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Default Seyo Sengo-The Bloody Bone of Sound


Name: Seyo Sengo
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Otogakure
Rank: Senshi
Division:Naga-Path of Creation

Physical Description:
Stripped naked Sengo is a pale sack of bones. He is skinny but he is not without muscle. He is more toned and defined then he is bulky but it is enough muscle to hold up his weapon when he needs to. He enjoys the strengthening of the mind and because of that Sengo has grown to lack physical training. He stands at an average height of five eleven with an awkward hunched over posture because of hours in a chair reading tomes and scrolls. His bones protrude out wrapping closely around his skin as if they are about to break out themselves. Shallow white scars line his forearms from the numerous amounts of love encounters with the woman in white/black. The sides of his mouth have burns, scars, and boils from the occasional use of the blood poisoning technique. He has a skinny pointy nose under his pitch black eyes. Large bags under his eyes weigh them down from the countless nights of missed sleep. His long black hair drapes down past his chest. A lack of self grooming and introduction of the Honekaigi and Naga have given him a decrepit look.

Living underground has put a big damper on the clothing selection of Sengo. Furthermore, the pursuit of knowledge does not waver towards the fashionably astute. This typical set of clothing consist of two phases....sleeping and studying/work. His sleeping attire is a black t shirt, a little baggy for air to ventilate throughout his body and a pair of long pajama pants painted in black as well. It is not uncommon to see Sengo in this outfit even when he is studying in the library. When he isnt wearing his pajamas Sengo will be seen donning a black doctors coat that is modified specifically for him. Instead of an open face coat that would traditionally be worn the coat has a longer piece of clothe that come from the right side of his body and wraps tightly towards his left. Button are placed in a vertical pattern more closely to his shoulder down to his side to latch on and make sure the coat is tightly wrapped around the skinny body of Sengo. However, the most interesting piece of clothing he owns would be the black mask that hides his mouth. The purpose of this mask are only known by a few selective individuals but none know of the origins his blisters and scars came from that find their home on the sides of his lips and his lips themselves.

He doesnt talk much and he doesnt care to talk much. Sengo searches for information and likes to continue to increase his mental capacity of the surrounding area and its jutsu. He can come off as pushy when it involves finding information and he can be fairly reckless as well with leads. It is not uncommon for him to go to the shady parts of town just to pick up the possibility of a lead or to delve into the catacombs or ancient dangerous ruins just to find a scroll.

He likes to talk to himself and figure out long equations and decipher cryptic texts in his head while speaking out loud without even realizing it. He could be considered awkward and weird but to him it does not matter because it would be considered the norm for the Honekaigi. He gets off put by his appearance so often that he has grown to be a loner and to only find friends in words. Because of this Sengo has lost most sense for social cues and his conversations starters usually tend to consist of fossils, dead things, or a random story he once read about that no one other than his colleagues would care to think about.

However, every once in a while the old Sengo will come out and he will be able to cooperate in a team, talk about other things besides his study and be able to hold a conversation with mild awkwardness. This is only obtainable after being with him for a prolonged period of time and Sengo has accepted you as an intellectual equal. He can be pompous when it comes to this and feels he should only be teamed with people of his mental caliper. He laughs at buffed out warriors that hide behind their body because deep down to them they are all just bones.
Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":Knowledge is what I seek...No matter the cost


Combo Archetype: Rapidfire
Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Quicksilver
Combo Special: The player can use two low level (Stage 3 and below) offensive Ninjutsu techniques in one post twice per thread.



