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Default Maeda Technique List: Parasite Manipulation

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Background: The karamushi are a parasitic organism with limited mobility outside of their hosts. It is up to the Maeda, the hosts of karamushi, to facilitate their spread and growth. The karamushi parasite can gain temporary abilities with the assistance of shinobi, but are otherwise weak and helpless when exposed. Typical karamushi infections last up to three months and without any shinobi assistance, they can cause severe malnutrition and stomach aches. This is the worst the worms will do if a person becomes infected without shinobi interference.

Karamushi, without the use of any techniques, are only excreted via natural processes. The larva resemble translucent, coiled hairs usually only several millimeters in length. The mature forms or the larva are quite nimble and will traverse across solid surfaces seeking the warmth of the mouth, eyes, nose, ears, or open wounds. The eggs are indistinguishable from white dust particles. Karamushi die when exposed to the outside air for longer than a post. The eggs last longer, remaining viable for up to three. All karamushi can be removed from the skin simply by brushing them off or with water, making open infection difficult in the rain or wind. When the eggs sense warmth (such as being deposited on living tissue) they will hatch and die within the same post if they do not find their way into a host. The karamushi infect when introduced into any exposed oriface- for practical purposes, the parasites work like much like a poison that can crawl around.

An infected individual carries the karamushi inside their body, and the most common way for infections to occur between individuals is through blood contact.

Jutsu which can be used on infected individuals works on the basis of chemical signals emitted by the user, unique only to the blood of the Maeda. These chemical signals extend from them after forming the handseals in a 100 feet radius, or are transmitted immediately via touch. The signals are invisible, odorless, and can be detected by the karamushi in such minute concentrations that in most cases they cannot be avoided. Full body hazmat-like suits can prevent communication, however, as will any technique which physically separates air contact from the infected host to the Maeda. For practical purposes the only way to avoid these signals is to be behind an air-tight seal. All techniques which use karamushi within a host other than the Maeda themselves 'consume' the parasite, requiring the Maeda to reinfect a target after using the technique. As might be expected, the Maeda can use their own karamushi indefinitely.

A. Power
B. Reserves
C. Control
D. Tactics
E. Willpower
F. Intelligence

Stage One
Power 2 Willpower 2
Christening simply grants the user the ability to excrete karamushi eggs and larva through the skin. The effect is nearly unnoticeable to normal eyesight as the parasites appear to be small white particles. Without this skill the Maeda must rely on only their blood to spread their parasite. Infection is still only possible through introduction of the karamushi into a host's blood.

Reserves 3 Tactics 2
Parasites emerge from the skin and wrap and tie together, forming a slimy, sticky cloth. The biofilm reduces the speed/mobility of anyone who walks on/touches it apart from the user. The karamushi die after two posts and then the lattice disintegrates. One cloak-sized portion of karamushi biofilm may be created. This technique may be used on any infected individual, in which case it takes two posts. In the first post the karamushi emerge from the skin of the host, at which point they can be scrubbed away or removed without much effort. If ignored, they form the film in the next post.
Base Effect: Biofilm reduces speed by 1 level (can't reduce speed to 0)
Stage Two: Biofilm regenerates if cut or damaged.
Stage Three: Biofilm hardens at the end of its duration and requires stage three strength to break free from or one post.

Crawling Skin
Power 3 Intelligence 2
A slick lubricating chemical is excreted by the karamushi and onto the hosts skin. This lubrication prevents that body part from being grappled or held onto. This lubrication can also be thrown onto surfaces, rendering them slippery for one post. This may also be done on infected individuals. In the first post the target will begin to sweat excessively, then in the second they will produce the slippery oil making it difficult for them to hold onto or throw weapons unless some kind of material is between their skin and the object.

Strain: Hemorrhage
Tactics 3 Control 3
Strains passively modify karamushi infections. The Maeda can switch between any strains they know freely when releasing karamushi from their body. An individual can only be colonized by one strain at a time. The hemorrhaging strain reduces clotting and induces bleeding from the host's orifices. The mouth, ears, nose, and eyes will all begin to release a large (but ultimately harmless) amount of blood. Slightly blurred vision and lightheadedness are common symptoms of this strain. The bleeding stops after two posts.

Stage Two
Blood Brother
Power 5 Reserves 4 Control 4
Any person infected with the user’s strain of karamushi can be tracked (general direction is known) for up to three posts. Any person infected with the user’s strain also spreads the contagion in his blood, however if they do so the user cannot tell which individual was the one they infected first.

