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Default Itaku Chizuru - Grass M-nin

scarred phoenix

- - -

Name: Itaku Chizuru
Age: Twenty-Three
Height: Five Feet, Seven Inches
Rank: Jounin
Gender: Female

Country/Village: Hidden Grass
Division: Nukenin

Physical Appearance/Clothing:

Flawless? What kind of nonsense is that? A ninja should pride themselves on their battle markings like they used to in the old times. Chizuru is definitely a face to be remembered, as she signifies everything that a real woman should be. Beautiful to some, intriguing to most; she has the most indifferent set of olive green eyes to ever leave the gene pool. Her hair is comprised of short tendrils that reach her jaw at best, jaggedly cut and smooth down to every last strand.

Her exclamation thin eyebrows attract attention the excess of pale skin on her face. With such clashing colors everything on her face stands out like an oasis in the desert. A small nose rests almost perfectly in between her eyes and just below them are a set of thin lips that have seen so much blood they’ve taken on a naturally crimson face.

She’s taller than some, but not actually tall; what you would think as a petite frame seems to differ completely once her body is brought into play. Her muscles are small for her shape but with them taking form and distinguishing themselves it would be hard to underestimate her or play her off as the non-combative type. Her long legs are where most of her height comes from, and with the addition to heels it’s just like she’s begging for more attention -- more distinction.

Breasts and backside aren’t very large either, but she filled out nicely since the times of her flat-chested adolescence. Her hands are small yet anything but smooth, which is why she prefers to wear gloves whenever the Shinku Seijun demand her “style” to stand out. There are a medley of small cuts and almost invisible scars along her forearms, back, and even far up her thighs. But one would have to examine her body thoroughly to find the exact location and number of them.

One last physical feature would be the artificial mole she sketches onto her face each morning. The entire routine of it has given her the ability to pinpoint exactly where she placed it, which calls for it to usually end up at the same absolute location each morning. It’s nothing more than a small point of ink dried onto her face near the left corner of her mouth. But she likes it just as much as she likes her vast collection of dresses.

Colors range from scarlet (coincidence?) to ebony, with the exception of dark greens and blues to add some flair. Dresses are never too revealing yet not too suspicious, compensating for her rather formal attire with some hidden projectiles strapped around her thighs and a couple of scrolls stashed within her purse. But whenever work for the Shinku Seijun isn’t necessary she will resort to whatever clothing comfortable -- men or women’s, as long as it sticks to her adapted loyalty to the organization and to her village.


You’ve heard it all before. The polymerization of two polar opposites that mesh together with a certain passion unbridled by any other; it is the mix of femininity and masculinity in the form of a true warrior. Chizuru is held down by no chains unless there are some that are physically binding her. She has gone under plenty of sessions where her state of mind has been tested for the greater good of the village. Why? Because her parents didn’t want to raise a traitor, that’s why. And because of it you get it:

Sarcasm. Whenever she doesn’t like things she has one of two options. To an elder she would point it out in a respectful manner no matter what the punishment was on her -- even if it meant to put a smile on her face as she was getting beat up. But to a peer or someone she doesn’t see deserves such respect, she will often reply in a sarcastic tone that ridicules them in some shape or form; usually a witty remark. She goes as far as to accentuate it with body movements and eyebrow elevation so that those too stupid to acknowledge it will eventually pick up such an obvious retort.

Eloquence. When it is needed Chizuru can conduct business to the point where you would think she was raised as royalty. Her mother had this to do with her, as she was often seen sitting cross-legged in some costly chair while sipping a glass of whine comfortably. She held manners with everything she did. Her walk, her vernacular, and even her combat; it flowed gracefully to the point where the weapon she was wielding could only be called fatal beauty. And after years and years of this she slowly but surely began to pick up on such traits.

Blunt. Sugar coating is also known as lying, and lying isn’t one of the more honorable tasks even if it was a shinobi’s tool. The only time she uses deception is when it would otherwise prove dangerous to her village; either immediately or eventually. If she was to witness some misconduct however, and Man was to ask her for the person responsible, she would point them out even if it was her own parents. It was what they taught her--it was what she took for herself.

Strong. This trait was taken from her father and mother as they both always seemed to be so powerful. While she’s working on her Taijutsu, there are no doubts in the young woman’s mind that she is strong. Withstanding tons of pain and torture throughout her short lived life proved this on its own.

