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Default Tenka Nen-Rain Jounin

Name:Tenka Nen

Character Type:Shinobi

Country/Village: Village Hidden in the Rain
Rank: Jounin

Physical Description:
Despite the circumstance of living underground in what Nen would call a rat infested cesspool of shit, he is considerably well kept. His body frame is considered to be on the smaller size compared to others of his rank and caliber. Only five foot eight can really give others a first impression of weakness. Despite this he is considerably strong and fast. Continuous training from his father since his time as a little boy and the village’s strict regimen along with his own drive has fueled him to be the very best that he can be. He is not without scars from the past either. Lining most of his back is whip shaped laceration from his father’s constant beatings. Despite all the training his body has not turned into a muscle mass and instead it has evened out to resemble more of a compacted muscleman. Wearing baggy clothes allows his body shape to hide and most don’t realize his strength.

There is nothing special to Nen when it comes to his other features besides his grey tinted blue eyes. They are complimented well with his pitch black hair. When his eyes reflect off the lights of the Sector they give him a more spectral look. The hair itself wraps around his head like a spikey furred animal that found refuge atop his skull.

Nen’s wardrobe is not very large and in fact it is normally very dirty from constant excursions to the surface. His once white pants are now caked with mud and other natural ingredients of less desirability. However, when washed and cleaned they still retain their angelic like color. Long tight fitted boots protect his feet from the condensation of the swamps as well as the bacteria that could be found swimming within the murky water. The boots are grey in color and reached all the way to the top of his shin.

He wears a white short sleeved t-shirt that could be considered a size to big but due to his greyish black strapped vest it fits snug around his body. Under the white long sleeve are another article of clothing; a black long sleeve shirt. Gloves are also worn to protect his hands for the same purpose as his boots serve. To top off his wardrobe Nen wears his hitate-ate on his head and it wraps snuggly over his full head of hair. This serves a dual purpose of showing his pride of being a rain shinobi but also keeps his hair out of his line of sight.

Nen is a respectful, courteous, hardworking young man that knows when he should fall in line and when he should lead. There weren’t many opportunities in the past to force him into the leadership role but in recent years he has found himself leading young and naïve chunnin into the wild. Despite being successful in bringing back his subordinates 90% of the time he still holds a heavy heart to the lives lost.

He is a passionate and caring type of man as well and cares for those that will follow under him. He gives other respect where it is appropriate and will scorn those that do not follow his honorable system. He doesn’t like wildcards in his group for obvious reasons and will make examples out of them if need be. He cares about the success of the village and his own life; nothing more, nothing less. He is the type of person to go head on into a fight and come out a victor no matter the cost. He understands what the shinobi life brings and he has accepted his role.

When fighting military or any other type of adversary he takes them very seriously and does not hesitate to take out the big guns. Even if it was a rogue genin he would go full force. There is no playing around with Nen and he will kill as soon as he has the chance. He knows that if he doesn’t finish off his opponent they will finish him.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":Bring the prize of life back home


Primary Archetype: Ninjutsu Specialist
Stat Merit: +2 to Power, +1 to Control
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Tactics

Secondary Archetype: Genjutsu Specialist
Stat Merit: +2 to Willpower, +1 to Intelligence
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Stamina

Ninjutsu Specialist
Genjutsu Specialist
Sokushi(Instant Death)


Physical Secondary[50]

Strength: 1-2-2+17=14
Speed: 1+17=18+20=38
Stamina: 1-1+16=16+16=32

Mental Tertiary[40]

Intelligence: 1+1+15=17
Tactics: 1-1+15+1=16
Willpower: 1+2=10+2=15

Chakra Primary[60]

Power: 1+2+20+8=31
Control: 1+1+20+5=27
Reserves: 1+20+2=23


Jutsu and Techniques:
Sokushi(Instant Death)
Stage 4: Chuunin[Jutsu 1-4]
Requirements: 18 Speed, 15 Stamina, 10 Strength, 14 Intelligence
Accumulated Stage Bonus: +20 Speed, +16 Stamina
Regular Techniques:
Sekken [Sweeping conquest]
Aibu [Caress]
Hissatsu [Certain Kill]

