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Default [Nukenin] Houjou Nagisa

Wandering Bard
~Houjou Nagisa~

Let me lay down some funky rhythms

~2 AP used at creation~

Name: Houjou Nagisa
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"

Character Type: M-Nin

Woah man…that picture really makes me look angry doesn’t it? I’m not too fond of that one, but I guess the reason behind it makes sense. Things can get pretty intense during a set; that must’ve been during a kick-ass song or something.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I wear on a regular basis, so I guess that part’s accurate. I guess when it comes down to it, just because I live life like a vagabond doesn’t mean I have to dress like one, right? I tend to stick to the basics. Dress shirt, a cool skirt, a jacket if I’m feeling particularly fancy that day, ha! After all, it’s not like I want people to see me and think “Shinobi!” You don’t see it here, but I usually wear a choker too, plain black. After all, we’ve all got “the brand”, mine happens to be on the back of my neck, can’t have people checking out that tat. Even with the long black hair, you can never be too careful ya know?

Yeah I guess it is reaaaally long isn’t it? It’s been kind of a trademark of mine I guess, my other bandmates had the crazy cuts and punk styles; I always kept mine kind of the same. Call it boring or whatever, it serves a lot of purposes. Like, you can’t even see my scar in that picture because of it! What scar? It’s right here on my right cheek, yeah kind of can’t miss it. How’d I get it? Well that’s a rather personal question, don’t you think? No no, it’s whatever. I got it in the tunnels, though this was a pretty small price to pay compared to what some others gave up…Ah, sorry. Touchy subject, where was I? Oh right, you know what you also can’t see in this picture? I’ve got a pretty big heart tat right on my chest, see? Now that’s a tattoo I dig, usually I’m pretty proud to show that one off; the guy did really good work. I’ve got pretty blue eyes too, guess those didn’t show up well in the red lighting. Yeah, like I said, not my favorite picture. Maybe I can scrounge up another one somewhere…

Oh! Here we go!

Gotta thank Tuuli for taking the sweet pic!

You know, for someone considered an absolutely detestable criminal by my hometown, I’d say I’m pretty mellow, wouldn’t you? I mean, let’s be real, some of the people from back home were…yikes. You had those super honor and duty bound people, those who couldn’t get over the whole catastrophe thing, though who could really blame them, and then….there were the psychos. As for me, I’ve always seen myself more as a “Live in the moment” kind of girl, ya know? Not worrying about the long term, that’s a problem for the future. Irresponsible? No, I don’t think so. I’ve managed so far after all, a little bit of fun here and there never hurt anyone. Besides life’s pretty short to be thinking like that, at least in my opinion. I just want to party on and look for the next gig.

Is music a huge part of my life? Well, duh idiot! Of course music is a huge part of my life, it’s my number one passion! I wouldn’t be who I was today without it, it’s not just a part of my soul, it is my soul. I can’t count the number of hours I’ve spent learning all different kinds of instruments. I can play Bass, obviously, guitar, some keys, cello even, betcha didn’t expect that one! Saxophone…

Oh sorry, I got sidetracked there. But yeah! I love playing and performing, especially seeing everyone else rocking out just as hard! It’s really cool to see everyone else feeling the same groove I’m feeling, ya know? Enjoying themselves because of what I’m able to offer. It’s a cool feeling, and I try to carry that around with me even when I’m not playing too. Like I said, life’s a party. I want everyone around to enjoy themselves just as much as I do…

Oh no, not you too. Listen, no. I’m going to get real for second here, and it’s not something I do often because I hate it, such a buzz kill. But I do NOT have a problem, alright?! Just because I like to enjoy myself a little too much once in a while doesn’t mean I’ve got issues! I thought this was a casual conversation, when did you become my shrink anyways? Listen, I just like to have a good time, ok? End of story.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Music is my window, my hope, my life.