She finds no handicap in herself because she is a woman, and sees that no matter who you are or how you grew up, so long as you hold strong to the motives of Kusagakure there will be no falter in your power. It’s because of this that she will die if her village calls for it.

Undying loyalty is hard to come by. And so is a person like Chizuru.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Humanity has become the victim of arson, thus prompts my reckoning.

Combo Archetype: Bombardier
Primary Archetype: Projectile Specialist
Secondary Archetype: Daredevil

(#) = Account Points
# = Thread/Reward Points


- Strength: 1 - [1] + 14 + 4 = 18 (+15; FB)
- Speed: 1 + [1] + 23 = 25 (+23; FB)
- Stamina: 1 + [2] + 13 = 16 (+7; FB)
- Intelligence: 1 - [1] + 21 = 21
- Tactics: 1 + 19 = 20
- Willpower: 1 + [1] + 20 = 22
- Power: 1 - [1] + 15 = 15
- Control: 1 + 12 + 2 = 15
- Reserves: 1 - [1] + 13 = 13

Jutsus and Techniques

Global List - Global Ninjutsu + Swaps
- Kawarimi (s1)
- Rokuon (s2; Replacing : Chakra Kami Nawa)
- Shashin (s3; Replacing : Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu)
- Shunshin (s4)
- Heigou (s5; Replacing : Soushuuha)

Global List - Fushichou Buyou
- Stage 1
- Stage 2
- Stage 3
- Stage 4
- Stage 5

Global List - Global Genjutsu + Swaps
- Bunshin (s1)
- Meisai (s2)
- Genjutsu Kai (s3; Replacing : Open Slot)
- Nemuri (s4)
- Enmaku (s5)

Global List - Projectile Ninjutsu + Swaps
- Tobidougu Ippuku (s1)
- Kurinuku Senbon (s1)
- Futago Ryuu (s2)
- Human Weapon Seal – Needle (s2; Replacing : Senbon Ninpou: Kansen)
- Horisageru no Yadama (s2)
- Totsunyuu (s2; Replacing : Kumo No Bakudan)
- Ame no Yadama (s3)
- Senbon no Fuka (s3)
- Namaru no Yadama (s4)
- Jakuhaisha Ka-ru (s4; Replacing : Akaakato no Yadama)
- Issen Yadama (s5)
- Outou Shounetsujigoku (s5)

- Kunai (2)
- Scrolls (1)
- Senbon (2)
- Ninja-To (4)
- Shuriken (2)
- Exploding Tags (4)

Weapon Points Remaining: 5
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


Hidden Chapter - Prelude: The Phoenix has had two lives, with its previous life starting the moment she was born. Her father and mother (Itaku Kentou and Itaku Shion respectively) were both shinobi who had reached the pinnacle of their abilities. Their respect for the traditions and foundation of the village was the reason Chizuru turned out the way she did. She was raised to be everything that they were, so much that it was like she was just given a culmination of their characteristics and told that it was who she really was.

Her skills as a shinobi and a great one were tested every chance she was given. Aside from learning how to read and write long before she would make her appearance in the academy, there were plenty of tutorials that she would go through daily in order to sharpen her entirety. Needless to say there were repercussions from this training and it reflected in her social handlings. Not to say that she was allowed to be outside on many occasions, but there were obviously times where being sociable couldn’t be avoided.

And things didn’t turn out to be so fabulous. She was a blunt seven year old with an odd affiliation to violence, resorting to it whenever she didn’t like things. Her mother scolded her for it while her father gave her praise. Despite their differences they were in sync with one another to the point of insanity, and they wanted this for their daughter. So to better work with her into developing strongly, she attended the academy for six years straight.

She wasn’t an exceptionally skilled person, in fact, but her confidence in herself was too strong to ignore. There was damage to her mental and physical along the years as she struggled to hold true to the confidence and sarcastic humor that her father preached to her about, while she didn’t push the envelope into a tomboy -- staying close to her feminine mannerisms when appropriate. It was the combination of brute force and a woman’s touch that spread into wings. They would take her far.

In her years as a Genin she began to mature and would find herself dating at such a young age. Her father stayed the intimidating giant that fathers were infamous for, and her mother was the quiet judgmental type that always hid her comments about her daughter’s preference behind a small glass of wine. There weren’t many that could capture her attention away from herself long enough to even make a relationship possible, but it never lasted longer than a month before she was flying solo once more.

