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Default [Sunagakure, Chuunin] Kosai Ryuusei



Don't say good bye to me
Describe the sky to me
And if the sky falls, mark my words
We'll catch mocking birds

Name: Kosai Ryuusei | Ryu
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1''

Village: Sunagakure no Sato [Information]
Rank: Chuunin
Division: Sabaku Gunjiteki Heiba [SUNA] - Soldier

Physical Description:

Times have changed for the last remaining Kosai in Sunagakure. His ungroomed rockstar appeal is faded under a serious overlapping of scars and determination. It's as if he had been set upon by steel and sand to be forged into something more sharp, something more frightening. If, in previous years, he could easily been dismissed as a casual shinobi with no goals in life, that's no longer written all over his body. Muscles where a soft flab used to be, facial features sharp and obvious like a desert hawk's, and a frighteningly serious pull to his facial expressions, like he's always on edge.

Unimpressive looks of his pubescent stage are fading quickly, giving way for a far more masculine appearance. His jaw is set hard, the stubble of his youth overgrown with a fine trimmed “five-o'clock” shadow all thick and dark unlike the pubic-hair wisps he was so proud of before. His nose, once cute, has the angular severity that gives him his hawkish features, resultant from a break or two and a haphazard resetting. The top of his head, that mess of brown hair constantly windswept, remains mostly the same—sorter, now, but quickly catching up. Shockingly blue eyes, practically silver, with flicks of greens and reds and yellows resonating in patterned intervals offset any assumptions this is a completely new man, however. He's got a simple, rugged face painted beautiful with his passionate personality.

Although, horrifically, he's missing his left arm, ruinously ripped apart from an explosion so many months ago. Rooted into his shoulder is a mess of home-made mechanics, drilled into his very bone by whatever tools he could find. Rather than emulate the lithe and natural form of the human body, it looks more like the uncanny valley of a puppet, heavily plated with planks of wood with kanji scribbled across them. From this socket strings a deceptively simple arm with a plated elbow, and a full hand—the most delicate of all the work done—with exposed inner-workings and the soft blue glow of a puppeteer's wires. The kanji reads a passionate letter to his deceased father.


The teenage awkwardness in his own body has started to fade, but some part of him still rebels against the uniform of a typical shinobi. While he wears his headband and his newly earned jacket far more often than he ever would before, his standard is still the trappings of his youth. T-shirts, leather jackets, and jeans make up his mainstay, although everything has to have the left arm torn off to fit his new arm through. He has an assortment of belts to keep his jeans attached to his skinny frame, and a variety of accessories to accent everything—necklaces, bracelets, pins and flair attached to his clothing. His shoes aren't typical for running, but rather for sticking to the windboard of his favorite sport. This alone is the most familiar aspect of his reinvention.

However, one doesn't become a serious ninja and think he can get away with this for mission work. A padded vest, slacks with buckles and straps to hold various shinobi tools, a mask to cover his scarred face and the same goggles he uses to keep the dust out of his eyes for flying make for a fantastic battle accessory. On his hip, always, is a small metal device that looks like a scroll container.


Motivation from mourning. Melancholia that tempers action, makes it deliberate instead of impulsive. Depression that forces every action to be a drastically forced one. The loss of his last remaining family, the months of isolation, the entire experience of his last few years has changed Ryuusei from the carefree teenager of his youth to a severe man. No longer does he tend to think of himself as a leaf on the wind, floating wherever the desert beckons. He is a master of the wind, the controller of currents and flows. He directs his own fate.

In a phrase, a paradigm shift.

His philosophy shattered when he realized it lead to the death and pain that stretched out like a dark spider's web, tangling up the hopes and feelings of far more than just his simple self. No longer could he claim to have no worries in this world, no more could he wake up with a plan. Kosai Ryuusei is a man of deliberate intentions.