Combo Archetype: Maestro
Archetypes: Virtuoso – Polymath
Special: Gain an extra freebie for a defensive oriented swap technique at creation.
Stat Merits: +3 Intelligence, +2 Tactics, +1 Control
Stat Flaws: -1 Strength, -1 Willpower, -2 Stamina, -2 Power

Maestro - M

Physical - Tertiary
Strength: 1 -1[M] +11 =11
Speed: 1 +13 = 14
Stamina: 1 -2[M] +16 =15

Mental - Secondary
Intelligence: 1 +3[M] +15 =19
Tactics: 1 +2[M] +16 =19
Willpower: 1 -1[M] +19 =19

Chakra - Primary
Power: 1 -2[M] +20 = 19
Control: 1 +1[M] +19 = 21
Reserves: 1 + 21 = 22

Jutsu and Techniques

Universal Ninjutsu - 5 Freebies

Stage 1
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Bass Groove No. 1
Replacing: Kakuremino no Jutsu (Magic Cloak Of Invisibility Technique)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2

Stage 2
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Stage 3
Fukuwajutsu (Ventriloquism)
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7

Stage 4
Bass Groove No. 2
Replacing: [Open Slot]
Requirements: Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14

Sound Ninjutsu - 11 Freebies + 1 Maestro Freebie

Stage 1
Replacing: Hibiki no Jutsu (Noise Technique)
Requirements: Reserves 3, Intelligence 2

Myaku (Pulse)
Requirements: Control 3, Tactics 2

Stage 2
Kaze Senbon no Jutsu (Wind Needles Technique)
Requirements: Myaku, Control 5, Reserves 4, Power 4

Bass Groove No. 3
Replacing: Kinsei Hakai (Balance Destroy)
Requirements: Yobiko, Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4

Stage 3
Zankuuha (Air Cutter)
Requirements: Arm Cannons, Kaze Senbon, Control 8, Reserves 8, Power 6

Stage 4
Himei no Jutsu (Shriek)
Requirements: Intelligence 14, Willpower 13, Tactics 11, Reserves 10

Stage 5
Crank That $h17 to 11! - Maestro Freebie
Replacing: Kaze no Ransu (Wind Lance)
Requirements: Kaze no Yari, Control 18, Reserves 17, Power 17, Willpower 14

Zankuukyokuha (Ultimate Air Cutter)
Requirement: Arm Cannons, Zankuuha, Control 17, Reserves 16, Power 16, Intelligence 15

Jigoku Himei no Jutsu (Hell Shriek)
Requirements: Himei no Jutsu, Intelligence 18, Willpower 17, Tactics 17, Reserves 14

Onchou: Oshi (Harmony: Push)
Requirements: Control 19, Reserves 19, Power 18, Intelligence 16

Onsei: Yure (Voice: Vibration)
Requirements: Intelligence 19, Willpower 19, Tactics 18, Control 16

Stage 6
Nihyakuwari Zankuuha (200% Air Cutter)
Requirements: Control 21, Reserves 20, Power 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15

Sound Genjutsu - 2 Freebies + 2 AP

Stage 1
Shimaru Shikaku (Closed Sight)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Power 3
Duration: 1, 3, 6

Stage 2
Mimiuchi no Jutsu (Whisper Technique)
Requirements: Reserves 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Duration: 1, 3, 5

Stage 3
Jouho no Koe (Voice of Compromise) - [1 AP]
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
Duration: 1, 3, 5

Stage 4
Bass Groove No. 4 - [1 AP]
Replacing: Ataeru Kanjoo no Jutsu (Inflict Emotion Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Reserves 12
Duration: 2


Bass Guitar: Viola - 4
- Combined - Arm Cannons [3]
- Glow [1]
- Catalyst [0]
Shinobi Kit - 0

Item Points Remaining: 4

The Tale of the Wandering Bard

Hmm? What am I looking at? Oh, just a picture...an old one at that.

Yeah, that's me. No, really I swear! Crazy right? It was a long, long time ago. A past life really, if we want to get all touchy-feely about it. Let you hear it? Wouldn't you rather hang out with the others, this is a crazy party after all! No? Alright, but it's kind of a wild ride, let me get my guitar...