Physical Secondary(50)

Strength: 1-1(QS)-2(N)+12(pool)+3(thread)=13
Speed: 1+2(QS)+20(pool)=23+20(Sokushi)
Stamina: 1+1(QS)+18(pool)=20+16(Sokushi)


Intelligence: 1+2(AP)+13(pool)=16
Tactics: 1-1(N)+14(pool)+5(AP)+1(thread)=20
Willpower: 1+13(pool)+2(thread)+6(AP)=22

Chakra Primary(60)

Power: 1-1(QS)+2(N)+20(pool)+4(thread)=26
Control: 1-1(QS)+1(N)+4(AP)+20(pool)+7(thread)=32
Reserves: 1-1(QS)+1(N)+4(AP)+20(pool)+7(thread)=30

Jutsu and Techniques:
Sokushi (Instant Death)
Stage 4: Chuunin-Jutsu (1-4)
Requirements: 18 Speed, 15 Stamina, 10 Strength, 14 Intelligence
Stage Bonus: +5 Speed, +4 Stamina
Regular Techniques
Sekken [Sweeping conquest]
Aibu [Caress]
Hissatsu [Certain Kill]
Aibu [Caress]

Chakra Chuudoku Sakuseigijutsu : Gekiyaku no Chakra
Level One:
Infliction(Jutsu 5)
Requirements: 12 Control, 11 Reserves, 10 Power, 12 Willpower

Sweet Blood(Jutsu 6)
Requirements: Infliction; 14 Control, 13 Reserves, 11 Power, 10 Tactics

Temporary Immunity(Jutsu 7)
Requirements: Infliction; 15 Control, 15 Reserves, 13 Power, 14 Willpower

Level Two:
Infliction II(Jutsu 8)
Requirements: 17 Control, 16 Reserves, 16 Power, 15 Willpower

Blood Contagion
Requirements: Infliction II; 18 Control, 17 Reserves, 17 Power, 14 Tactics

Temporary Immunity II
Requirements: Infliction II; 19 Control, 19 Reserves, 18 Power, 16 Willpower

Level Three:
Infliction III
Requirements: 21 Control, 20 Reserves, 19 Power, 17 Willpower, 15 Tactics

Memory Flay
Requirements: Infliction III; 23 Control, 23 Reserves, 22 Power, 16 Tactics, 15 Intelligence

Soul Burn
Requirements: Infliction III; Control 26, Reserves 25, Power 24, Willpower 19, Tactics 17

Level Four:
Jutsu Required – All previous jutsu

The Body
Requirements: 30 Control, 27 Reserves, 26 Power, 22 Willpower, 20 Tactics

Smoke Ninjutsu
Stage One
Name: Kemuri Bunshin (Smoke Clones)(Jutsu 9)
Requirements: Power 2, Intelligence 2

Name: Kemuri Yoatsu (Smoke Pressurization)(Jutsu10)
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4

Stage Two
Name: Kemuri Kawarimi no Jutsu (Smoke Body Replacement Technique)(Jutsu 11)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Tactics 4

Stage Three
Name: Jasutogan no Jutsu (Perfect Eye Technique)(Jutsu 12)
Requirements: Tactics 8, Intelligence 6, Willpower 8

Stage Four
Name: Kurai Kekkai no Jutsu (Dark Barrier Technique)*(Jutsu 13)
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Intelligence 10

Stage Five
Name: Ansatsu Enmu (Assassination Fog)(Jutsu 14)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Tactics 15

Name: Kuro Hai (Black Lung)
Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Tactics 17, Intelligence 14

Stage Six
Name: Sagiri Yari no Jutsu (Fog Spears Technique)(AP)
Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Intelligence 16, and Willpower 15

Zouge no Kioku - Memory of Ivory
Stage One
Koukogaku - Archeology (Jutsu 15)
Power 2, Intelligence 2

Stage Two
Zugai Wana - Skull Trap(Jutsu 16)
Power 6, Reserves 6, Willpower 4

Stage Three
Adauchi-ha - Vengeance Tooth(Jutsu 17)
Power 9, Reserves 9, Willpower 7

Stage Four
Kyousha-ha – Spear Tooth(Jutsu 18)
Power 14, Reserves 13, Control11, Intelligence 10