Water Contamination
Tactics 5 Willpower 4 Intelligence 4
With a protective chakra coating, Karamushi can function as liquid born pathogens for a short time. Any liquid, body fluid (such as saliva), or liquid jutsu (such as oil, mud, acid, or water), can serve as a suitable vector. Any liquid that comes in contact with the Maeda can protect karamushi for up to three posts. NOTE: Does not work on mist or cloud based techniques. Only liquid is infectious.

Egg Sack
Power 6 Reserves 6 Tactics 4
A chitinous orb erupts from the underside of a palm and is filled with blood and karamushi spawn. The orb is about the size of a tennis ball and explodes with the force of an explosive pouch when thrown. Tainted blood along with chitin shrapnel spread in all directions after detonation, causing minor lacerations and infecting anyone injured by the blast. Hiding behind cover or saying outside the small blast radius (about a three feet) will prevent any damage and infection.
Base Effect: Exploding pouch force, one Egg Sack created
Stage Three: Two Egg Sacks can be created (one in each hand)
Stage Four: Exploding tag force, four Egg Sacks can be created (two in each hand)

Strain: Hemophilia
Tactics 6 Willpower 5 Reserves 5
After infection, the karamushi swarm around the host's wounds and delay any healing techniques of equal stage to the highest stage of this tree the user knows. This also weakens the host, making their injuries hurt much more. The delay is one post (as in, any healing techniques used won't show an effect until the following post). Typical symptoms of the hemophilic strain are spontaneous bruising, aches, and pains. What form the pain takes is up to the target. Lasts three posts.

Stage Three
Boiled Alive
Power 8 Reserves 8 Control 6
Hardened pockets of fluid resembling boils split out from under the hosts skin. When struck or at the Maeda's command, these boils burst open and spray karamushi laden liquid. The ejection of this blood mist obscures sight for a few moments after being expelled, functioning like an infectious smoke screen. This technique may be used on infected opponents, in which case it takes two posts, one for the formation of the boils, and the second for them to burst. The boils can be removed (excision), bandaged, healed, or covered before bursting to prevent damage.

Tactics 8 Willpower 6 Intelligence 8
A bloody mass of writhing karamushi can be spat from the mouth. The blob of worms functions like an autonomous organism and can roll around at stage one speed. The Fleshpound can also form a protective cocoon out of chitin, resembling any object similar in size to itself (similar to a henge). When a warm target touches the Fleshpound, the worms will begin to swarm around the body looking for an opening into the host. They can be removed easily but only if time is taken to carefully do so. Fleshpounds last a maximum of 3 posts.
Base Effect: Fleshpound is the size of a tennis ball.
Stage Four: Two of the base effect Fleshpounds can be created, or 1 bowling ball sized one.
Stage Five: Four of the base effect, two stage four sized, or one tire sized Fleshpound can be created.

Gut Rot
Power 9 Reserves 9 Tactics 6
Intestinal karamushi generate noxious gas which can be expelled through the mouth. This substance functions like tear gas and is flammable. The gas is expelled only in a small area around the user, requiring close contact in order to be effective, but will remain in the air where expelled for two posts. This can be used on infected individuals, and takes two posts. In the first post the target will expel a noxious but harmless green smoke whenever they exhale, and in the next post the smoke becomes more potent and has full effect. Holding ones breath prevents the smoke from escaping. The host (whether Maeda or otherwise) is immune to the effects.

: Tactics 9 Willpower 9 Reserves 7
Requires a fresh (killed within the thread) corpse (animal or human). Karamushi within a dead body take over the cellular machinery, catalysing and producing the necessary energy to give motion to the lifeless. These Shamblers have stage one strength, speed, and stamina and will only last three posts before the karamushi die. Shamblers are also infectious vectors of the parasite themselves. Shamblers seek out the warmth of new hosts like the karamushi and somehow can tell friend from foe. Shamblers rely on the structural cohesiveness of the body in order to operate, and will cease to function if two or more limbs (arms, legs, or head) are removed.
Base Effect: Shambler is limited to the movement patterns of the original host.
Stage Four: Shamblers gain dexterity and slimy skin allowing them to stick to and climb vertical surfaces
Stage Five: Shamblers may create other Shamblers

Strain: Emergent
: Power 10 Reserves 10 Intelligence 8
Symptoms of the emergent strain are stomach cramps, hot flashes, and tremors. This strain is wild and chaotic, sending the worms into a frenzy upon infecting an individual. Hosts are overtaken by local convulsions (typically in arms and legs) as the worms weave through their flesh. This does not render the host immobile or paralyzed or effect the host's strength or stamina, but does induce shivering, twitching, and trembling, often making it difficult to remain hidden or execute precise actions. Lasts two posts.