When we were young the future was so bright
The old neighborhood was so alive
And every kid on the whole damn street
Was gonna make it big and not be beat
credit to The Offspring: The Kids Aren't Alright

I guess this tale really starts out when I was about four. There was a catastrophe, right from the start. They called it, “The Fall”. It sounds bad, but believe me it was much worse than what you’re imaging. Pretty much an entire city, my city, was wiped off the face of the Earth in one night. See? Told you it would be a wild ride, right from the start. I guess I’m pretty lucky that I don’t remember any of it, personally, I was one of the lucky ones who escaped unscathed. It’s a miracle really; Sound’s history has been bloody for as long as it’s existed, I can’t believe I’m still around to tell you all this.

Anyways, following that the rest of us kind of banded together into one giant nomadic tribe. We’d camp out under the stars at night, moving from campsite to campsite trying our best to remain unnoticed. After all, we were decimated when we were at full strength. Who knows how bad it would’ve been if they found us, ya know? My childhood was spent with these nomadic people,

Life in the camp, as I remember, was fairly dull. Strength was the buzzword around the Nomad encampment. Strength to carry on, strength the regain our homeland, strength to survive, all that jazz really. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that many of my years were spent learning and mastering techniques to become a respected member within the camp. I won’t bore you with the montage, don’t worry. Safe to say, I got quite good. But that's not what you're interested in right? Nah, what everyone wants to know is when did I start playing this bad boy?

Well, that story starts around when I was a young teenager. You see, by then I had been what they call a "Kitaeru" for a few years. Yeah, it's a weird name I know, but it basically meant I was a shinobi in training. I was doing chores, busy work, all that stuff for the older members of the camp, definitely not the glamorous life, ya know? Well there was one day when I had to deliver a parcel for my teacher, an arrogant little prick who couldn't get off his ass, you know the type. He wanted me to give this package to a girl, saying it was really important that I make sure I mentioned that I was his little trainee. He probably got off to some weird status thing, anyways that's not important. What's important is when I approached the tent where the girl was living, I heard the most awesome sounds from within. The crash of cymbals, the screaming guitar, and above all, a beautiful, harmonic voice. I peeked my head in, more than curious about what was producing such an amazing melody.

Yep, you guessed it. Who I met in that tent were three girls who would truly become my family over the better part of a decade. There was Ai, the brash guitarist with an even brasher tongue; Kiyo, the "quiet one", though her drum fills were anything but. And then there was Emi. With a voice of gold and a heart to match, Emi was the one I eventually became closest to. They were all my sisters, sure, but Emi was like the oldest sister who took me under her wing, guided me, and made me into who I was. I still remember that first meeting, haha! Looking back it was a hilarious situation, but back then I was so scared! I mean, there were these three older girls, and then me, the little shinobi in training just standing there mesmerized. Eventually, Kiyo noticed me just kind of standing there dumbfounded in the corner, and Emi called me over. I handed the present over to her, the one from my "teacher". Ai was, of course, the first to speak up.

"Eh? That creep give you another present? Listen Emi you just need to get rid of his ass, he's a fuck boy anyways."

"Ai..you shouldn't say that about people.."

"Or what Kiyo?! The guy's a creep! First he sends those weird ass love notes, now he's sending this kid to do his dirty work for him! What a punk!"

"I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean..." I could barely squeak out a word, Ai terrified me so much! Thankfully, Emi spoke up. And with that voice that sang those harmonic melodies, she instantly evaporated any sense of anxiety I may have had.

"It's fine, little Kitaeru. What's your name?"

"Oh..it-it's Nagisa. Houjou Nagisa."

"Well Nagisa-chan, you looked pretty into what we were doing. You like music too?"

Ai interrupted before I could answer. "Emi, cut the crap! Let's get back to our jam."

"Ai, one of these days your mouth is going to really bite you in the butt, you know that?" I remember giggling a little bit at Emi's last statement. She always could rein Ai in. She just had that magic about her.

"Nagisa-chan, as it stands we actually have an opening, on bass. We haven't been able to find anyone as into it as we want, but you look like you can handle it. What do you say? Want to learn?"