Bunpou Zouge – Swarming Ivory(AP3)
Willpower 14, Intelligence 13, Tactics 11, Reserves 10

Shirou Gonan – White Misfortune(TP)
Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Power 12

Stage Five
Guttari Yubi – Senseless Fingers
Power 17, Reserves 16, Control 16, Willpower 15

Shirou Kyouhen – White Disaster
Willpower 17, Intelligence 16, Tactics 16, Power 15

Stage Six
Kutai Kikou – Body Armor
Power 21, Reserves 20, Control 19, Willpower 17, Intelligence 15

Kouten-ha – Heaven Tooth
Power 23, Reserves 23, Control 22, Intelligence 16, Tactics 15

Kuchiyose: Spider Den
Stage One
Control 3, Willpower 2

Stage 2 - Togo
Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4

Stage 3 - Shibi
Control 9, Power 9, Intelligence 7

Stage 4 - Richi
Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

Stage 5 - Tengu
Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14

Stage 6 - Suro
Control 23, Power 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15

Keisei Gang Captain List
Stage One: Tactics 2, Stamina 2, Currency 10

Sound Genjutsu
Stage One
Shimaru Shikaku (Closed Sight)
Intelligence 3, Power 3

Stage 2
Kugurinukeru Meikyou (Through the Looking Glass)
Requirements: Reserves 5, Control 4, Power 4

Stage 3
Mokugeki (Pantomime)
Requirements:Reserves 8, Control 8, Power 6

Stage 4
Nouzui Momiryouji (Brain Massage)
Requirements: Reserves 14, Control 13, Power 11, Tactics 10

Stage 5
Kurayami no Oii (Shroud of Darkness)
Requirements: Reserves 18, Control 17, Power 17, Tactics 14

Stage 6
Shibirekan (Numbness)
Requirements: Reserves 23, Control 23, Power 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15

Shinobi Kit
Medium Blade-2-wakizashi

Weapon Description: The wakizashi has a smoke like body. Being attuned to the smoke ninjutsu Sengo was able to translate it towards his sword which obscures the full body of the blade into a smokey almost fluid weapon.

Item Points Remaining:0


I was young when it happened.....The sound of the crumbling buildings, the grinding of bones, the ear piercing screams, the popping of lungs, and the look in the eyes of a man about to die would destroy a normal mans sane mind, however, with the ignorance of my age I don't remember much. I remember the screaming and the fire but I don't remember anything else. It was fast and it was quick as the fires began to consume the village and it was the next day with the black smoke still in the air I became a nomad at the age of 6.

The life of a nomad is quick, unexpecting, scary, short, and dangerous. It was the strength of the group that kept us all alive and our will to live allowed us to flourish. I soon took up responsibilities that would otherwise be assigned to children older than myself. It started out small with the collection of berries, herbs, small animals, and the overall clean up of the camp. This type of work was boring and I hated every second of it but I had to make my family proud and I had to make them happy. However, I loved the stories my grandfather would tell. He was one of the oldest but was strong willed and it helped him retain his youth. His stories consisted of great heroes, maleficent enemies, and exotic creatures and lands. He spoke of whispers that he heard about when he was younger about mad scientists and dangerous experiments that blurred the line between creation and destruction. These were the times I loved the most.

Kitaeru was the next chapter in my life and it was when I was reborn and the inner demon in me became alive. I was always the quiet, weak, and vulnerable type of kid and I hated the strenuous tasks like training and performing missions that would otherwise kill a child at my age. I quickly learned that it was kill or be killed in the delusional lifestyle of a nomad that had no home. My father was given the duty to train me and I didn't want to let him down. Even though I was fairly weak I was smart. I learned ninjutsu very quickly and I continued to hone my skills and hide my skills in the smoke. I figured if I was weak with a blade I can always hinder the skills of my opponent to make them as weak as myself. It was a nasty trick but it was smart and it kept me alive. My first real physical test was the death of a wild boar.

