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Default [Ronin] The Doctor

NAME: “The Doctor” Hidoshi Tamotsu
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 6’ 4”
COUNTRY/VILLAGE: Iron Country / Sennou no Shi
RANK: Ronin (Jounin Equivalent)
DIVISION: Last Legion / Wave Man


The Doctor is a tall wirey man built for efficiency. His muscles are tightly bound to the bone for precise movement and coordination that allows him to be as physically enabled as any shinobi who is physically trained. Tamotsu stands at a towering six feet and four inches, with nearly zero percent body fat. The guy is lanky, spindly, and all together looks fairly unthreatening in appearance.

His complexion tends to be on the fair side due to the northern country’s climate, but his skin is difficult to burn. It tans decently enough when given the chance. He has an almost inhuman face that looks very square-like in appearance, with strong cheekbones and a big chin. The Doctor has piercing ruby eyes that have the ability to switch from piercing intensity, to childlike innocence in a second flat.

The Doctor sports many fading scars, but there is only one of note should you be able to see it. The scar is a large star shape that was caused supposedly from a high level glass ninjutsu technique.


The style of the Doctor is a strange one that varies from what he is doing.

For casual outings, he tends to stick to casual suits with regular ties or bowties. Tamotsu prefers colors like browns and pale blues, nothing very extravagant. He is more about comfortability in this stage than anything.

For missions or anything related to them, The Doctor dresses according to the mission and the climate. He still tends to stick to fairly monotone style of clothing. He sticks mainly to tshirts, blazers, and jeans in this setting.

For Training, The Doctor tends to be at his most revealing in a sense. He wears loose clothing, shorts unless it is cold, and a t-shirt.

The only true staple to anything the Doctor wears, is his sonic gauntlet which is on his right hand constantly.


The Doctor is a strange man with strange quirks. He is like that weird hippie that sprouts nonsense on the end of the corner, blabbering on and on about an old school thought process, and in a way he is for being a samurai.

He loves to travel, and learn about the world past what he has already seen with his own eyes. The ronin realizes that he is very naïve and innocent in this fact due to the fact that he has really seen so little. The Doctor is always excited to see more, and is always wanting more.

The Doctor has a severe sense of justice, a vigilante in the truest sense of the word. He likes to defend the weak and help the impoverish people even if it is at his own expense. Though this does not by any means make him a pussy that refuses to do dirty work if it allows him to get by. The Doctor is also a survivor.

He is known for his outlandish gestures, finding things cool when they are definitely not, and basically a nerd to any historical events.

As a fighter, The Doctor tends to rely on his roots more than the blade, boxing and intimate hand to hand bouts are more his style, and has a tendency to rip away all tools that allow his opponent to do otherwise.

“Would you kindly…”


Stat Merit: +1 Stamina, +1 Strength, +1 Control
Stat Flaw: -1 Intelligence, -1 Power, -1 Reserves

Stat Merit: +2 to Speed, +1 to Stamina
Stat Flaw: -1 to Control, -1 to Power, -1 to Strength



# = Pool/Base
{#} = Arch Merit/Flaws
[#] = GMAP/AP
(#) = TP


21 (+11 = 32)
1 + 20 + (0) + [0]
Speed: 26 (+10 = 36)
1 + {2} + 21 + (2) + [0]
Stamina: 22 (+15 = 37)
1 + {2} + 19 + (0) + [0]


Intelligence: 17
1 – {1} + 17 + (0) + [0]
Tactics: 18
1 + 17 + (0) + [0]
Willpower: 17
1 + 16 + (0) +[0]


Power: 8
1 – {2} + 9 + (0) + [0]
Control: 16
1 + 15 + (0) + [0]
Reserves: 16
1 – {1} + 16 + (0) + [0]


21 Stamina, 20 Strength, 15 Speed, Reserves 16
+14 Stamina, +11 Strength, +10 Speed

[STAGE 1] The Way of Wind
[STAGE 3] The Way of Water
22 Stamina, 18 Strength, Speed 16, Control 16
+10 Strength, +10 Speed, +15 Stamina


Balance (Tactics 2, Stamina 2)
Acrobatic Leap (Strength 5, Stamina 4, Speed 4)
Steady Mind I (Tactics 6, Intelligence 6, Strength 4)
Effortless Ascent (Strength 8, Stamina 6, Speed 8)
Catch (Strength 9, Stamina 9, Intelligence 7)
Wall Bound (Strength 12, Stamina 11, Speed 10, Tactics 12)
Nerve Pinch (Tactics 18, Intelligence 17, Willpower 17, Stamina 14)
Blade Catch (Strength 17, Stamina 16, Speed 16, Tactics 15)
Murderer’s Strike (Strength 21, Stamina 20, Speed 19, Tactics 17, Intelligence 15)