I couldn't say yes fast enough.

And so they took me under their wing. Not just musically, but even teaching me all the techniques they had learned as well. They were Hiyoutori after all, yeah another strange word. Means they were above me, basically, ninja with a purpose. All of them were about three years older than I was, which meant three extra years of knowledge I could gain from them. Emi was the one to teach me how to use music and a medium for my techniques, she's even the one who helped me build this guitar! Sure, it looks special, but it's got some high tech in it that really packs a wallop! Meanwhile, Kiyo taught me the subtle art of illusions, and how to really mess with an opponent's head. And Ai? Well, Ai really just taught me how to talk shit. At any rate, eventually to become that second-level ninja you had to fight and defeat someone above you, and of course that scumbag I mentioned before was first on my list.

He had made my life hell once he figured out how much time I was spending with "the love of his life" and her "bitchy friends". He asked me to give reports on them, can you believe that? And when I didn't he'd just make my chores even more menial, or just beat me the fuck up and call it "training." Needless to say when I got the chance to call him out and put my hands on him, I didn't hold back. I left him dead in the middle of camp, showed no mercy to him. Kiyo and Emi watched with pride the entire time; Ai just kept yelling to "Kill the fucker". Needless to say, I took her advice. Ha! I remember her letting out the biggest cheer when I drew my dagger across his throat.

We had a celebration concert afterwards, for my promotion. Right out in the middle of camp, we jammed out all night long for anyone that wanted to listen, Kiyo supplying the techniques to make sure the noise didn't escape the camp. And at the end of the night, when there was no one left, we all headed back to our tents and continued the party.

Morbid? I guess I didn't think of it like that. That's just how we were raised. Kill or be killed was the mantra of the camp. Like I said, Sound has a bloody history. There's just been...way too much death.

And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw Satan laughing with delight
The day the music died
credit to Don McLean: American Pie

If the fall of Sound began the first part of my story, then the fall of the Nomads would have to begin the second. Like I've been saying, Sound's past is marked with all sorts of bloodshed. Hunted by other ninjas, foreign countries, the mercs, there's always been someone at Sound's throat.

This time though, the culprit was us.

It was the middle of the night, I remember that clearly. We had just finished performing a gig and had all gotten back to our tents, eager to pour some celebratory shots for a job well done. That's when the screaming started. We burst out of our tent and witnessed carnage. People fleeing for their lives were murdered as they ran, gunned down by lances and daggers from unseen assailants. We four instinctively huddled together, a family now determined to protect their own. We were fortunate, so fortunate that we didn't lose anyone that night. We fought off a few attackers, our combined strength able to repel anything that came our way, but at the end of the night so many others lay dead. They call it the Black Night now, which I would honestly think is a pretty sweet nickname if I didn't live through it. Thankfully though, I had my sisters. As long as the four of us were together, we were invincible.

At least...At least that's what we thought anyways. Following this so called "Black Night", our leader led us to the Tunnels. There were about 10, each leading down a different path, towards our supposed future and "salvation". We four embarked together, tackling one of the tunnels. We fought hideous creatures, monstrosities that words can't even describe. One got me really good, that's where I got this scar. It was a huge beast, one with fangs the size of my arm. I remember being pinned under one of its paws, a sickle shaped talon scraping slowly across my face while I screamed in agony. It was toying with me, ready to make me its next meal. Ai lay on the ground, cursing her broken body. Kiyo remained occupied with another bestial creature, aware but unable to do anything to help. I thought for sure I was going to die there, that my final resting place would be the inside of this creature's stomach. Suddenly though, the beast lurched off of me, driven back by invisible pockets of powerful air. Emi had come back from the brink and fended the creature off. We eventually were able to overcome these beasts, and made it to a gilded portal. Kiyo and I supported Ai between us, her legs too damaged from the previous fight to carry her own weight. Emi led the way, her face bearing a look of pride even through the exhaustion. We had made it, us four. All that remained was to step through the portal to claim our destiny--