Stage Four
: Power 12 Reserves 11 Control 10 Tactics 12
Masses of karamushi are forced through flesh and begin writhing beneath the skin. The host's flesh takes on a grotesque and lumpy form. The flesh itself is protected by the bodies of the parasite, softening blunt damage and making it difficult for attacks to pierce deeper than the skin. This technique effectively reduces the strength of blunt attacks by two levels and lowers the strength of all attacks the Maeda receives by one stage regardless. May be used on infected individuals. Lasts one post.
Base Effect: Two stage reduction on blunt attacks, one stage strength reduction of all attacks
Stage Five: Lasts indefinitely for up to two attacks.

: Tactics 12 Willpower 11 Intelligence 10 Power 12
Karamushi eggs are expelled from the mouth in a massive cloud expanding from the user into a 15 foot radius. The cloud persists for two posts and is highly infectious if contact is made (indiscriminate of host, so this applies to allies in the cloud as well). This cloud is infectious by mere touch- if the any of the eggs end up in the eyes, the victim is immediately infected. If any of the smoke is inhaled the victims are likewise instantly infected. This technique also produces enough smoke to emulate a smoke grenade.

Dire Worm
: Power 14 Reserves 13 Control 11 Willpower 10
After using this technique several large white 'worms' break out from under the skin, resembling maggots. These maggots are actually bundles of karamushi swarming around each other, sacrificing size and infectious potential for mobility. The maggots flail and thrash at a strength level of 2 and can either remain in the skin or drop off, where they will naturally seek the warmth of a host and then promptly crawl onto it and start it beating savagely. In addition each maggot can climb surfaces and may shoot off 1 jet of karamushi laden blood which is accurate for up to 15 feet. Each maggot is a foot long, and can act independently. They are also extremely weak and will fall apart if struck, and will fall apart regardless after two posts. May be used on infected individuals and takes two posts to completely form in this case, with the worms being weak enough in the first post to destroy without effort. When used on others the Dire Worm will remain embedded in the skin and will smack the host repeatedly until destroyed or removed.
Base Effect: Eight maggots can be created
Stage Five: Sixteen maggots can be created.
Stage Six: Maggots reassemble if struck and can burrow into soft surfaces (soil, sand, other people).

Life Fiber
Tactics 14 Willpower 13 Intelligence 11 Reserves 10
Thousands of thin mucus strings are ejected from the flesh of the host. These strings extend to a maximum of 35 feet and latch firmly onto whatever surface they collide with. The spray forms a three dimensional web, with each individual string weak but their combined strength enough to prove difficult to move through. The Maeda may travel through these strings with no trouble. This technique may be used on anyone who has been infected, and when done this way it confines the person inside the middle of the gooey net. Movement is still possible within the net if caught this way for one post, and thus the trapped host may escape through kawarimi or break through the strings. However after the first post running into the net will result in being entangled, slowing those caught. The mucus itself is corrosive and infectious and will burn (and infect) exposed flesh that it touches. Burning will cause skin lesions and open blisters but not go deep into the muscle. The web dries out and falls apart in three posts after creation.

Strain: Hydrophobic
Power 15 Reserves 15 Control 13 Tactics 14
The hydrophobic strain over-stimulated the infected target’s immune system causing body temperature to skyrocket and massive sweating. Dry heaving, fevered thoughts, and extreme weakness are common symptoms of this strain. This water loss is immediate and devastating, often leading to serious injury (through organ failure) or death if water (or any other liquid) is not consumed within the thread. Has been known to cause individuals to drink the blood of others in desperation. Karamushi die in the host after two posts and even the intake of water will not nullify the dehydration effects so long as the parasite remain within the host.