Katana (6)
Sonic Gauntlet (2)
Breathing Apparatus (2)
Communication Unit (1)
Soldier Pills (6)



I was born in a small mining village in northern Coal Country. So small of a city that only thing to it was the miners that went down and did their thing, and their wives just had children. During the nights where there was no work, the towns’ people participated in a lively sport; Boxing. We would place bets on our favorite fighters, my neighbor from the home country was one of the best; Taro. True to his name, he was one hulk of a man, and a brilliant boxer at that.

My father was not too bad of a boxer himself, he was a bit scrawny but had strategy and skill on his side. I remember when I was about five he had taken Taro out with a lucky uppercut during one of the weekly bouts. Father was my hero. I loved him dearly.

When I was seven I began my training for the mining life. I was pretty good at it. It was also when my father started to teach me some of the strategy behind boxing. I would box with all my mates from the village, and it wasn’t even two years before I could out do many of the older kids too.

Life was good. Hell, Life was the best I had thought it was going to be. It was not until a couple months after I turned ten that I felt the first tragedy of my life. Mother died. She had gotten sick a year before and was barely getting on, slowly deteriorating until she just drifted away.

After my mother’s passing my father was so distraught he could not do his work. I tried to help where I could, but being only nine; there was only so much with the added fact that I did not fully understand the depth of his depression.

When I was twelve, I found him dead in our house. He had taken some cyanide pills, that to this day I still do not remember where he got them from. I did not know what to do after that, I was on my own. I could not really work in the mine full time without parental guardianship looking after me, and the boxing matches did not provide me with food water or a means to pay my parent’s home’s rent. I was forced to sell it for a price completely under its true value, but I did not know that at the time.

The money was enough to get me to start traveling. I caught up with some gypsies who had started their traveling in the Land of Lightning and were making their voyage to Earth Country to see the Konkaji. Why they wanted to see the Konkaji, I still don’t know, but they allowed me to come along.

During the next year I got to see the countryside of Coal, Rice, Snow, and Iron. It was amazing. I learned much about the grey nature of right and wrong in the terms of law. The gypsies taught me how to be secretive, and devious to survive. Though as the year progressed I began to see they were more in the wrong than the right, they were not just taking to survive. They were taking for greed too.

By the time we reached Sennou no Shi, I had to part ways at thirteen years old. They were not exactly pleased when I stated I wanted to leave. What I didn’t realize was that Sennou no Shi had a strict no violence rule in their city. I was not quick enough to escape, and some of the gypsies who retaliated died at the blades of these men, these warriors. Three years I spent in and out of prison for stealing, starting fights, doing what I had to survive. The legion as they called themselves became very familiar with my young face and childish antics. At sixteen, spending a month in the shelter of a cell for stealing bread from a store, one of the legionnaires began to talk to me – actually talk to me. He was caring and kind but the type to never really mess with. His name was Ryuuta.

We had the first man-to-man, heart-to-heart discussion since I was living with my parents back in Coal. He offered me a deal, that if I stopped my shenanigans, that he would train me in the Bushido, train me to become a legionnaire and then I would not have to do what I do to survive. I scoffed at first, turning him down. He let me sit in the cell for another month, saying that I would not leave until I agreed to the proposal. That being said, I did eventually say yes and that was the start of my training to become a Bushi.

He introduced me to the legionnaires that I had not met before, and they were all relatively hesistant about me being under the tutelage of Ryuuta-sensei. They thought I was a good for nothing brat of a child who was destined to spend his life in prison. This pissed me off, all of them were so one sided, and it was at that point that I decided to prove them wrong.

During that first year, Ryuuta-sensei did not allow me to carry weapons, instead he took me along in his work day and began to teach me the ways of the legion and the lost art of samurai. What they fought for, what it meant to be a true Bushido. He reminded me a lot of my late father, but stronger in conscious, a strength that seemed to come from his very way of life and the comaraderly of the Legionnaires.

Slowly, the rest began to accept me and I began to accept them for what they truly were. I soon began to help the citizens of Sennou no Shi on my own, feeding the helpless, helping out in the hospitals, getting to know the city without being the tail of Ryuuta-sensei. It was at this point, when I turned eighteen that Ryuuta presented me with a katana that came with my word that I would follow the legion’s way, in return I would learn how to use it to bring justice to the city as the true legionnaire.

