournament! Let’s get ready toooooo…”

Twenty minutes later, standing in the dwindling light of a setting sun outside the venue, the four brigadiers somberly munched on ice cream.

“Cheer up, kiddo. Isn't this the best you've ever done at one of these things?”
Ryo tried again to lift the downcast Noboru's spirits. “Anyone could have made that mistake.”

“I wouldn’t have.”
Muneshige crunched away at her waffle cone. “Miss Bighuge over here wouldn’t have either and she's a total novice. It was a pretty obvious play he mucked up.”

“Yeah, well, you know,”
Ryo grumbled and turned his attention to Coal Country’s advanced street lights, which were clicking on one by one. “It's okay to let nerves get to you sometimes. Life is long. You’ll get over it.”

“Also not true.” Having finished her snack almost immediately after acquiring it Inabune busied herself picking her teeth with a knife. “You could die very young. Remember that girl in Kaze no Kuni we failed to-“ Ryo responded with a series of agitated, unintelligible grunts to counter the argument. Noboru sighed and allowed himself a weak smile. “It’s cool, guys. I’m just glad you all enjoyed it.”

“Take this opportunity to look within yourself, young samurai!”
Muneshige’s tone seemed to imply a big, inspiring speech was coming on. “Gather your focus, gaze inwards, and let us step forth with renewed- oh, hey, look, fireworks!" Somewhere off on the darkening horizon the telltale boom followed by colorful lights signaled the start of a show. "Boy, those things are real neato, aren't they?”
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The sandy haired girl crossed her arms over the back of her head and let out a long growling sigh. “After all that, you didn’t find the one?”

Shikagerou was hunched over a streetside bench, resting on one leg in a yoga pose, crossing the other leg over his knee and opening his prize foil packs with his teeth, picking through cards. He mumbled something unintelligible from between plastic-lined teeth. His disguise was lingering on his nose as he peered over the edge of the glasses down at the cards, momentarily illuminated by the fireworks.

Turns out he doesn’t need a mentor like me. Not yet, anyway.

Sensei, you could always train me, you know?”

One day, kid. When you’ve found your fire.

The girl pouted and sat next to the man on the bench, careful not to knock him off his careful balance. She picked up one of the discarded common cards and tried to decipher the rules on the card, which might have well been ancient fuinjutsu for all she was concerned. “That kid, he didn’t have that fire?”

A cinder. Besides, he’s already got a good team around him.

She muttered something about how she could literally spit fire and that wasn’t good enough, flipped the card around to the backside, and glanced up at the overhead fireworks. “I didn’t know there would be a festival, I could have packed my kimono. But, you know, no one told me we were here to play games.”

Looking for a successor is an important job for a shinobi at my stage of life, you know.” His eyes gleamed against the firework light as he held up a card, it’s reflective foil signaling it as a rarest of the rare cards shining a brilliant rainbow on his face.

“You’re not ashamed? Being as old as you, beating kids at a children’s card game?”

He leaned his neck back to peer over his shoulder at her, making a scary face. Over the stubble of his chin, she scoffed at the card in his hand. “Especially with prints like that.”

Come on. We’ve got to turn in that ronin samurai and collect the bounty. Don’t want Hokage-sama on my case --

What a drag, I know.”

He tucked the card in the chest of his robe and passed the entire massive stack of the rest of the cards into the hands of a kid who was lingering nearby, who immediately started shouting in pleased surprise.

His own Rolo. If he saw that kid again, he’d have to pass the card over to him. A little more consistency in his deck, and who knows what he’d be able to get up to.
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