Stage Five
Power 17 Reserves 16 Control 16 Tactics 15
A gooey, warm, pulsating, sponge-like chitin structure soaked with infected blood grows and drops off the exposed flesh of the host. This Nest is then thrown or placed on any surface (the structure is sticky and will latch onto walls/people). The Nest is an incubator and over the course of a post it grows and swells, reaching the size of a beach ball and casting out fleshy red 'roots' around whatever surface it lands on. The Nest also produces an obscuring cloud of black spores and grows its roots in a 3 foot radius around it. Nests spit out a Dire Worm (base effect) every post, with the spore/root radius and number of Dire Worms produced doubling every post. At the users command (or when attacked) the Nest can explode, covering a huge radius (explosive tag in size, increasing in size by 1 tag each post) with eggs, adults, and chitin fragments. This obscures vision, shoots senbon-like fragments of chitin out in all directions, and coats the whole area in a thick layer of blood. Being in the radius of the blast virtually guarantees infection, as if any of the shrapnel pierces the skin or any of the bloody mist is inhaled the victim becomes infected. The nest will last for four posts if left unattended, gaining one post of duration if its roots happen to find and surround a dead or unconscious body, and can explode automatically at the end of its life or allowed to silently dissolve. Two post cooldown, and can only be used twice per thread.

Tactics 17 Willpower 16 Intelligence 16 Power 15
The Oroboros technique activates hibernating spores left behind in hosts who have been cured or purged of karamushi in the past, allowing for the reinfection of an individual. This technique effectively allows the Maeda to instantly reinfect any individual (including themselves) who they have infected once before, including whatever strain that karamushi carried initially. This can only be done once per person per thread. If more than one infection strain was present, the user may chose which is reactivated. A 'seal' version of this technique exists at higher levels, which can either confer complete immunity to further karamushi infection, or lock karamushi into an endless cycle of reinfection, but due to its complexity if can only be done outside of combat (requires Maeda Clan GM approval).
17 Tactics -Reactivation of infection can only be done once per thread
24 Tactics -Infection can be sealed outside of combat, either to prevent further infection or lock current infection permanently

Power 18 Reserves 17 Control 17 Willpower 14
This technique grants two abilities, one passive and one active. Passively, anybody who dies with the Maeda's parasite within them will be converted over the course of a post into a Nest (and does not affect the Nest cooldown). The active (and hand seal requiring) part of this technique purges a target of their karamushi infection by forcing large numbers of chitinous eggs to fall from their skin, which will then rapidly reform into a Nest (unaffected by Nest cooldown). This technique has a three post cooldown for the active competent. Nests created this way cannot explode but retain all the other properties of Nests.

Strain: Hypoxic
Tactics 18 Willpower 17 Intelligence 17 Reserves 14
Forces the parasite into the lungs, promoting an immune response that inflames the organ and causes shortness of breath and eventual suffocation. Typical symptoms of the hypoxic strain include heavy breathing, coughing blood, inability to talk or make vocalizations, and slowed reaction and movement times from oxygen deprivation. Weaker hosts (nonshinobi or untrained animals) will often faint from the infection alone. Karamushi die in the host after two posts.

Stage Six
Power 21, Reserves 20, Control 19, Tactics 17, Willpower 15
The Maeda's skin becomes a writhing, fluid layer of worms. When something touches this living skin the worms burst forward and entangle and surround that object, protecting the user. In addition, if the worms are not killed quickly, the swarms of karamushi will attempt to surround and infect anything nearby. The entire skin is shed when a sufficiently large attack is stopped (either 25 strength or stage five Ninjutsu). If the attack is weaker and the worms reach living flesh, then the worms burrow into the skin, causing immense pain and possible infection. Lasts two posts or until destroyed.

Tactics 21 Willpower 20 Intelligence 19 Power 17 Control 15
Fat, blood gorged worms are forced out of the body in droves from the hands and skin of the user. These worms erupt on contact with the air and drench the user in their own partially digested vital fluids. This has the effect of turning their body red, while also granting immense acidic properties to their skin by virtue of the karamushi's own digestive fluids. Though this corrosive property does not affect the shinobi or clothing they are wearing, most everything else they touch will dissolve from the blood they secrete. Weak materials (paper, cloth, skin) will dissolve in one post, whereas stronger materials (metal, muscle and bone, stone) can take up to three. The blood created by this technique will stick around for three posts, though the technique only lasts one. This blood is highly infectious and will simultaneously burn through exposed skin while infecting those it lands on. Two post cooldown.