Swordplay is far different than boxing. There is a finesse to it, a level of strategy that was unique in the fact that Ryuuta like to refer to as “become one with the sword”. He was a true hippie sometimes, even Yuudai-san admitted to that and those two legionnaires were as tight.

Between the two of them, it took five years, a thousand and a half cuts and bruises latter, I was deemed barely passable by them to have my first solo mission. There had been a snow nin who was causing trouble repetitively and had been also arrested a few times in Sennou no Shi. This time, they decided to give me a chance at trying to catch him and bring him in, under the watchful eyes of Yuudai-san.

Now, looking back on it, I was sent on a wild goose chase. After hours of hunting for him, and finding this man in a bar so drunk I wondered how he was still conscious, I ended up having to chase him from that bar to the edge of town I finally cornered him and tried to get him to come peacefully. When that didn’t work, I was drawn into a battle that put my katana and boxing skills to the test.

After what I will say is still the toughest battle I ever fought single-handedly, I got lucky with a one-off punch to the back of the head that knocked the snow nin unconscious. It was at that time that Yuudai showed up, congradulated me and helped me drag him back to a prison cell to await verdict.

After that day, I was made a full fledge legionnaire, able to work on my own or with other legionnaires should the job require that much attention. I was happy, to tell you the truth, I had gotten my own livelihood, made some awesome friends, and was able to live my own version of the code without anymore restraints given to by Ryuuta-sensei. I could view him as an equal as he now viewed me as one with the rest of legionnaires.

It was wonderful for roughly four years. I found myself in the bars and cafes talking with the foreigners between my patrolling missions. I met a lot of mostly-friendly nin from across the world. During this time I learned of Kumogakure’s troubles, rising tensions, and destruction. I also learned of the conflict between Leaf and Snow that lead to Yuki’s demise. The chuunin exams for shinobi that revealed the existence of an apparently forgotten rain shinobi culture. There was so much going on in the world. During these times I learned that I wanted to see more of the world, and not be completely bound to Iron Country and the Legion – As cool as they were. I did not know how to break away though without shaming my own sensei, Yuudai-san, and the other legionnaires.

It was not until two months ago that I had gotten my chance, even if it was a little on the deceiving end. Yuudai-san and I were sent to stop this unruly man who turned out to be a highly sought after missing nin from the Wind Country. We managed to chase him out to the fringes of Sennou no Shi, but as we got him to the border he said he was not leaving, based on the fact that he had the right to stay, or some bullshit like that. Yuudai and I waged war, literally with this guy who had out matched us in every way. His ninjutsu just was far quicker than any of our blades or willpower. Yuudai fell first, being cut down by a tornado like technique. I barely survived it, and was forced to retreat.

I survived in the wooden area for awhile, until my wounds healed on their own. It was then that I decided to try and return to Sennou. On the outer edge of the city I had heard rumors of a funeral for two brave honorable legionnaires, Yuudai and myself. They thought I was dead. After a moments thought I decided this was my only chance to leave without breaking any true bonds I had made with the other legionnaires. This was my chance to see the world, and I was going to take it.

I needed a new name though. After a few more nights thought, I came up with the perfect one; The Doctor. Doctors healed things, right? I can heal things too, and make a name for myself doing just that. I could heal the world, right? Couldn’t be that hard.


Originally Posted by BINGO BOOK ENTRY
NAME: The Doctor
SHINOBI RANK: Jounin-level skill
LAST LOCATION: Sennou no Shi
REWARD: 5,000 Ryou reward, capture alive.
2AP – Mercenary Techniques
12/29/13 This Isn't Kenshin! Steady Mind I, +2 Speed

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No child labor in Coal? Well that's just lame.

C rank for the bingo book.
5,000 Ryou reward, capture alive.

Shinobi rank: Jounin-level skill

Everything here seems fine. So he went on to leave, and I'd assume that was fairly recent in his history with everything added up (well I wasn't adding myself, I thought the bio ended somewhere around 25 years old). If he hasn't done anything else, that is the rank he would have as people began to know him as 'the Doctor' that wanders around doing stuff.

Approved if that is all.
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I put the M-Nin Bingo Book ratings' offered up by Merd.

I also changed the last bit so it adds up to 27, I wanted the presumed dead portion to happen no more than a few months ago and people are just starting to regard him as 'The Doctor' but having done nothing truly m-ninish yet.

That shouldn't require Re-Approval via Merd, I hope <<;.

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Nope, you're all good.
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Run by Half'ed <3
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half approved. Missed this at first because I thought I already approved a ronin

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Thought the same thing as Kym, half-approval anyway.
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Motivates me to create my own samurai. Half'd

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