There were plenty of conflicts between her Sensei and she on the account that her teacher was more loyal to her own goals than she was to Kusagakure’s welfare. The other Genin were just happy that they had a mentally strong companion on their team that they could look up to so the other two girls took easily to her and they worked pretty well when it came to group efforts. But she couldn’t say the same thing about her link with her teacher. Not even after three years of taking missions and building on each other’s faults would the dynamic duo of teacher and student find an equal ground.

They would dismiss themselves from the other’s presence when sixteen year old Chizuru reached the status of Chuunin. She was playing in a whole new ball game, and there was no doubt in her mind that she was ready for it.

Her time as a Chuunin was more conflicting than it was beneficial. For the longest time ever she had avoided the fact that she couldn’t really find anything original about herself. Every bit and piece of what made her who she was could be traced back to her parents and elders, with the only unique trait being her given name. She questioned it for the longest time and it sometimes reflected in her work. She moved out of her parents’ care at nineteen but never failed to visit them whenever she was given the urge, checking up on how the retired pair were doing in their late forties.

But it wasn’t until a year later that she actually began to understand why she was who she was. It was the lack of those around her that publically shared the same ideals that she did. It had nothing to do with ability -- although she could handle herself should the need for self-defense arrive. But it was her state of mind that separated her from the res -- it was her loyalty to the will of Kusagakure that lid the flame underneath her feet. Her realization of this gave an all-time boost to her field reputation.

And nine months later life was given to the newly appointed Chizuru and her Jounin status. The chronicles have just began.


Chapter One - Captive: She had never been above the law. Her status as a Jounin and honorable kunoichi of Kusagakure had been the only thing she ever truly held onto. It’s what made her take the assignments that she was given and attempt them to the best of her abilities. It was what pushed her to creep into the night; to dispatch a foe with the utmost of care; to rid the world of all those unfortunate to be spotted by the watchful eyes in her home village. They were already observing her.

So it was hard to believe someone of her caliber and determination would be taken down so easily. Itaku Chizuru of Kusagakure was no longer a free woman, neither were the other three men she had clumsily taken a mission with. It seemed simple enough. The briefing gave her all the information she needed about the task. Get in -- eliminate the group thought to be a threat -- return without giving your position to anyone. It was the will of her elders. So she adapted it as her will as well.

But they didn’t expect their targets to be a small organization of wandering shinobi. And she didn’t expect four elite shinobi to be taken captive by the enemy as easily as it happened; in a cave, no less. The four would come to know this cave quite well, as it would substitute as their prison for the next eight months.

It was constant surveillance for the four. They would be tortured for information. Sometimes in a group, but most of the time separately, so as to relieve them of the pressure that their peers would put on them. It wasn’t a cakewalk either. There was no dismemberment, exactly, however wills were torn apart and minds were crushed into small fragments. After three months of torture one of the Jounin gave in.

It wasn’t her.

Their goals stay hidden to this day. But after releasing all of the information he had been given he was “let go”- otherwise known as fed to the wildlife that lingered throughout the damp cave. The others would stay tied up and keep their knowledge, for they knew that giving it would get them nowhere. The eight months swept away, each member with a large amount of bruised flesh, broken bones, and extremely damaged nerves that they could show as proof of their troubles. This was getting them nowhere. The time they spent with the shinobi had already been ridiculously long.

There wasn’t much point in continuing. So they did what was needed to be done, and impaled each separately through the chest with a sharp katana. Their deaths would be decided by their fate. One of the men died instantly, while the other was left living along with Chizuru only to feel the insects crawl around and sometimes in their wounds, waiting for that last drop of blood to leave their body in which they would transcend from the disgusting world into the wonderful afterlife.

It never came. Those ninja were either merciful fools, or sadistic geniuses. She expected to die within the hour, but instead her pain and agony was prolonged for another seven hours in which she’d experienced all types of torture that she had never dealt with even in her eight months of captivity. The wandering shinobi did what their occupation entitled, wandering about the country while leaving no signs of their whereabouts. The two Jounin found themselves conversing on what the opposing ninjas would do with the information they were given, and all of their ideas seemed to irk them.

She talked until she couldn’t talk anymore… and then her vision faded, her mind captured by the dark wrath she had deserved ever since her trials as a Genin.

It was then that she died.

But soon, she would be resurrected.