The musk from the boar still lingers in my mind and ever so often I will be reminded of its eyes, the bloodshot eyes that didn't have a killer intent but fear that was instilled in my mind as I dug my sword into the boars throat however, something scared me....it was my reaction. I was calm, almost cold to the touch as I kept a blank face and no sense of regret enveloped my mind. For my father it was a proud moment that he would gloat to his friends over sake but for me it was something I feared...The only question that I could think of as a stared into the night sky was why did I not care about its life?

Life moved on and boars were killed but as a I grew older my skills in ninjutsu and the sword grew and grew but the knowledge of the history of the old Otogakure was growing in my mind. My grandfather would tell me a story every night before I slept until I was the age of seventeen. I remember the last story he told and it still gives me chills. He told me about the time he killed a man and how he felt.

It was a beautiful night and the moon and stars lit the forest up in magnificent luster. I remember the sound of the wind as it whistled through the leaves on the tree branches yet it felt unsettling. I was on a routine scouting mission around the village and I didn't expect anything from it but a simple jog and lack of a night's sleep. However, as a shuriken whizzed through my head I knew that I would be in for a rude interruption. The shinobi in front of me was lacking an insignia of a village so I was unaware of what I was facing. However, as the fight continued and his fists crushed my bones I felt death near me. However, I would be lucky and I would do something that I live with every night of my life. His eyes were that of a killer but as I stared at him as my blade plunged in his abdomen what I saw was not death but fear. I saw something through him that scares me every morning I wake. It was my expression in his cold black eyes and it ws me staring back at myself only, I was blank....it's like I didnt care.
It was at that moment that the butterflies in my stomach fluttered rapidly and in that moment I knew I was not alone. That was until I saw it...The dead cold corpse of my grandfather. He had died of old age according to everyone but to me I knew he had died with a guilt free soul. It was all his stories of growing up, of living his life, the surrounding area, the sounds, and the people that kept him alive. Once he had no more stories to tell he was willing to let go and for a small second I felt relieved that I shared that last moment with him. However, the life of the nomad is quick and sporadic and the days continued and the death would only follow me.

It would be the death of another animal that would prove to be my promotion to Hiyoutori. It was a warm summer night as I continued to scavenge for food to replenish the camps supplies and as I continued on my journey I noticed something. It was two pairs of footsteps that continued for some time until there was only one pair of footsteps and what seemed to a drag mark. It was obvious there was a scuffle and the victim was dragging the loser. I continued to follow the trail until it came into an opening that housed a large burly man and a young petite woman. The look of the man was that of a savage, an animal, a despicable abomination. The woman was unconscious and it was clear what was going to happen. As I stepped out of the bushes I confronted the man. Only to be welcomed by a bull rush of fists and kicks. Quickly dodging most of them I jumped to the branches to catch my breath. I tried to put reason to the situation but it was hopeless and the man was not for reason.

The fight was fast and the contents of the fight are all but a blur to me now but my blade found the lower intestines of the man and quickly blood poured on me from his mouth and in that moment I smiled a little bit. Quickly realizing this I slid the sword out of his upper abdomen and he collapsed with a loud thud that rocked the ground. I lost myself for a second but I quickly snapped back to reality and confronted the woman. She was in a stupor and it was obvious she was in no condition to walk. As I walked back to the village the woman simply asked why I had made it stopped. Confused I just walked and the next morning I visited her. She asked again why I made it stop and I asked her what she was talking about. She stated she would show me when she got out. My story of heroism had spread and I was promoted in no time. At this point I was living alone and my accomplishments were buried by the daily tasks of survival. However, it was not unnoticed by the girl in white.