And just like that, it happened. She didn't even touch the handle, didn't even open the door to the Golden Land. Her hand remained outstretched, trembling. We all asked what was wrong, but she wouldn't respond. And then, just like that, she-she fell apart. I, I don't even mean that in a metaphor, man. Her body just fell into pieces, sliced into bits by a hidden wire trap. We stood there, dumbfounded at what was once our friend now lying before us. Ai was the first to scream. Kiyo didn't utter a word. I let my friend drop to the ground as my hands tried to stop the vomit that spewed from my mouth. We were supposed to be invincible. We were supposed to be the four sisters. We were the ones that were always supposed to make it! And yet, yet there we were. Screaming, sobbing, desperately trying to make sense of the mess of flesh before us. I don't know how long we stood there. I don't even know how we got out.

All I remember is that last look on her face, so proud, convinced everything was going to be ok. Then, blood. Blood and darkness.

G-Gimme a second...I need a drink.

Your memory will carry on
We'll carry on
And in my heart I can't contain it
The anthem won't explain it.
credit to My Chemical Romance: Welcome to the Black Parade

Sorry about that. It’s a touchy subject, no matter how you slice it. As corny as it sounds, losing Emi really cut me deep. My heart had never felt like that before. Not when I lost my home the first time, not when the camp had been engulfed in a civil war. Nothing compared to the pain I, and the rest of the band, felt after she was gone. There were times when we would all meet up, the remaining three of us, but words never seemed to be exchanged. Just mournful glances as we all silently drank from our cups. None of us could even touch our instruments; in fact I remember just looking at my bass or a sheet of music making me sick to my stomach. Suddenly, it was like I hadn't just lost Emi in those tunnels, but Kiyo and Ai as well.

Needless to say, I definitely didn't take it very well. I began really using around that time, looking for anything that could distract me from the reality of the situation. That I had lost part of my family. I wouldn't leave my room for days on end, just holed up staring at old photographs from a simpler time, longing for things to be back to the way they were. And then when I would catch myself, I'd just look for the next high to take my mind off of life again. It was a vicious cycle, one that I'm really lucky to have avoided.

It's strange, but as sad and depressing as all this sounds, the feeling I remember the most was the frustration. Everywhere I looked, I remember there being something that just irked me. Emi's death had done more than rob me of my sister, it had truly robbed my entire world of its luster. The three of us were all promoted, for our strength and bravery shown in the tunnels, but even that felt like a slap in the face after losing Emi. The home we fought so hard for, the home that people celebrated in the streets; that was a home that I never understood. After all, when I looked around I didn't see new buildings a places to call "home". I saw the blood that had been spilled to bring about our "new dawn". The cheers and jubilation of my comrades was like nails on a chalkboard. The inspirational speeches from our venerable leader nothing more than a constant drone in my ear. I don't want to make it sound like a large decision such as treason was taken lightly, but escaping my country was far more preferable to the hollow life I was living. And as for that escape, I had a plan already drawn up in my mind.

After all, I told you before didn't I? I'm a performer. It's what we do.

Truth be told, it took a lot of convincing to get Kiyo and Ai on board with the idea. Not treason, of course, I would never drag anyone down with me, especially those I considered my sisters. No, it took convincing just to get the two on board with the idea of a concert. As I mentioned, none of us were in a particularly great state of mind after Emi's death. But I think deep down in their hearts they realized that this was no ordinary gig, this was our farewell tour. I spoke to them for the first time in weeks, knocking somberly at their doors, stating my desire for one last show, for Emi. I distinctly remember Ai slamming the door in my face the first time, saying she would have none of this "memorial bullshit". To her, I was disgracing her memory; I was saying that Emi wasn't important, that the three of us could carry on without her. I felt for the girl, I really did. Thankfully Kiyo was always closest to Ai; she was able to convince her to play one final show, and then we would never reunite.

When the time came, we let Ai fill Emi's spot, it felt only right. After all, though Kiyo and Ai were nearly inseparable, it was Ai who was most concerned with how best to honor Emi's memory. We set about preparing for our gig, ensuring that a large number of people would be present to hear our tribute to those that had fallen.