Her eyes awakened a couple of weeks later, only to find that she was in the infirmary back inside Kusagakure. The man she had been with was in the bed across from her, but still out for a while longer. Her wounds had been treated, along with her scars. They had been saved by the newly appointed division of shinobi who called themselves KSHD. There was some explaining to do, but first, she would have to swipe away the ashes from her previous endeavors. This was a new day.


Chizuru found those explanations about all the changes that had happened. From the appointment of new divisions to the Sakibou Festival which was only a couple of weeks away. Their minds had been purged of their memories while they slept -- the entire information resounded through all of those who were considered to be a force within the village. And no sooner than the day she could actually walk again would she and her comatose surviving partner be awarded for their steady souls in the face of despair.

They gave her something, alright -- some stupid trophy and social recognition between a small gathering of men. Unknowing to her, however, many things would be changing in the near future. She took a month off of duty to allow herself to fully recover, and found that with constant treatment from some of the best medics her physical scars could be, and would be, removed. The only proof now that the incident actually occurred was her rather indifferent nature towards death and the glare in her eyes that promised a gruesome elimination should anyone think of crossing her; think of crossing her village.

Kusakage. Resignation. Scarlet Purity.

It seemed to happen days after she had began to continue her duties as an active shinobi. She didn’t show much signs of ever being affected. She stayed wise-cracking and confident almost to the point of her being diagnosed insane. She remembered key parts about the day, but only those that dealt with breaking down and/or death of those around her. Her adapted loyalty attracted the interest of some rather large sharks that she had been swimming around blindly. One shark to be mentioned; Kiritorigoutou Man.

He arranged their meeting by requesting her attendance at a formal gala. She dressed in one of her more finer pieces only to find herself conversing with this older man while getting her share of the wine around her. Her surprise was shown when he quickly recited her past “small” accomplishments as a child and even the name and age of her parents; along with her own age, blood type, and combat preference. This surely gathered her attention.

The deal was sealed not even ten minutes later. He gave her an offer that she wouldn’t refuse. It was a chance to actually do more for her beloved village other than just sparing a few shuriken for it. She could make it stronger -- she could make its inhabitants stronger. The Phoenix’s rebirth was followed by a fresh outlook on life. The only instructions that she was given was to keep her elegant style at all times, and to inherent a strong liking for whiskey. The public force known as Shinku Seijun working under the new Kusakage had just adopted a Valkyrie into their presence. She’d serve well.

- - -

Thread Log:
Genesis: n/a
Weed Wacker: Futago Ryuu, Perfect Throw, Human Weapon Seal – Needle ( 3 AP )
The Black That Revolves: +2 Strength, Totsunyuu
Personal Modifications: Stage 4 Fushichou Buyou, Jakuhaisha Ka-ru, Senbon no Fuka ( 3 AP )
Oaths: +2 Control, Senbon Hensa
M-nin United: +2 Strength, Stage 5 Fushichou Buyou

been driving ms. daisy
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I expected no less.

I didn't check stats, but I read through it. :O

Full Approval


Full FIERCE Approval

hmmm, yeah, I like that. I'm using that.

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Stat does check out.

Half Approval.
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You omitted the section that says you have one WP left but that's hardly something for me to withhold a 1/2 approval about. Maaaay want to plug that in, though?

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This be awesome shit. Gladly Swede-halfproved.
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[Halfproved] for FailShinkuSeijun.

Seriously, she looks like she's dropping a deuce.

Edit: Just realized that Merdle needs to approve this for Shinku Seijun. Damn it. Unnecessary approval still stands, though. x_x Sorry. Good for a bump, though, if we're going to look at the positives.
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I'm still going to request you change the archetype. Doesn't make sense to have two people fill the same role in a special force.

EDIT: Also, you have no nindo.

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I know there's no nindo. The biography should explain the reasons for that, however. But the quote under her name is more her nindo than anything, to tell you the truth.

And, I'm going to see if Merdle will let me keep it despite you already having it. I didn't mean for her to be an explosives expert like Baku, Shinji, but she does have some explosive techniques and I was more so going for the separate archetypes more than anything -- it just happened that when picking the two archetypes that they equaled out to the Bombardier combo. If it needs to be changed, however, I'll just take the two separately, even though they have no real benefit that she can't already perform (excluding Daredevil special, of course).

been driving ms. daisy
Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.
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Um, she needs a nindo, that's part of the character sheet. Include it and put "..." if you must, but you have to have one. : (
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Like I said, quote under her name, kthx.

been driving ms. daisy
Let's RP & stuff. But be patient I'm still a n00b.
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