A few nights later the woman came into my tent and without a word a kiss was shared. Her lips tasted weird, almost metallic but they were still very sweet. As I dozed off a smiling siren stared back at me and simply stated "Enjoy" At that moment I began to doze off and it was as if I had drank fifteen cups of sake and then I awake. I dreamt of colors I had never seen, images and creatures I couldnt imagine but the woman in white was gone. I quickly stood up and with a pounding headache rushed into the center of the town. A quick look around gave me a treasured sight of the woman ducking into the woods, her smile creeping out of vision behind a tree. I gave pursuit and we found each other in a clearing. She asked how I liked her blood and in a confusion I felt disgusted and demanded an explanation. She continued to tell me I had killed her lover and that they were roleplaying. A quick thought of disgust plagued my mind but I returned to reality as the woman asked me if I wanted to learn. The initial and logical thought would be no but I was curious.

Quickly her veins turned black and she cut a slit on her forearm. You have to kiss it first she stated with a smile. I knew not to but I couldn't resist the red ooze and with a kiss I was back in that stupor. I woke up a few hours later feeling a little worse than before. As I stared at the woman from her lap where I rested I felt a strange love envelop my soul and I knew where I belonged. I continued to meet the woman and she taught me the secret to the sweet blood I loved. Of course it was something new to learn and I felt that it would widen my horizons and strengthen my brain power. I never diminished on my duties and I grew in popularity and my secret blood addiction was left unnoticed. The only evidence were scars from the blood that was left on the sides of my mouth. However, the woman in white demanded more and more of my intoxicating blood and I gave it to her every night. I grew weary of the addiction and tried to rid myself of it but she pulled me back every so often. It continued like that until one night she was gone. Without a trace I awoke from one of my binges and she was gone. The taste of her blood still tingled on my lips and I spent the whole day searching to no avail and the next couple days I grew into a depression and with it I searched more for her but in stories. People knew the woman I was talking about and the older ones knew what she was. I got stares but I got answered to the type of jutsu she was using and I attempted to find more information on it and find this woman in white.

However, it would take several years before I saw her again but disgusted by my scars I took up a mask that would hide my lips. I continued my duties and nearly three years ago to this day I became a Senshi. I was part of the group hunting down a shinobi that had left our group. The details were a bit undetermined and the only valid lead we had was a lady dressed in black. It was not a very good description but it was something and it was all we needed. Accounts of a woman or the grim reaper had been reported towards the east and that's where our group went. A scout group of two went ahead of me and my three man cell. We continued on our path after a few hours of not hearing from the scouts. A few miles ahead of our base camp we found the men but they were dead. It seemed like some sort of poisoning but we could not be sure but there was a lot of blood. As we continued through the forest the eeriness of silence enveloped my group and then we were in a clearing. There stood a woman; tall and dressed in black. Her hair glistened in the moons gaze and as she turned her smile made my heart sink.

It was the woman from years ago and here she was, however, her face was disfigured and her body looked torn and toxic. Was this my fate I thought to myself as I realized it was her own blood killing her. She screeched and a smog enveloped the area catching one of my teammates. The man fell quickly to the ground and laid on the ground lifeless. In the confusion the woman got the upper hand on us and plunged a dagger into my other teammate. Confused and scared I clutched to the ground as I landed in a clearing near a cliff that consisted of a twenty foot plummet into an icy river. The woman opened her arms with a smile, her veins blacker then the shadows that she gave off in the reflection of the moon and as she gave me a sickly smile she cut a slit in her forearm. She beckoned me towards her and I was in a trance towards her being. However, at that last second I caught myself and found my blade in her side. I looked up at her and she was still smiling. She continued to stare and simply stated "You're going to miss the taste" as she fell off the cliff.

I returned home to cheers but I was the only survivor and as I reported to the elders I was promoted for my valiant efforts and obvious skills. This was a short lived celebration as a couple days later an uproar had occurred. Death and confusion filled the camp in the dead of night and the only thing that remained was the body of the dead villagers. There was no bodies of the intruders to be found and the chaos created gripped the nomads in fear. I was confused about the whole situation but I followed our leader, Seijuu Raimei into the catacombs. The dark abyss of the unknown stared back at us and we were met with ill intentions as we traversed the dangers of the caves and darkness. However, when everything was said and done an agreement had revived Otogakure and the new Sound village was created nearly a year ago.