To strangers, on the field, and with his superiors, Kosai Ryuusei is cold-hearted and calculating. His goal out of any mission is simply 'completion', at whatever personal sacrifice or moral dampening that that may entail. He holds fast to the most basic command of the shinobi brotherhood: A ninja has no place for emotion on the field.

With his friends, he's a bit easier to talk to, but he no longer reflects his old personality. He's slow to laugh, quick to lose himself in thought. His prior charms might still lie deep down, but he has no ease of finding them. Tortured with the sins of his past, he chooses instead of keep all of that silent, brooding deep down in his chest. He approaches everything as a challenge, and takes it upon himself to suffer in secret. The world has enough edgy, angsty shinobi: He intends to keep himself out of their numbers.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “For my father.”

Primary Archetype: Fuuton Specialist [CPM]
Secondary Archetype: Blade Dancer



Physical (Secondary) (27/27)

Strength: 1 [-1 Fuuton Specialist] [+1 Blade Dancer] [+11 Pool] 12 / +10 Chigatana
Speed: 1 [+1 Blade Dancer] [+5 Pool] [+5 Thread] 12 / +9 Chigatana
Stamina: 1 [+11 Pool] 12 / +4 Chigatana

Mental (24/24)

Intelligence: 1 [+4 Pool] 5
Tactics: 1 [-2 Fuuton Specialist] [+1 Blade Dancer] [+6 Pool] 6
Willpower: 1 [-1 Blade Dancer] [+14 Pool] 14

Chakra (Primary) (30/30)

Power:1 [+2 Fuuton Specialist] [-1 Blade Dancer] [+10 Pool] 12
Control: 1 [+11 Pool] 12
Reserves: 1 [+1 Fuuton Specialist] [-1 Blade Dancer] [+9 Pool] 10


Jutsu and Techniques: (VD's Swaps)
Chigatana no Kenbu (Bloody Sword Dance)
  • Stage 1 (Strength 5, Stamina 3) / Strength +4, Speed +3, Stamina +2
  • Stage 2 (Strength 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6) / Strength +3, Speed +4, +1 Stamina
  • Stage 3 (Strength 12, Stamina 8, Willpower 8) / +3 Strength, +3 Speed, +1 Stamina
    • Sakki no Kanji (Feeling of Bloodlust) Level 1

The Celestial Gates
  • Kai-Mon
    • Primary Shootin' Star
      A basic technique, Ryuusei makes up for his lack of formal hand-to-hand training with a brawling punch. It's aim is to launch the opponent airborne for follow-up attacks, but regardless of how it hits, it hits. Regardless of Ryuusei's stance (if he's sturdy, standing on a wall, falling through the air) he finds his center, focuses on a single opponent, and explodes forward with his right fist, chakra visable in spiraling streams as he slams forward. If possible, this becomes an uppercut to launch the opponent skyward. However, if Ryuusei is airborne or just in a situation where up isn't an option, it's a horribly fierce punch set to launch the opponent away from the attack.

      This technique will be part of a chain, for further techinques down the line. Ryuusei has the option to use his left hand if he's wielding his weapon, or even punch with sword in hand.
  • Kyu-Mon
  • Sei-Mon

Fuuton (Wind Ninjutsu)
  • Stage 1
    • Fuuton: Hanpatsu Kaze no Jutsu (Wind Element: Retrieving Wind Technique) (Willpower 3, Reserves 3) (Fuuton Specialist Freebie)
  • Stage 2
    • Fuuton: Okuridashi Kaze (Wind Element: Propelling Winds) (Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5)
  • Stage 3
    • Fuuton: Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Wind Element: Slashing Wind Skill) (Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6)
  • Stage 4
    • Fuuton: Kaze Shunshin no Jutsu (Wind Element: Wind Instantaneous Body Skill) (Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Willpower 12)

Global Ninjutsu
  • Stage 1
    • Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) (Power 2, Tactics 2)
  • Stage 2
    • Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique) (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)

