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Default {Cloud}Senko Nero-Corporal

Surname, First Initial: Senko N
Alias: Golden Gorilla
Serial: 111010902746
Military Rank: Corporal
Company/Squad: N/A
Technical Occupation: Intelligence:Reconnaissance
Specialization: Kitsui no Zouheishou
Birthplace: Hima
Medals Earned: None
Chevrons: None
Associations: Former Academy Teacher Nagai, Uncle/Gymnastic School Teacher Sen
Dependents: None
Marital Status: Single
Declared Next of Kin: Teacher Sen
Physical Description: Currently Nero is about five eight and has a very slim frame despite the fact that he carries such a heavy weapon. The Bo is actually taller then he is and it is almost comical to see the sight of both of them. Despite the fact that he has a small frame his forearms are specifically strong and large as if he had spent his whole life on the farm. This is specifically because of the weight that he carries with his Bo and the numerous gymnastics skill he has to do provides him with a reinforcement of arm strength.

Coming from a gymnastics background has given him a slim but very defined and muscular mid section. Each muscle insertion can be seen from his serratus to his abdominals. When stretching people have commented that he almost looks like a cobra. He is a prime example of a youthful body. His deltoid(shoulder) are also very well defined and allow for a great amount of overhead strength.

His lower body is at a good ratio comparitive to his upper body but is still skinnier. His calves are specifically large due to a lot of jumping and landing when it comes to tumbling and aerials. A large scar from the civil war can be found on his left thigh. Huge and dark it was sustained by a G-Man. Nero has a almost feminine face with a mix of manly definitions. He has near perfect eye lashes and eye brows as if he has groomed them and most people will ask if he does such. His blue eyes cascade with color and fill up a room. The only thing that outshines them is his smile that is always shown. His sandy brown hair washes over his face and is normally kept up in a hair tie.

Clothing: Nero keeps up with the conformity of the norm when it comes to his clothing and can usually be found wearing a black very loose ninja garb, flat footed black sandals that hold tightly to his feet his Cloud forehead protector is worn on top of his head and provides a little more protection from his wild hair from falling down; it is blue in color to represent Aoi colors. When on missions he also likes to wear a Dark Blue jacket to represent he is from the intelligence division. To finish off the jacket a patch of two black lightning bolts are paired together on top of a red background to represent the Daishou.

When not in combat or on duty he will normally be found in the small gymnastics school where he normally wears no shirt and very tight fitting pants. He also tends to never wear any shoes when practicing his gymnastics. When lounging around his home he will tend to wear very loose light colored garbs.

Personality:Nero is a lovably guy. The type of guy that you want to bring home to mom and show him off. Not only does he have the looks, he has the personality to shine a dark room. Whenever he enters a place he is instantly recognized by his impromptu talk, laugh, and ability to joke with people he had just met. He always smiles when he talks, even if he isn't saying a joke. He treats his superiors as such and never goes out of line when it comes to taking up orders. He understands the pecking order and has no problem with doing what he is told. With that, he hates when a lower ranked officer disobeys him or tries to go over him if they don't like his order.

Nero likes to think he is fair and calculating with his orders but that can always be misinterpreted. None the less when it comes to order and rank Nero fits right into the fold. Now when in combat a different side of Nero emerges. A calculated, cold, killing, and almost destructible type of person emerges. He is always ready to take out any enemies of Kumogakure but likes to do it from the shadows. Nero always prefers the upper hand and will always lay out a plan A and a plan B if the first fails. He has been doing this all his life as a soldier and it has worked wonders so far. He is definitely a team player and will work in a group when its appropriate. He has no problem working in a small or even individual role but is indifferent to what he prefers the most.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":Dont let life ruin your fun


Primary Archetype: Kobudo Master
Stat Merit: +2 to Strength, +1 to Stamina
Stat Flaw: -2 to Control, -1 to Tactics
Secondary Archetype:



Physical 30 Primary

Strength: 1+2{KM}+10{P}=13+12{KnZ}=25
Speed: 1+10{P}=11+12{KnZ}=23
Stamina: 1+1{KM}+10{P}+2{TP}=14+9{KK}=23