Soon after the reestablishment I started to delve deep into the history of my origin and it led me to the horrific area known as the Necropolis which was the home of the Naga. Whispered echoed throughout the streets and the sounds of screams rang through like chimes and the fear that surrounded the place was almost suffocating but I had to find it. I had to find out what I was made of. As I asked about the strange jutsu I came into little bits of information and learned more and more about the history of the Naga and a mysterious group only known as the Honekaigi. They were mysterious and small hints led me to think of them as the resource I would need. I found their compound thanks to a lead and a few whispers of the sketchy bars. I entered the encampment and was greeted by a skinny pale man. He spoke simply "What do you need?" I looked at him for a second and I stated "I seek knowledge." With a quick nod I was led to a lower level underground where the only light was that of candles lining the walls. Within a few minutes I was greeted with a plethora of books and I began to delve into the books. It seemed like hours before I was tapped on the should by a different man that I was greeted with.

He smiled at me and took me on a tour of the facility and I was amazed at this huge building that was underground. As I delved deeper into the housing it became chilly and I began to see my breathe. We stopped in what seemed like a morgue and museum for medical artifacts. It was like a blast from the past and it intrigued me even more. As my tour ended I asked the mysterious man the reason for the hospitality and then I was greeted with an invitation. The mysterious man had taken a liking to my curiosity and saw a younger him in me and soon enough I was part of the Honekaigi and my pursuit of knowledge of ninjutsu had expanded more in a couple month then it had in the twenty years I was a nomad. I spent hours upon hours in a book or scroll learning more and more of the dark history of Otogakure before its destruction. I was met with a cup of coffee every few hours when I would stay up late at night. This was a relative term since I never really went outside.

Then I came upon the secret of this patchwork group of minds and what they were hiding within the walls of this facility. It amazed me that they had figured out a way to "raise the dead" in a meaning of words. Taking what had been lost to time and giving them a new story to fill the lines of a book was absolutely astonishing. I felt so honored to have learned this and at that moment I knew I was home. I spent a couple months reading and practicing such jutsu and it grew quickly on me. I was a sucker for new information and I drank it all up. I felt so powerful with knowledge that I seemed to lack physical training. My body became thinner, my cheeks hollowed out, and I was pasty from the lack of sunlight. I would be considered one of the "freaks" at this point since the nomads arrival but I didn't care because I had knowledge and so much.

However, I was still distraught as I continued to search for that woman's face in between the lines of a book. Her menacing smile, her carefree expression still haunted me and I felt alone. I was doing all this for her and I can't figure out where she received such training. Her voice echoed in my mind and the sting of the scars on my lips would haunt my flesh. About two months ago while I searched the Necropolis I heard of a man....A doctor that had been the leader of the Naga. He was enigmatic and despite my intense searching and bargaining for information I learned nothing of him except false rumors. However, one lead would bring me to a man. A man that had twisted flesh and masses of scars and wounds, the "scientist" seemed mad when I first met him but quickly his mind gave me a sweet release.

The older man stated to have known the Doctor and one of the other five that consisted of the leaders of the Naga. He stated he was the kind of man that believed in creation. The type of science that discovered unique, beautiful, and deadly jutsu that can only be found in the corners of the world. My prying had given a lot of attention and I felt this was a fixed meeting of minds. The old man spoke about jutsu that could rise the dead and make them fight for you, a jutsu that could blot out the sky in blood, genjutsu that could imprison you in a hell forever. His smile grew longer and stretched out even thinner as he spoke of these techniques. He asked me if I knew anything that would amaze him and with a simply smirk I slammed my hands down on the ground and from that rose small bats and birds in skeleton form. Their bodies misshapen and awkward they would still be considered beautiful. A maniacal laugh and round of applause followed as the old man grew to my liking.