Complete Saturation
Power 23, Reserves 23, Control 22, Willpower 16, Intelligence 15
This technique requires a substantial amount of infected blood to be spilled onto the earth, either the Maeda's or any other infected hosts. Within a post the ground below erupts into millions of individual, foot long long chakra-enhanced karamushi worms, formed from the spilled blood. The effective area covered is equal to 20 feet in radius from where the blood made contact and the karamushi can spread outward from there in the direction of the Maeda's choosing, moving at a speed equal in stage to double the number of posts the blood has been soaking in the earth. The worms slow down the movement of anyone who sets foot on them by one speed stage per post, and will attempt to swarm up the legs of any organism in an attempt to force their way into a new host.

Strain: Oncotic
Tactics 23, Willpower 23, Intelligence 22, Reserves 16, Control 15
The karamushi invade and multiply rapidly without care for the survival of the host. Swollen, karamushi filled tumors grow from beneath the skin those infected, making movement difficult. These tumors can grow to the size (and weight) of a watermelon, though they can be severed by the host prior to reaching full size. One tumor grows on the host per post, doubling each post for three posts. Each tumor reduces speed by one stage. Being reinfected lengthen the duration by one post.

Power 26 Reserves 25 Control 24 Tactics 19 Willpower 17
This technique can be used on any wounded person (however minor the wound) who is also infected. Karamushi erupt from underneath the wound and cause it to grow bigger and bleed more and more. Small cuts become large gashes, small puncture wounds enlarge to fist sized holes, and shredded or torn skin sloughs off like wet paper. This technique kills all the karamushi inside the host while simultaneously massively increasing the bleeding, making the host highly contagious for the one post duration while the karamushi are active.

Stage Seven
Requirements: Power 30, Reserves 27, Control 26, Tactics 22, Willpower 20
Every karamushi in the area (100 feet radius) that does not belong to a Maeda immediately dies and disintegrates, releasing a lethal cocktail of chemicals and poisons. Karamushi on or within people will cause severe chemical burns, organ damage, and in severe cases, death. This technique also applies to any karamushi laden liquid, and is capable of turning bodies of contaminated water or blood into lethal pools of powerful acid. This acidity is retained for three posts. In order to use this technique on a person again, they must be reinfected.

Requirements: Tactics 30, Willpower 27, Intelligence 26, Power 22, Reserves 20
The Maeda calls forth to every karamushi in an area (100 feet radius) and forces them to rise and exit their hosts through the skin and/or mouth/eyes. The worms cause only superficial damage while leaving as they burst from the skin of the infected. The karamushi gather into a writhing, amorphous mass, roughly conical in shape with a radius and height of 6 feet and growing by 3 feet for every two infected bodies within the area. The tower of karamushi possesses a multitude of massive twenty foot long tentacles which it uses to pull itself around. This Legion seeks warmth and those grabbed by its limbs will find themselves being pulled towards the center of the mass and if they don't escape, assimilated into it. Stage seven strength or higher is needed to break free from the Legion's grasp. The Legion is impossible to destroy as it will just reform after being attacked, but it can be slowed down and delayed by destroying the limbs while they regenerate, as to preventing it from moving. The Legion falls apart in three posts, but will gain one more post of duration for every body it consumes. This technique purges all karamushi from the Maeda's own system, as well as from the system of every other non-Maeda person in the radius.

Requirements: Power 32, Reserves 30, Control 28, Tactics 24, Willpower 22
So integrated are the parasites to the body of the host that the two cannot even truly be told apart. Even when the shinobi finds their reserves drained, their body broken, and their life fading away, the karamushi take action to keep their precious host alive. At the call of the shinobi (or whenever the user is in danger of death) thick ropes of karamushi spawn break through the skin and surround their limbs in a seething, living armor. Broken bones and torn muscle is bypassed entirely as the worms stitch the entire body together and give it new strength. Even ruptured organs can be bypassed entirely by the karamushi's efforts with beating, living, chitinous replicas serving as substitutes. From the outside it seems as though the shinobi has become a lumbering, festering, human shaped conglomerate of worms- on the inside the shinobi's body has been completely bypassed and converted by the karamushi. For three posts the user remains at peak physical condition, regardless of their state before activating the technique. At the end of the duration the karamushi, as always, die from exposure, leaving the shinobi's partially restored body behind. This is not true healing- rather, any wounded body parts have been replaced by extremely intricate karamushi replicas, which function like the replaced body parts would, but less efficiently. All stats are temporarily reduced by half at the end of this technique for the remainder of the thread, and are permanently reduced by 1. At this stage it is impossible to tell whom is exploiting whom, as repeated use of this technique inevitably replaces the human flesh into something indistinguishable from karamushi flesh. They have become a living, breathing karamushi progenitor. Can only be used once per thread.

