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Default Jishaku Genkotsu - Magnetic Fist

Jishaku Genkotsu — The Magnetic Fist

Jishaku Genkotsu isn't necessarily as much a taijutsu style as Gouken or so many other styles that revolve around using physical might. The style instead emphasizes on exercising your chakra circulatory system and using it to extend and proliferate the body's personal electromagnetic field to aid shinobi in combat. An odd side effect of using chakra to perform such actions is that it causes the body's nervous system to have a faster response time and in general causes the user to "act faster.” By manipulating the body's electromagnetic field a user could do an assortment of bizarre things, from sensing when things are about to approach you to hovering on a cushion of your own magnetic force.

To practitioners of Jishaku Genkotsu the human body is a generator that powers their most useful weapon. Keeping that "generator" clean and running well is the prerogative of most practitioners, besides performing the usual exercises to better chakra (such as meditation) the practitioners insist on bettering his body through calisthenics, stretching, acrobatics and practice, practice, practice.

Stage One
Stage Requirements: 5 Control, 3 Reserves
Stage Bonuses: +3 Speed

The user of the magnetic fist learns to move with speed and alacrity to best use their mastery of magnetism and thus learn to clear obstacles and close the distance between them and their targets so that they may make use of their abilities to bring the fight to a finish.

The user can detect all metal objects within five feet of their person, indicating them to the user’s sensors as a direction away from their bodies. As such while they are aware of the presence of metal and could point a finger at it they cannot be certain exactly how far into the field the metal is without collaborative aid from more natural senses.
Special Techniques
Electric Spike Strike
The foundation of Magnetic Fist, in order to use Electric Spike Strike the user must hold up their hand in the direction they want the shot to go. Electricity sparks along their hand and shoots forward in a jagged arc from their hand toward the target. It may only reach as far as the user’s field, after which it dissipates into useless static at most.
Base: A startling jolt enough to cause a sudden, mild contraction where it strikes.
Stage Two: An intense electrical shock that can cause extended convulsions where struck, sudden nausea and a splitting headache.
Stage Three The jolt can cause a convulsion in the limb struck, deadening its nerves and rending it paralyzed for about two posts.

Magnetic Retrieval
More of a simple parlor trick than anything else. Coursing chakra through his electric field the character can focus on any metal item that is no bigger then 6 inches and is not moving of its own force and can slowly move it with his will anywhere in his field range. This jutsu has been used by enterprising Magnetic Fist users for everything from reappropriating fallen projectiles to opening doors without bothering to touch the knob.
Stage Two: Three Objects
Stage Three: Five Objects

Stage Two
Stage Requirements: 7 Control, 7 Reserves, 6 Speed
Stage Bonuses: +3 Speed

While the Jishaku Genkotsu user’s expertise lies mainly in the manipulation of their magnetic field they understand the importance of bettering their body so that they can both escape danger and bring their strength to bear against their enemies. The user is experienced with vaults and leaps designed to close the distances, but their blows are quick and light, designed by the makers of the style under the assumption that the strength of the blow will be provided by electrical charge.

Their field has expanded in size and purpose. It extends ten feet out from their person and if any metal or electromagnetically charged objects (including human bodies) breaks through the border of their field they feel a sudden jolt up their spine. This does not warn them as to exactly where the object is coming from, but it does make them aware that something has penetrated their field. Strangely enough, the border of another Jishaku Genkotsu user’s field counts as such an object.
Special Techniques
Magnetic Levitation
The user, pulling his magnetic field into his body and channeling it through the his feet, finds himself hovering about an inch above the ground itself. Furthermore, in this state the user is able to jump quite high, and his movement becomes more fluid, capable of dodging attacks and sliding around the battlefield as if on a bed of ice that is completely under his command.

Stage Three
Stage Requirements: 10 Control, 10 Reserves, 8 Speed
Stage Bonuses: +3 Speed

Now the user begins to truly thrive, their movements taking on the natural grace of one dedicated to motion. While clumsy by the standards of more traditional taijutsu specialists the user is limber and free in their movement, adept at flips, cartwheels and simple sprinting. By the standards of most domestic non-shinobi they have become the equals of a competent street acrobat. With training their field has grown to fifteen feet in radius within which they make use of all their senses.
Special Techniques
Magnetic Disarm
The user, if he gets his hand within 6 inches of an opponent's weapon (which must at least have some metallic component) may focus the magnetic field in his body in order to grab and yank the weapon away. At best, if the target's grip on his weapon wasn't at its strongest, this technique will successfully pull the weapon out of the target's hands, and toss it aside, but even at worst it can still be effective, yanking the opponent's weapon to one side, causing him to break his stance.

Magnetic Rush
Using their field to seize hold of the earth’s magnetic field, the Jishaku Genkotsu user can rush forward, floating just above the ground as they ride over the planet’s magnetic field, traveling between two points in a straight line with speed enough to make their movements seem a blur to outside observers. While it can lead up to an attack, Magnetic rush cannot be used as part of an attack as the movement simply requires too much focus. They can rush to any point within their field assuming that there is nothing blocking their path. Using this to dodge an attack counts as a kawairimi usage and cannot exceed them.

Stage Four
Stage Requirements: 15 Control, 14 Reserves, 14 Power, 14 Speed
Stage Bonuses: +3 Speed

When the user moves they dart surefooted and swift from perch to perch. When in combat with an enemy they aim to keep them at a balance, just within the range of their field out of range of enemy melee attacks and strike from afar. A magnetic fist user’s focus is on hitting rather than hitting hard, and if their education is complete then that is really all they ever need. Their field extends twenty feet around their body, furthering the reach of their senses that much more.