I also showed him my chakra poisoning techniques by capturing a small rat I cut my hand and fed it my blood. The fur of the rat burned off and his skin started to burn as he dozed off into a stupor or possibly death. The man so astonished rushed and grabbed my hand. "You have something so unique and powerful. I have seen this before." Stunned I asked him about information and so it began.

He began to tell me of stories and the experiments he conducted when he was younger and the old Otogakure was still around. He wanted to learn everything about fusions of different jutsu and if it was even possible. He was very much aware of the type of jutsu I was using and that I had become a Honekaigi. I was an ideal specimen for his old experiments but that was a time passed and the man grew more idealistic and extended a way of thinking to me. He asked me to join him in the research of developing stronger creations that would rival the best. I was still a guinea pig for his experiments but I was willing to test them on others.

Other Info:
Working together with the Old man Naga to create infusion techniques with his blood and bones
3 AP used
2AP stats 1AP jutsu
+ AP Limit Breaker (03/21/2019)

Thread Ratings:
[05/10/14] Naga Remnants and Lightning Sparks +1 Control, +1 Power, Blood Contagion, GMAP on Guttari Yubi
[03/18/15] Boney Discovery +1 Control
[08/13/15] AP Edits: +2 Int, +1 Control, Fog Spears
[08/07/15]Hungry Souls +1 Willpower, +2 Reserves
[10/25/15] 2015 Donation Drive: Donation Special: +1 Willpower, Temporary Immunity II.
[03/21/16] Four AP spent: Body Armor, Heaven Tooth, White Disaster, +1 Tactics
[03/24/17] [Sound] Dead Man Walking +2 Control, Infliction III
[04/09/17] [Sound] Silence, At Last +3 Strength
[07/23/17] Orbnique Orbitunity - 1 Power, Shirou Gonan – White Misfortune; Kuro Hai (Black Lung)[MotM]
[05/01/18] The Killing Ground - 2 Power, Spider Den - Relo
[05/16/18] Too Snoopy for Me - +3 Control, +10 Currency spent on Stage One of the Keisei Gang Captain List
[03/17/2019] [Claw Climax] Carnage, Rocking to the Bones - +2 Reserves, +1 Tactics. GMAP: Shimaru Shikaku
[03/21/2019] AP Breaker + 25 AP Spent +3 Tactics, +5 Willpower, +3 Control, +2 Reserves
+Memory Flay, +Soul Burn, +The Body, +Summon: Togo, +Summon Shibi, +Summon Richi, +Summon Tengu, +Summon Suro, +Through the Looking Glass, + Pantomine, +Brain Massage, +Shroud of Darkness, +Numbness

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Can someone change the title of this to Seyo Sengo-The Bloody Bone of Sound? Also can it be moved into registration please.
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Mechanically, everything looks good, though I would suggest grouping the modifiers on the sword a little more obviously (and it's usually good form to explain how a weapon is Hidden).

From a Honekaigi standpoint, the biography checks out, too. Approved.
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I'm jealous of people with bone techniques.

.5 Approval, although I'd really like to see some info on what type of medium blade, etc.
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See you went with obscured instead of hidden, which is cool. Like Jami/VD mentioned though you should still describe the sword a bit, all I'm looking for specifically is what sort of "obscured" (is it milky/pale/see-through/etc?) it is and what type of blade it is. (Saber, Wakizashi, Ninja-To, shortsword, jitte... etc)

Fix that and you have my half.


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Just need Sound GM approval it looks like BUMP
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Weekly bump for that sound GM worthiness
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Thanks for your patience. It's been a crazy month for me, but I'm here now and I have to say I really like this take on a Honekaigi/Chakra Poisoner type. It's creepy and just what Sound likes in their ranks. Good job.

Sound GM Half Approved & Moved.

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