Strain: Necrosis
Requirements: Tactics 32, Willpower 30, Intelligence 28, Power 24, Reserves 22
This strain of worms secrete a necrotic toxin that dissolves flesh into a tasty protein soup. Anyone infected by these karamushi will begin to have their internal organs liquified by the worms, causing hemorrhaging (bruises on the skin, eyes becoming red, skin tearing/hair loss), extreme pain, and complete organ failure (most often leading to death). However, this strain of the karamushi is so inherently unstable and unviable that they kill even themselves in the process. Therefore multiple reinfections are necessary to ensure death- two cycles will often do the trick, extremely few live through three, and after four the host's body typically collapses into an unidentifiable pile of gore. Lasts one post.

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Do the eggs created from Christening change infection methods, or do you still need to find a way to get the eggs into their bloodstream?
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Originally Posted by Res View Post
Do the eggs created from Christening change infection methods, or do you still need to find a way to get the eggs into their bloodstream?
It's still necessary to infect via introduction into the blood. The idea would be more that the player could just use touch to place worms/eggs on things, rather than having to bleed on people to do the same thing.

To phrase it in game-terms I guess I'd say it makes the character themselves coated in poison, whereas without the technique the poison is only carried in their blood. The poison itself doesn't change, just the way the player can get it onto things. In either case the worms must either be inhaled or eaten or introduced into the body though the normal routes most poison requires.

I've updated the technique to clarify this.
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  • A 'don't be a dick' disclaimer has been added on request.
  • Durations on the Hypoxic and Hydrophobic strain have been reduced to 2 posts.
  • Clarification on the Water Contamination jutsu has been added (doesn't work on mist techniques, only liquids).
  • The Hemophilia strain has been reworked from a negation of healing to a healing delay of 1 post.
  • Life Fiber's wording has been adjusted, mainly to make it obvious that those trapped inside the net are free to poof themselves out with kawarimi or shunshin or techniques of that ilk.
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More bumpdates
  • Pound of Flesh is now a ricocheting bouncy-ball water balloon-type technique instead of just a suckier Egg Bomb.
  • Gut Rot may be used on infected individuals.
  • Strain: Emergent was lowered to a 2 post duration.
  • Bloat was changed from complete blunt damage resistance to just a stage reduction, scaling was adjusted.
  • Slight rewording of Life Fiber so it works a bit more like other entangling techs (poofing out is still possible).
  • Nest area of effect reduced, duration increased in certain circumstances (to give it more of that hive-y feeling).
  • Oroboros can now double as a sealing technique for specific niche cases.
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No updates this time. Just a monthly bump.
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Actual updates related bump!
  • Small tweaks to wordings here and there for clarity
  • Fleshtide reworked, Nests created through the technique no longer explode and the lesion-causing facet of the technique was dropped to make it into a simple 'Nest+1' technique.
  • Bloodbath reworked, now a CORROSIVE SKIN technique that might exist somewhere else already but I'm too lazy to check.
  • Strain: Gastric removed since vomiting is a no-no. Replaced with Strain: Oncotic, a grosser variety of the typical 'make something stick to your target' jutsu.
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Bumping for those super active registry sweepers to hopefully come in and take a gander at.
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Resident Evil on Engi

Oroboros: I feel as though this technique should work only if you limit its application to reactivating the spores inside anyone who has been affected in that same thread. & I personally believe the "seal" version of the technique should be a Stage 6 tech on its own. When you say it has the ability to lock a target in an "endless cycle of reinfection" I automatically jump to Stage 6. I'm open for discussion however.

Edit: It's fine now. I'll peruse/approve it later pending Clan Information.

been driving ms. daisy
Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.
Swap Thread & Weapon Thread & AP Management

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The sealing bit was added mostly because I thought it was cool fluff (and there's not enough sealing techniques on Engi anyway) and to give people an option to make a Maeda with an unorthodox origin. Regardless, I threw some scaling on there to make the sealing part of the jutsu stage six equivalent. I can split it up into two techs if needed but stage six is already pretty bloated so I'd prefer if I could roll it into an existing tech.
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