Their senses refine in detail as well as range, as the user can now also tell how close the objects they sense are to their own body. This is an inexact sense formed from imprecise readings in away the human mind is not trained to work, and so they only have a vague sense of whether the objects are closer to the edge of their field or the center.
Special Techniques
Electric Surge Strike

Requirements: Electric Spike Strike
An expanded and improved version of the Electric Spike Strike, Electric Surge Strike has the power to finish a fight. The user holds out their hand in the same manner, electricity dances along their arm and flashes forward from their hand. If hit the lightning dances over the target, coursing through their entire body.
Base: Surge Strike causes a sudden intense convulsion in a body, disrupting whatever they were doing and usually sending them to their knees and out of breath.
Stage Five: Electricity runs wild over the target’s body and sticks with them even after they fall, leaving them twitching, sparking and out of commission.

Magnetism Armor
In drawing the magnetic field into his body, the user is able to amplify it. This condensed, strengthened magnetic field is a fantastic defense, deflecting all non-chakra enhanced projectiles sent at it. It's even powerful enough to stop ninjutsu of stage 3 or lower dead in their tracks. The user is able to move around normally while this technique is active, but he cannot use any other technique from this list. Magnetism Armor can be maintained for 3 posts, or canceled at any point before that limit is reached.
Stage Five: Blocks stage four

Field Dampen
An improvised technique invented to aid in the hunting of missing-nin, Field Dampen allows the user to utterly erase their field’s presence, making it impossible to detect. It was soon discovered that this technique could throw off other supernatural tracking techniques available to most shinobi and became a vital tool to both sides of the battle in the civil war and has come into common circulation since. No other magnetic fist techniques or senses can be used while it is active as they would disrupt the dampened field.

Stage Five
Stage Requirements: 19 Control, 19 Reserves, 18 Power, 16 Speed
Stage Bonuses: +3 Speed

The user’s movements are smooth, swift and natural. They glide gracefully and deliberately over the ground with a smoothness that doesn’t seem to fit with their actual speed. A user of Magnetic Fist at this level usually releases their speed in bursts, moving from slow glide to sudden rush to take their opponents by surprise. Their movements are beautiful and dance-like, especially when buoyed into the air by their magnetic force.

With their growth the Jishaku Genkotsu user can now change their field and focus on detecting the electrical pulse that exists in the neurons of living things, that tells the heart to pump and mind to think. This technique allows the user to sense living beings in the same manner that they sense metal, and gives them new and powerful insight on battlefields against multiple opponents and making the user of Magnetic fist very difficult to surprise in general.
Special Techniques
Cloud's Spear
With this technique, the user can use their magnetic field to propel a metal object in their hand (that can be no heavier or larger than a kunai) to extremely high velocities. It is surrounded in a bright halo of light from crackling electrify and shoots in a straight line from where they throw, bursting through any and all mundane obstacles within the user’s magnetic field with terrible ease. Once it leaves the user’s magnetic field, the projectile is still moving at horrible speed but its momentum is no longer reinforced by the user’s power.

Stage Six
Stage Requirements: 25 Control, 25 Reserves, 25 Power, 18 Speed, 18 Stamina
Stage Bonuses: +3 Speed

As they approach the pinnacle of Jishaku Genkotsu’s strength the user’s field widens further, twenty-five feet away from the user in all directions. Many esteemed shinobi have come this far and happily retired with a storied career and more realistic dreamers consider this to be the level of skill to aim to reach and miss. They are slippery and difficult to get a bead on even without aid from the style's extranormal faculties, and with them the user can react to incoming threats with an awareness that can give them the edge.

Special Techniques
Shrapnel Bomb
A particularly brutal and deadly technique, the user finds and draws to himself about 10 chunks of metal, comparable to kunai, from anywhere around him. They could even be a little bit under the ground, like an iron ore deposit, but not terribly deep. These random chunks of metal float near the user until they are launched at any point within the user’s magnetic field, but not particularly fast. Once a chunk of metal gets close to the target, even if he dodged, the user channels an incredible magnetic force through the metal, ripping it apart like a grenade, except with no explosive force. Instead, the result is dozens of shards of shrapnel that will easily wound any opponent foolish enough to be within 5 feet of any of the makeshift projectiles when they're ripped apart. One last feature of this technique is that not all of the metal chunks have to be sent at once. They can be launched one after another, and this can even be extended to last through the user's next post. So, someone using this technique could send 3 chunks the post that it is used, and then the remaining 7 next post.

Stage Seven
Stage Requirements: 33 Control, 33 Reserves, 33 Power, 22 Speed, 22 Stamina
Stage Bonuses: +3 Speed

The way that the master Jishaku Genkotsu moves is like mercury rolling out of a jar onto a table; supple, effortless. They move through battles with bodies that have forgotten what it means to be trapped by the pull of the earth, and they move through the battlefield like a quick, creeping nightmare. Their field has expanded further, reaching thirty feet, and the wielder of magnetic fist is now keenly aware of the precise positions of everything that they sense within the field.
Special Techniques
Aerial Magnetism
The user turns their magnetic field to another purpose, seizing the earth below their feet or any nearby suspended metals. They can push themselves off the ground, propelling themselves into the air where they have complete freedom of movement at their regular speed. They may float freely as long as either the earth or some form of metal affixed in place is within their field, using it as an anchor from which they may use this technique. Aerial Magnetism lasts three posts before it either ends or must be refreshed. No other techniques from this list may be used during this time and the user can only sense metal.

Prior versions credited to Kudrov, Satoshi-Kun. Credit to Kaika, whose list I modified to make this.

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