Amegakure Genjutsu
Stage 1
Dorohifu (Mud Skin) [Jutsu 5]
Requirements: Intelligence 2, Control 2

Stage 2
Ando Sonji (Oil Slick) [Jutsu 6]
Requirements: Power 6, Control 5, Tactics 5

Stage 3
Amayoke (Shelter from Rain) [Jutsu 7]
Requirement: Power 8, Control 6, Reserves 8

Stage 4
Suioshi no Jutsu (Waterweight Technique) [Jutsu 8]
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

Stage 5
Yurei (Specter) [Jutsu 9]
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15

Stage 6
Ryoshuu no Jutsu (Lonely Journey Technique) [Jutsu 10]
Requirement: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15

Kuro Suiton
Stage One
Abura Hori (Oil Moat)[Archetype Freebie]
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

Stage Two
Santoarukari Kawarimi (Acid Kawarimi)[Jutsu 11]
Requirements: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6

Stage Three
Makkuro Henpuku (Tar Bats) [AP]
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7

Stage Four
Makkuro Hoko (Tar Lances) [AP]
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

Stage Five
Nemiminimizu Abura Gouu (Boiling Oil Downpour)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15

Shirou Suiton
Stage One
Name: Mizu Souken (Water Creation) Jutsu 12]
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage Two
Name: Suiren (Water Lily) Jutsu 13]
Requirements: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5

Stage Three
Name: Doroheki no Jutsu (Mud Wall Technique) Jutsu 14]
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

Name: Doro Bunshin no Jutsu (Mud Clone Technique) Jutsu 15]
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7

Stage Four
Name: Doro Shunshin no Jutsu (Mud Instantaneous Body Skill) Jutsu 16]
Requirements: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10

Name: Shoutaku no Jutsu (Quagmire Technique) [Jutsu 17]
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12

Name: Furissagu no Jutsu (Driving Rain Technique) [AP]
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

Stage Five
Name: Shoutaku Bunshin no Jutsu (Quagmire Clone Technique) [Jutsu 18]
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15

Name: Hokosakino Asshuku (Pressure Spear) [GMAP 1]
Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 1

Name: Shirou Senrigan no Jutsu (White Clairvoyance Technique) [AP]
Requirements: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16

Stage Six
Name: Tachinoboru Happa (Rising Blast) [GMAP 2]
Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15

Suinamo no Arashi (Tempest Torment)
Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15

Vulture Contract
Stage One
Kuchiyose no Moriko

Shinobi Kit
Medium Blade-2-wakizashi+Recall-2=4
Debilitating Poison-3
Item Points Remaining:1


Early Life
The hazy light fixture beamed down onto the crying child of Rain; the water logged home seemed to creak with every drop ontop of its roof. However, for this night the sound would be drowned out by the crying of the small boy. The lamp on the side of the room was beginning to fade from the lack of oils and the men and woman that had once found refuge for the night in the home were now heading on their way; their jobs were complete. The fruit of their labor was the small child, no more than six pounds and thirteen inches. Another question littered the room; would it survive?

Throughout the years of crying there came a time when that small newborn began to crawl and instead of cries, word would line its tongue. The small newborn had grown into a healthy baby boy that gave his father a reason to smile. His sickening and devilish smile was met by an innocent stare from the boy.

”I hope you are ready to cry again boy.” Nen’s father stated as he left the boy to his toys. A four year old kid that didn't have a hope at a normal life began to stare down at his toy truck, unaware of the fight for life he would take on.

It was the eve of his fifth birthday and Nen would be treated to the harsh reality of life. Not in the form of death in the family or the genocide of his people. Instead he would be beaten by his piss drunk father. The purpose of this you ask? Because he was unable to properly throw a kunai. Instead of taking the boy to consume his favorite food the father had brought him to a training ground in Sector Five in the middle of the night to show him how to properly wield the shinobi tool. Nen’s father was one of the better Jounin of the village and had something to prove when it came to his offspring. Nen was the first and he would be the best of the brood. He wanted to make sure that Nen had an upper hand when he reached the age of eight to enter the academy. Three years later and many lacerations accrued it was now the time for Nen to enter the academy.