Mental Secondary 27

Intelligence: 1+9{P}=10
Tactics: 1-1{KM}+9{P}=9
Willpower: 1+9{P}=10

Chakra Tertiary 24

Power: 1+7{P}=8
Control: 1-2{KM}+7{P}=6
Reserves: 1+7{P}=8


Jutsu and Techniques:
Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) {Jutsu 1}
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Kitsui no Zouheishou(Arsenal of the Brave)
Third Stage[Jutsu 2-4}
Introduction to Pillar Style
Requirements: Speed 10, Stamina 10, Tactics 8
Bonus: +12 Speed, +12 Strength, +3 Stamina

Kanbeki Kenkou(Perfect Balance)
Stage 3{Jutsu 5-7}
Requirements: Stamina 11, Strength 9, Willpower 8
Stage Bonus: +9 Strength, +9 Speed, +9 Stamina

Celestrial Gates
Kai-Mon (Initial Gate) {Jutsu 8}
Requirements: Stamina 4, Strength 4
Kyu-Mon (Heal Gate) {Jutsu 9}
Requirements: Stamina 8, Strength 6, Willpower 6
Sei-Mon (Life Gate){Jutsu 10}
Requirements: Stamina 12, Strength 8, Willpower 8

Raiton Lightning Release
Stage One{Jutsu 11}
Raiton: Kiwa no Kyoshi (Lightning Release: Serrated Edge)
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4

Stage 2{Jutsu 12}
Raiton: Rakurai (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt)
Requirements: Willpower 6, Tactics 5, Control 5

Raiton: Keichuu Saitensha (Lightning Release: Concentration Marker){GMAP 1}
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Willpower 4

Stage 3{GMAP2}
Raiton: Raikou Shou Tate (Lightning Release: Small Lightning Shield)
Requirements: Willpower 8, Tactics 6, Intelligence 8

Shinobi Kit
Pole Weapon-3

Item Points Remaining:5


Nero was born into the "Lost Generation" and with that he never knew his father. His father was apart of "The Ghost Run" and was killed in cold blood. despite being only two when the incident had happened Nero fondly remembers his father and how caring he was and it was a surprise to the whole family that he had been branded a traitor. With no desire to have his nephew follow the same path as his father he began to train him in gymnastics.

Nero grew up to about the age of five and at that point he had already understood the way gravity worked, how you needed to twist your body a certain way, and how you needed to have confidence in your skill to be able to do half the tumbling skills he was now doing. Then at the age of six Nero started to become more and more aware of the situation around him. With the assassination of the former Raikage and the establishment of Raikage Denryuu Kazuhiro a new war would develop. Afraid for his nephew the uncle had no choice but to send his only relative to the Hidden Village. Constant threats and orders from the Lightning Lord to enlist and help the government had turned everything on to its head. The gymnastic school was ransacked and their home was used for the G-Men.

On his way to Kumogakure Nero and his uncle were stopped by two government militants. They claimed that there was no pass out of the town and that anyone caught outside the walls would be killed. Screaming and yelling began to erupt and the whole town began to rebel. Hima was a beautiful place with even more beautiful people. The ruckus had distracted the guards long enough for Nero to escape. It was a trip towards Kumogakure but Nero was able to arrive in no time. As he reached the Village he was greeted rather harshly and interrogated by the shinobi to make sure he was no spy.

After close observation he was allowed to enter the academy under the Villages constant watch. Nearly finished and only one more year to go before he would graduate the academy, the assassination of Kazuhiro radiated through the Village. Talk of treason and more talk of a Leaf shinobi had circulated quickly. Even the talk of surrender had begun to slip off peoples tongues. Despite the death of their leader Nero stood strong and continued to train. He had not left his uncle and his former life to help Kumogakure just to have everyone quit. Rallying his fellow students Nero became known as a light of hope for his peers. Kids that were thinking of dropping out stayed because of Nero's heart and desire and it was a sight to see. However, there were also some moles within the academy and suddenly more and more academy student had left mysteriously. Rumors of brainwash and deceit began to run through all school.

Nero had seen many peers disappear within those three years before the establishment of Nagai Jyushin and his new form of education. Denryuu Konishi had been established as the Raikage in an election that hadnt taken place in over a century. Despite his young age Nero knew that he was the right chose being the younger brother of the late previous Kage.