Inventory: (VD's Items)
  • Dear Father, (Prosthetic Arm) [6]
  • Hoshi no Suna (Unique Sword) [7]
  • Stylin' Airboarder Goggles [5]

Weapon Points Remaining: (18/20)



Kosai Ryuusei slowly walks into the small, brightly lit room. He looks around—possibly noticing the lack of windows, and sits down with a certain lack of flourish in the single chair before a table completely clean of any decoration. In comparison to his last known appearance before the events at the bridge, he is significantly bulked up, walks with an awkward gait that favors his right leg, and his hair has grown out—far out, beyond his shoulders. He's clean, freshly so, and has a cloak draped around his shoulders, obscuring his body. He holds his head low, eyes adjusting to the artificial light. He isn't alone—a Jounin operative stands across from him, arms crossed, and two Chuunin lean back against the wall, at a right angle from each other, as if guarding the corner door from anything entering...or leaving.

“The penalty for treason is, in nearly all cases, death,” speaks the senior shinobi, his weight shifting as he casually leans against the table. “How do you plead?”

“Plead?” Almost a whine, the croaked and damaged voice of one recovering from dehydration spills from Ryuusei's lips. “I thought this was a debriefing, not an interrogation.”

“According to our records, you were last seen embarking on a mission with two other, senior shinobi. They were eventually recovered, or what was left of their bodies--” Ryuusei notably winces at the Jounin's words, “--in the spill over after the battleground was emptied. Odd, then, that two far more powerful and serious shinobi than you end up dead and somehow you come crawling back to the village a year or more later.”

“I already told the other guy,” Ryuusei said, voice gaining in strength as he uses it, “There was a complication. An enemy shinobi--I think--appeared, he was powerful. Used some jutsu I couldn't recognize, and the bridge buckled. The other two kept their balance, but I fell to the water.”

The Jounin presses away from the table, arms crossing. He, like the others, finds himself leaning against the wall. “The wounds on the recovered corpses were far beyond your ability. But why not return to the village immediately? Why now?”

“Are you implying I was allied with that creep? I'm a Sunagakure man, born and raised. I had seen bodies of water that large maybe twice before in my life. I wasn't prepared to swim back to shore, much less since my arm was ruined and broken from the fall. I tried to break the surface and get air, but within a few moments of being underwater, I lost my breath. I blacked out, thought I was dying.”

“And yet you survived.”

“I was in a river, a fast flowing one at that. I guess my gear pulled me to the surface after I lost consciousness. When I came to, I was looking up at...” Ryuusei breaks his flowing sentence, and leans back in his chair. He shakes his head, as if clearing his thoughts. “At a girl. Young one. She was trying to drag me up and out of the water, but I was too much weight for her. Eventually someone came along. The next few days are a blur, but I remember them amputating my broken arm, and I remember waking up every now and then to be fed.”

“So, a village in a foreign country gave medical assistance and aid to a crippled soldier?”

“I never wear my headband,” One of the door guards snorts at this comment, “And they thought my tattoo was a prison brand. For my first few months in town, they thought they had saved a captured farmer.”

“You had no problem going along with this ruse, now?”

“I wasn't a good shinobi, but I had the right training. The best disguise is one that puts you in plain sight. I went along with it, and once I was ready to walk again, I started helping them around the village.”

“Assisting an enemy vil--”

Ryuusei leans forward swiftly, cutting off the Jounin. “They are a non-combatant village, barely had enough men to ward off bandits. Cultural and political boundaries mean a lot less to a man when he's broken and abandoned by his own government. Yeah, in the several months I was MIA without any military search and receiving the care from strangers, I worked for them. If that's a problem, you've been in this office too long.”

There's a sound, but our camera doesn't pick up the action, yet somehow Ryuusei's fallen off his chair, blood spilling neatly and cleanly from his nose. A large package that had been hidden below the table is kicked in front of him by the senior operative, cloth rolling away to reveal what—in all accounts—looks like an exaggerated puppet arm. “If they're a non-combatant village, how did they have the technology to create this?!”