Despite it being a little over thirty years since the retreat of the Village to the underground. The Village had begun to prosper, establish, and grow. Nen was born twenty eight years after the conflict but hears stories from his father that were passed down from his late grandfather. The ways the stories are told it make him feel as if he was there as the Village had to retreat to their subterranean home.

Academy Years

Throughout the years in the academy Nen was given many opportunities to succeed and he took each one. The massive amount of training his father gave him had allowed him to prosper in the academy. He began to take on ninjutsu and genjutsu; the process of molding chakra had become second nature to the boy. However, the discipline of the blade was not something he enjoyed. Throughout his years as a genin he only dabbled in the arts of the sword and it wasn’t until the unique persuasion of his father that he would do so.

”You too much of a wimp to wield a blade? Afraid that it might cut your woman hands? Grow some balls and pick up that sword!” The yelling was only dulled out by the sounds of a belt whipping against the back of the boy. His tears struck the ground and for a few seconds it seemed like it was raining.

Suffice to say as he turned the age of twelve and set up to graduate he could only be counted as second best. This was not something he was happy about and his father was not pleased either. Instead of celebration there was screaming and hatred. Nen was now alone due to the mother’s absence. She had enough of the father’s hatred and cruelty and decided to upright leave without a thought towards Nen. Filled with many nights of restless training and many mornings and afternoons of constant missions Nen learned to grow quickly.


During the time of his geninhood the fight against the Rain Military was ongoing. Whether it be taking out a small post of soldiers to stealing food and medicine from a small caravan it was a guerilla mentality. Life was hard for the younger teenager as he spent countless hours in the murky swamps and when he returned to his home he spent sleepless nights fighting his father. However, Nen began to grow and become stronger; stronger than any of his peers.

Nen’s genin team and Sensei was an average cell of shinobi. They didn’t get much praise but they were still recognized as a strong group of individuals. Despite this, Nen was known around the Village for his mixture of genjutsu and ninjutsu. His skills in the blade have become at best mediocre because he has stopped training in his sword style ever since his father’s passing. Dying of an untreated infection his father’s last dying breathes never reached Nen because he was out on a mission. That was a year ago and now at the age of sixteen it was time for Nen to prove he could be considered an elite among the village.

It was a cold winter night; a Saturday to be exact and it was the night that defined a chuunin. The team was to ambush a squad of military men and women that were rumored to hold a large cache of weaponry that would be delivered to Nikawa and from there to Nagare. The road that led to the two towns would be the point of interception. Creating two clones of mud had become a common habit and as he placed them both out as helpless twins that seemed to seek shelter the rest of the team placed their trap.

It worked out wonderfully as the hesitant officers attempted to communicate with the pair. However, as they quickly learned they would only be used as a distraction and death for a few. Using the Water Lily technique Nen blew up the clones and with the force equal to a few small explosives half of the group of soldiers had been blown away and out of the fight.

Quickly dispatching the remaining members proved easy and now the large shrouded cache was upon the group. However, as they took the tarp away from the hidden treasure it was not what they had expected. A swift shimmer of steel pierced through the small drizzle of rain and for a second it was raining red. A Samurai of the military was hidden within the weapons. If it wasn’t for just the luck of being in the spot that he was he would be as dead as his two other genin teammates. Without a moment’s notice it was now a two vs one scenario.

There was no time for words and as the battle raged on it became evident that Nen was considerably out of the opponent’s league. However, he did not back down from his opponent. Taking up a quick flash of hand seals the area around the two fighting adults became that of a quagmire. Quickly the Samurai began to sink into the ground and it became very evident that the fight was over. Quickly dispatching the samurai during this state was an easy picking for Nen’s Sensei and as such the two left barely harmed; something the two other genin were not so lucky to claim.