Popularity and skill had driven Nero to be one of the top members in his class. Sadly as he finished his last year in the academy as a student in Aoi he was not given the honor of being named the Champion of Blue but was given the Blue Body. Considering that Aoi was more celebrated for its mind and smarts compared to its physical prowess it was obvious Nero would never become the Blue Champion. The Koushaku of his year was a young man that was able to implement both genjutsu and taijutsu. He beat the Champion of Aka and was given said title. Feeling a small amount of jealousy towards his accomplishment Nero continued to train under the assumption he was still the strongest physically in his class.

Soon after the graduation into a genin and established into a team Nagai; his former teacher had gone missing, rumors of his death circulated and despite not having a close relation to the old headmaster he still felt that a great asset had disappeared at such an important time. Right out of the academy Nero was sent on small missions with a few other genin and a Chuunin Sensei to retrieve some supplies. It felt as if the power of Cloud was starting to dwindle as the strength of the G-Men was growing. Continuing to establish a loose fighting style with his acrobatics he was given a gift by his Uncle.

"Inside this package is a Bo, the name of it is Rencho. He must be treated well and you must seek out Nemo Neko. You might have already heard of him with your stay in Kumogakure"
Indeed Nero had heard of the Bo master. Residing in a small outcrop town in Kumogakure he was well known for his skill with a Bo. For the next year he would be trained in the proficiency of Rencho. Becoming an extension of himself proved very difficult considering he was about a foot shorter then the weapon itself. Born naturally to work hard and using his gymnastic skills he was able to excel.Despite the overwhelming disadvantage Nero was able to get the groundwork down before the events of Hima.

Once word of Hima burning to the ground circulated throughout the Village Nero rushed home to make sure his uncle had survived the situation. Despite the mass of casualties and building destruction the family gymnastics building was still intact. Considered one of the few lucky to have barely any damage taken upon themselves. Nero and his uncle allowed some homeless to live within the studio and provided the gymnastics floor as a makeshift hotel. Angered that the Raikage could allow this was starting to boil Nero's innards. Returning to Kumogakure he was stunned to see that his former headmaster was branded a traitor after his unknown disappearance.

As the court case enveloped Kumogakure and was successful in distracting the populace of the actual war. Nero, like his fellow shinobi grew engrossed into the whole situation. He felt that something was up and there was more to the story then a simple traitor. Why would a traitor come back and fight for the Village he had left? On his off time Nero would catch up with everything that was happening and soon enough acquitted of his status as a traitor a new era began to wash over the Village. Just months later riots and Anti-War propaganda began to surface. Nero knew that war was necessary for the survival of the Village and he was never a part of such rallies. As a matter of fact he was patrolling a rally with a couple other fellow genin. Out roar and anger poured through the crowd and Nero and his group were forced to retreat. Death would have easily happened.

Luckily, Nero wasn't apart of the destruction of Old Doruma City which left Kumogakure to face blame. Nero remembered being out on a mission to get some recon on the G-Men when he was suddenly pushed back into the Village. Nagai began to call for a call of arms for any shinobi that was willing to fight on. Nero wanting to defeat the G-Men for all the trouble they have caused not only to him personally but the Village as a whole sided with Nagai and his ideals. Nero followed Nagai to the North where he found "The Holy Ground". Establishment in the rocky hills was the first priority for the rebel Cloud-Nin and being still a genin at this point he was given the brute work. Nero however, did not mind and enjoyed the thrill of being a part of something.

Soon enough rumor circulation of Stone participation in the ideas of Nagai become true knowledge and it seemed that something was brewing. Soon enough Nero was put into the loop that an assault on the G-men and Gaika was in the works and with full trust in his new found leader Nero was off. The fighting was tough and in more then one instance Nero was forced to use his celestial gates. Something he had hidden from most of his peers. His aura grew and for a genin he proved to be a great fighting force that would soon enough be considered a chuunin. Taking out at least three G-men on his own he assisted in many other deaths as well as the destruction of some of the wall. Finally, Nagai had been successful and took the role as the Lightning Lord as well as creating the LMG.

