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Default Engi-mas 2018

Deep Breath

It's Engi-mas!

Merry Engi-mas Everyone
All of us on the staff hope that whatever you're up to today, be it celebrating or not, that you have the most wonderful of times.

And of course, what Engi-mas would be complete without gratuitous present giving?
Reply to this thread and tell us what one of your characters ideal present, or a present you would give someone else's character before the twelve days of Engi-mas are over, and receive One Free AP.

I'll start us off; I'd get Fist a new hoodie... cos his old one might have just gotten stolen at Calamity

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King Koopa
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I'd give chi's Hotaru a very white snuggie
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I'd have to give (junge's) Hyuuga Kannon some much needed TLC this holiday--most importantly a new pair of eyes (just regular ones, sorry--doujutsu are expensive) and a pair of mis-matched arms I... acquired.


AP: 37

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Virtual Dream
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I'd give Jami's Shipori some facial moisturizer because my boy is looking rough.

Merry bimbas everyone
¤Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
¤Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
¤Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
¤Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
¤Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
¤Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
¤Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
¤Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
¤Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
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I would give junges josuke some peroxide and bandages for all his broken bones and cuts
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Uh...I mean...

I would give VD's Hyuuga Yuu a neon green hoodie to stay on brand.

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Oh wow.

Echizen's ideal present would probably be some brand new blacksmith equipment to forge some dope items.

And I also see Hitoko giving The Fist a set of aviators glasses. Trick is that on the front lens, whenever the light hits the them juuuuuussttttt right, there'd be an image of Hitoko giving the peace sign lmao. Also, Hitoko'd give Seikon's Daisuke a new, mystical Gunbai that could, like, be a catalyst for his Katon techniques.

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u havin a giggle m8
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Here's my vague winter-themed holiday gift baggy for characters I've either read or roleplayed with while blighting Engi with my presence:

To Merdle's 'Sobyono' I would bequeath a cowboy hat, though if he had one it could be exchanged for a fist full of dollars.

Jami's 'Masato' would get a phone with a poison control center number on speed dial.

I'd get Kana's 'Takeo' a hat so he can stop ruffling his own hair so much.

VD's apostrophe filled 'Jun'ko' could use an artsy self-portrait, though it would have to be changed every few days.

For Buko's Fist Sanosuke 'Saku' I'd give a stack of poker chips that could immediately be used to go all-in.

Kyz's wolverKing 'Kuma' gets a foldable metal chair or twelve.

Kapeesh's Jun Kin gets an IOU for that Sand thread we never did. It'll happen eventually!

I can't think of much to give Hitoko's 'Echizen' but a life jacket would probably be for the best.

Seikon's 'Eiko' could use some gloves and a lesson in not grabbing other people's stuff.

Wess's 'Hana' definitely needs a lifetime supply of bleach to get the blood out.

Grans has his information disabled on his page so I couldn't see his characters, so a vague gift card to a 'male character' is the most I can offer here.

All of Cayuga's characters that end with an '-en' get 24 set of crayons, but the red and blue ones have been removed.

I haven't rated or played with any of Bass's characters, so I'll just take a wild stab in the dark and give a fruitcake as a gift.

To all others whom I may of missed I offer this gift of a one-time prize: the next person who posts who wasn't listed above will get my ONE AP for this thread. Hope everyone had a good winter solstice!
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Hotaru is gonna have to respectfully say no to that white snuggie.

But she would get one of those for Ryu (kap) instead.
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