It was our final song in the set list; the crowd was going absolutely wild. I remember looking over towards Ai, tears streaming down her face as she dedicated our last performance to all those who gave everything so that we could have everything. I know this will sound sappy, but I swear you could feel Emi looking down on us as we kicked off our last song to the thunderous roar of an emotional crowd. Ai did great. I'd have to say it was her best performance yet, even as she struggled through tears to fill Emi's parts. Towards the end of the song, I looked over to see Kiyo staring at me. We locked eyes for a few moments and I guess something in my eyes must've given it away, what I was about to do next. She gave a slight nod, and a grin appeared on her face. She was always the smart one, Kiyo. I turned to the crowd, and let loose a wicked bass line, one that caused my guitar to begin to glow and flash in a beautiful display of light. As the intensity of the song picked up though, as it was nearing its climax, the lights began to grow brighter. And brighter. And brighter. Ai turned to me, a confused look on her face, and that's when I let it rip.

With one hard chord, a massive wall of sound erupted from my guitar, sending all within the vicinity to their knees, desperately clutching at their ears to block out even a fragment of my onslaught. Through the pain Ai's face bore a mixture of confusion and rage, Kiyo's one of understanding and relief. It would be hard to leave everything behind; my sisters, my belongings, my life really. But this was a journey that I had to make on my own. To find some place that had that luster that had been missing even since Emi left us. I leaped past the crowd, a majority still dazed by the blinding lights and deafening sounds. Tears were streaming down my face as I left everything behind that day, but they were not tears of sadness, but of joy. A sign that I was ready to begin life anew.

This is a toast to what you did
And all that you were fighting for
Who could do more when time marches on?
Words come and go
We will sing the melodies that you did long ago
credit to Weezer: Eulogy for a Rock Band

And I guess that leads us to where we are now. I told you didn't I, that it was gonna be one hell of a ride? I've been on the run for a while now, it seems, though I constantly find myself wondering what my family is up to. I hope they're ok, that they didn't endure any more hardship because of me leaving. Kiyo seemed like she got it, but I'm worried about Ai. She was always loud and brash, but inside she was also a softy. I really hope she's ok. Life on the lam has been fun though! I know I know, I'm a wanted criminal, people are after my head, I should take this more seriously. But really, it's not like I left because I committed some heinous crime. I left to find my passion again, to continue doing what brought us so close in the first place. I mean look around at this party! This is what I, this is what we lived for. Those three girls taught me everything. They taught me music, they taught me strength, but as corny as it sounds they taught me what life is all about. I'll go to my grave believing in that. I hope someday we can all meet up again, and I hope we can all have one last concert, together.

And that's it! Wait, when the hell did the rest of you start listening to this?! Enough with the sob story, C'mon let's jam!

Other Info:
Nagisa is ambidextrous, but prefers to play lefty.
A huge fan of pyrotechnics.
2 AP Spent at Creation: Jouho no Koe (Voice of Compromise), Bass Groove No. 4

Thread Ratings:

Credit to:
Marta Altesa
Remco Hendrix

- For the sick bass jams

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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Oh, you crazy Sound Nin. Throwing up a half approval on this to get it rolling.
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Don't junk please. Thanks!

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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At first, I didn't think I'd like the character. And then I kept reading. Good work — half'd.
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And another Half. Only Sound GM Approval needed. Welcome back
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she's even the one who help me build this guitar!
My main question here is, 'what is the plan'? This character seems like she has been created at the end of her arc. She went through trauma, didn't feel right being in the world she had helped create, and now she has run off to live a life of freedom and innocence again.

So, what does she do now? Are you planning to do thread after thread of concerts?
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Oops. Fixed.

Hey concerts aren't such a bad idea now that you mention it...Kidding of course. I'll PM you the deets.

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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Math checks out and that's pretty much all I'll concern myself with. Did her parents die in the big village destruction thing or is that left intentionally ambiguous? I couldn't quite figure it out.

Half approved anyway.
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