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$90 donation in the tank for Thread Booster (Sento) and for a Restricted List!

Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
Got a Mist question? PM me.

Master RP Thread
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And that is IT for this year folks, I am floored, and so thankful.

Let me see,
60$ from Chiaki! 6 more AP from the donation!
35$ from Simon! 7AP from the donation!
90$ from Grans! 14 AP from the donation!

These last hits bring our grand total up to... 4,315!

Wait, let me make that louder.

Absolutely crazy!
Next, I'm going to spend a little time calculating the winner of the raffle. This is too much to handle, but I'll keep my head on long enough to do that much.
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Now for the extra RAFFLE PRIZES!

These prizes were rolled using a randomizer in the discord chat. The winners of these prizes have permission to trade their prizes with each other, or give these prizes to anyone else on the site.

1st place prize goes to SIMONSEZ!
This prize is a SUPER SLOT!! It is the following:
You get an additional character slot, that can be an avenger, have a forbidden list, advanced character, tai savant, all in one!

2nd place prize goes to Virtual Dream!
This prize is a free AP Limit Break! Like above, but of course it don't cost nothing.

3rd place prize goes to Granspearzx!
You get 10 free AP!

Thanks everyone for your donations, again this is all amazing. I will post here again with more news after the weekend (when I get back home from my trip).
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