Arriving in the village was both a relief and heartache. The two had completed their mission but at the cost of the two genin teammates. Within the next couple days and from the word of his Sensei, Nen was promoted to Chunnin status. Amazed and ecstatic were two emotions that ran rampant in the mind of the young teenage but also the feeling of death; the one thing that all shinobi would face. It just became a little more real.

Chunnin years

The year after his promotion became a very momentous and revolutionizing era. The new Amekagure Ishimaru had been put in charge and he had many plans for the country. With him at the helm the next two years would be filled with growth and expansion. The underground haven had now turned into a metropolis and Sectors began to take rise. Five distinct Sectors connected by a labyrinth of sewers had been a sweet reminder as to why the rebellion against the Rain Military was worthwhile.

The days seemed to meld together as Nen was placed on more dangerous missions throughout the years; whether it was attacking a large company of military personnel or take on a few officers, Nen always returned home. He always returned with a few scratches and rarely anything serious happened to the teenager. His genjutsu had always hidden him from the opponenets unrefined senses and his power over the mud had begun to grow in size and power; something a normal man could not fight against.

Many military officers fell to the genjutsu and ninjutsu of Nen so much so that he became one of the more popular Chunnin of the village. During that time Ayame; the daughter of the late Amekagure Ishimaru had taken up the helm as the leader of the village. Both Nen and Ayame were close to the same age and there was a sense of jealousy towards the woman but it did not deter Nen to become the best he could. The next couple years would be filled with blood soaked fights and close calls that Nen became more of a leader towards his peers and it became more and more obvious that the next person to rise from the murky waters as a Jounin would be Nen.

Jounin Promotion

Despite the group of five well-trained Chuunin and a single Jounin leader only Nen would return to reap the rewards of the deadly mission. It was a simple kind of mission; the type that you just take as a given but at the moment of impact it would truly be a lot worse.

The wet marshes of the land felt like nothing against Nen as he nearly spent most of his shinobi life hiding in the bug infested mud. The mission was a simple guerrilla ambush and it would have been successful if not for the three rogue shinobi that were hired by the military. One blew fire as large as buildings; another froze the land in a blizzard, and the final one shifted the ground that they stood on. The combined efforts of the whole team had left the opposition with two remaining nuke-nin against only the leading Jounin and Nen. The rest of the team laid on the ground either burnt or frozen to death.

Nen and his fellow rain shinobi were beginning to feel the heat as both of their clothing were either charred or ripped off. The air was getting cold and the ground was very unstable; the sound of the metal clacking reverberated through the swamps and the area was void of life besides the four remaining shinobi.

The combined attacks of the nuke-nin had torn the landscape to an unrecognizable piece of earth. A part of the battlefield was frozen, another was lifted about three stories in the air, and half of the forest had been burned down. However, the quick skills and reflex of both Nen and the Jounin leader had given them the upper advantage of the cocky opponents. They were both quite strong in ninjutsu but they didn’t seem too accustomed to the power of genjtusu; a sometimes looked down upon art.

With the act of genjutsu Nen was able to set the two miles apart without them even moving. The area became dark to them, sound deafened, and smell was taken off completely. The genjutsu placed on the two nuke nin was known around the Rain village as the most efficient and deadly. “The Lone Journey” would always end with a death. Taking advantage of the situation Nen created a large sinking pit of mud to hold down the two opposing shinobi. The final attack came from Nen’s partner as two pressurized water spears pierced the nuke-nin. Nen would survive another surprise attack from the military and this time he would be crowned the gift of life.

However, as the two returned to the underground village his partner now rested upon Nen’s shoulder was becoming more and more restless. He had sustained a deep gash from one of the nuke-nins and was getting in a worse state. Returning back to the village the Jounin was rushed to the hospital; however, after numerous attempts to live it was met with death. It was however, enough time to recount and debrief the new Amekage Ayame what had happened. Impressed by his determination, skill, and proficiency in his art form Nen was promoted to Jounin.

Day in and day out it has become a custom to wake in the swampy motes of the Rain Country; waking up to the drops of rain and peering into the dense foliage of the swampy greens. The last couple years have been showing a raise in the amount of raids and guerilla warfare. It has given Nen a certain type of geographical knowledge that has helped him survive. He just hopes that the next battle will always give him the prize of life.