Ryuusei looks at the device from his position on the floor, and twists his body to sit up, cross legged on the floor. One of his arms rests on his knee, spilling open his cloak and revealing he's missing the other. “They didn't create it. I did.”

“Yes, we've heard your story.” At this comment, one of the guards tosses a folder that flops open and slides papers across the table, just at Ryuusei's eye-level. “This is your academy transcript and the mission reports for the grand total of twenty missions you accomplished during your five years as an acting shinobi genin for Sunagakure. Hardly a shining star in the ranks, Kosai-san. How can we believe you had the ability to manufacture such a device?”

Ryuusei turns his head, looking directly at the camera. He pauses for a moment, observing the eye-lens. “That's one of my dad's devices. He works for R&D. It's the occular device for a puppet amplified by a step-up coil that takes the standard vision granted by a puppeteer's techniques and displays them on a device elsewhere in the facility. It's probably being recorded in some way, as well. The plates around the eye lens help narrow the field of vision to give a more vivid, sharp image, but it's limited to the green-blue color spectrum. It just barely delivers audio quality better than a busted comm-link, but it's passable.”

“Yes, your father's achievements have been broad, but he was an experienced puppeteer. This device uses the same skills he might have, albeit no where near his level. But you, Kosai-san, are not a puppeteer. You can barely swing around that artifact you treat like a toy.”

“My father wanted me to be a puppeteer, and I tend to pick up a lot on what he tries to teach me. And that sword of mine is my most precious--” Ryuusei stands up, righting his chair and sitting down in it again. “Nevermind. More important is how I came to get the parts required. During my stay in the village, I learned that they tended to have a problem with roving gangs taking control of their economy, since—like I've said---they barely had enough arms to work their farms, much less hold against an attack. I obviously didn't let myself get out of shape, despite my disfigurement, and continued my training. I did my best to hide my origins as a Shinobi of the Sands, and I couldn't perform ninjutsu with one hand. Obviously, using my sword was out. When it came time for the town to pay it's tithes to the gangs, I stood up for them.”

The boy pauses for a few moments, but it feels longer. “With one hand and a rusted katana, I took advantage of my taijutsu training and the fight just fell into place. Outclassed them as soon as I opened the first gate. After which, went through the junk the raiders kept with them and found several broken puppet parts. I assumed they found them in the aftermath of the battles that took my arm, and thought they might be able to sell them somehow.”

“And you didn't come home directly after this?”

“No,” Ryuusei said with a certain demeaning tone on his voice, “I had just opened my initial gate. My body was sore and my legs nearly useless. I had to rest. So I tinkered around with the puppet parts until I was able to make that, my testament.”

“Your testament?”

“As soon as I get out of here, I'm going back to my dad's house. I'm going to dedicate my life to being his apprentice and following in his footsteps. I died on him, and I want to make it up to him.”

The Jounin shares a swift glance with the two guards, and then falls his gaze back on Ryuusei.

“Kosai-san, your father was confirmed KIA a few weeks ago.”

Recording ends.


"From my debriefing, it is in my highest regards that I recommend that Kosai Ryuusei is reinstated as a shinobi of Sungakure, and promoted to Chuunin for surviving events far beyond his prior rank of Genin. Placement in SUNA should give him ample opportunity to improve his arts to better serve the Nation of Wind."

Other Info:
- Kosai Ryuusei, Genin & His Final Thread

Thread Ratings:
12/27/13 Dead and Lovely +2 Strength
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unbiased Half

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Half Approved.

though I do like the genin's sheet pictures much better. just sayin'

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Well, normally I'd suggest that you mix in more current events to the biography, but I like it the way it is. Besides, I know you're an ol' pro. Rock on.


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I like this, actually. And not just because I held the event that did this to him. Though that may be part of it.

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