So much had happened in the last two years that it forced Nero to grow into an adult at such a young age. Only thirteen, Nero had seen death, despair, war, and paranoia. However, he relished in it and grew even stronger. It was about a year before anything war related would happen again for Nero. This didn't stop him from training and now getting in his mid teens at this point he grew more and more accustomed to his Bo, Rencho. It was as if it was another person, a pet for him to fight with. Nagai had inspired him to be better and as such he had grown to become very powerful. If he was a normal child he would have entered the chuunin exams at this point but there was no need for those titles in a moment of war.

Finally, war had once again reared its ugly head and Nero was sent to fight for Sakoshi City. Nero knew that this City was the most important one and whoever had it would win this war. Despite having to camp out in the mountainous terrain the LMG had been successful in the capture of Sakoshi. However, many lives were lost and only he remained from his graduating class that had followed Nagai; which was about sixty percent.

Jishaku Village was the next target but with an unlikely alliance Nero found himself fighting next to Sound Nomads. Not having much experience with the shinobi he was unaware of their power. He knew that he shouldn't like them and that they were the enemy. However, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". It was a motto Nero continued to state in his head as the two forces seized the Village. Death and darkened skies overlapped a charred and blood soaked earth. It seemed like it was a losing battle until Nagai grew morale with his incredible skill. As Nero and the other fellow rebels continued to rally through him Nero and his Bo, Rencho began to really shine. As if tapping into some unknown power the Bo and Nero were one. He flew in the sky and twisted with his weapon. His body contorting to seem like a monkey. And as his celestial Gates opened all the way to the third gate his body began to glow yellow and his hair gave off a more yellow tint. Because of his work and skill with his weapon Nero became known as the "Golden Gorilla" that day.

It is unknown what had happened on top of the villa but as a large lightning dragon pierced and roamed the sky everyone stopped their fighting. Above every other shinobi was Nagai with the blackened skull of the old Raikage. It was at that moment Nero and his fellow LMG cheered. It was finally over. Death and wounds surrounded him but he had lived through it all.

Four years had passed since that moment and Nero is now a part of the Recon sub-type of the Intelligence division. Since then he was awarded the rank of chuunin for his loyalty and skill in the battle of Jishaku Village. He has gone on numerous missions including the killing of left over G-Men and followers of the old Raikage. He had also uncovered a plot to the assassination of Nagai, which proved to be only in its early stages but still an amazing feat for a chuunin. His prowess with his Bo and signature color when opening the gates has kept his nickname strong. Always loyal to the LMG he finds it best to obtain more honor and chevrons to become something in the eyes of his leader.

Other Info:
After opening the third gate Nero takes on a yellow tint

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A note on your physical description: in general, cloud shinobi treat the academy system with far less seriousness after they have some distance from it. This makes your character's preoccupation with Aoi an exception to the rule. If that sounds appealing for you, go ahead and keep it.

You're stepping into a difficult role, potentially. If you can't sell your character as the soul of inspiration for those around them in writing, players will not indulge you and his reputation as a charismatic individual will fall flat, because while you can control how your character sees themselves you cannot control how other people see them. Play this character with that in mind, and with care.

If your birthplace was Hima it will remain Hima, even if it's been destroyed.

Please label your taijutsu bonuses to show where they come from.

You have 'life gate' taken twice.

I had to sort through your character and reverse-engineer their age from events in the bio to find out how old they are in order to find out where they stand in the timeline. The cloud dog tag should not erase those parts of your character sheet.

It's a little puzzling that Nero was a celebrated member of Aoi, since Aoi are typically far more respectful of mental acumen and sneer down at physical power. I'll allow it, because contradictions are interesting, but it's a contradiction that you should keep in mind.

Technically the dragon wasn't golden, it was literally made from lightning.

I can't figure out your serial number until you give me all the information that would normally be found in your character's header.
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Alright Kaen, I put my age and other stats in the heading, I fixed the tai bonuses as well as deleting my extra gate. I want to stick with both his personality and his physical description as such. I feel that my character wants to be all militarized and have a sense that he will always owe something to Nagai.

I also added a sentence to my bio about how Aoi revered mental instead of physical.
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Alright. You have Cloud GM Approval. Your serial number is 111010902746.
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Halfing this. Your stats check out, though you might want to fix the spacing on your nindo.
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Halfed. Another Ren/Nen/Sen/Ten for the pile.
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Gonna give this another half-approval so we can get you out of registry.

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Bumping for that last half approval
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