Other Info:

Thread Ratings:
3/28/15 - 5AP from Engiverssary: Driving Rain Technique, Mud Instantaneous Body Skill, White Clairvoyance Technique, Tar Bats, Tar Lance
07/11/15 - A Walk in the Sewers: +2 Willpower, +1 Tactics
07/11/15 - Extra Traditional Squabbles: +1 Control, +1 Reserves, Suinamo no Arashi
08/18/15 - Torn, Adament Vandals: +3 Power
08/18/15 - Party at the Ritz: +2 Power
05/24/17 - Draining the Swamp: +2 Control, Nemiminimizu Abura Gouu (Boiling Oil Downpour)
07/16/17 - Vendor Tendor: +3 Power, + 1 reserves[MotM]
05/02/18 - A Prince's Demise: Kuchiyose no Moriko, +2 Control

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Before I can even read this... please don't center everything. At most the heading part and the information can be centered, but everything else looks really bad and distracting.
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Okay, so... what Kana said about the paragraph formatting does need to be done. Luckily for you, I've pushed through waaaaay crazier sheets.

Stats check out.

I'm a bit insane when it comes to taijutsu layouts. Would you mind either listing the tai stage by stage, or steal a page from my book (that I stole from someone else) and just stick the accumulated bonuses of all the stages under the highest stage? It makes it a little easier than bringing up the list and adding them up and hopping back over here to make sure they're right. Besides that, the jutsu checks out.

As for the biography, Rain actually did hold its own Chuunin exams in Sector Five until recently, but yeah, promotion through actions still so it doesn't change much. The bio does read a bit weird since it makes it seem like he was promoted to Chuunin twice. Maybe you could find a way to make it a little clearer? Anyways, Jounin promotion felt a little lacking to me. Mostly because, like with the Chuunin promotion, it seemed like one big incident earned it this time too. But we'll leave that for Kana to decide on.

Until then, consider this a tentative Half
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Isn't that Sasuke?

Willpower: 1+2[GS]=10[pool=13
Strength: 1-2[NS]-2[GS]=17[pool]=14
Looks like your stats are being eaten by some linux or something. Might want to correct these so the math doesn't look horribly wrong. Your totals are correct, but I had to double check everything because the math seemed so wrong at first due to the awkward equal sign placement.

I don't understand your items. What has the 'recall' modifier? I assume the sword? What kind of sword is it, exactly? Just calling it a 'medium blade' describes the class of weapon, but not the actual weapon itself.

Also, another Rain jounin who was beaten as a child, in the same day even! They must grow like mold down there.

Despite being the same age as the soon to be Amekage
I don't think Ayame was 'soon to be' Amekage while still in training. It'd be close to a decade before she became one, after all. I'd remove the reference to 'soon to be' and replace it with 'future' or something similar.

Sinn is right, it seems like your character is promoted twice. Move this sentence:
It was not until the ripe age of sixteen that Nen would raise in rank to the prominent Chuunin.
Further down in the bio. Or use it to lead into the next section better by adding some transition phrase like:
It would not be until the ripe age of sixteen that Nen would raise in rank to the prominent Chuunin. It was a cold winter's night...etc etc
I don't see anything tremendously objectionable about the biography other than a few minor details. Be prepared to tone down the Ayame rivalry, though, since relationships to plot-important NPCs are often looked at much more closely.
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Kana:Fixed the centering problem; will take note not to do such in any of my other sheets, didn't realize how annoying it as :P

Junge:Fixed the Programming code that was my stats and have added a legend and color and took out Ayame rivalry

Sinnn:Fixed the taijutsu thing, and fixed some of the inconsistencies of the bio

Good to go now I hope!
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Looks prettier now.

Half Approved.
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Half'd (even though I swear that's a Sasuke pic, but apparently it's some fanon thing <3)
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This looks pretty good. Rain GM Approved
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half approval
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And a final half, let's get this out of registry!

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