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Default Satoshi Akino; Amegakure Chuunin


naruto reincarnate

- - -

Name: Satoshi Akino
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Height: 5’5

Country/Village: Rain Country/Amegakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: - n/a -

Physical Description/Clothing:

Undomesticated brown locks engender many of the negative reflections about the boy of a rough upbringing. All over the place when not forced to comply, these strands are otherwise careful to not disrupt the boy's line of sight and allow for rain and other substances to easily pass through them rather than just get caught up in the forest of follicles and inhibit him. With a face of discontent and skin showing that he isn't afraid to take a hit or two, Akino is the epitome of an protagonist.

In enough shape to be considered an effective youth, the battle-hardy nature of the child keeps him running into trouble and forcing himself to find a way out of it. Though not extremely fast or agile his overall strength makes up for his lack of maneuverability. One thing he wasn't blessed with was looks most of his peers went for. Some considered him cute and others didn't even recognize it, pointing him out as some brash youth with no type of sense. Instead of smooth skin his is harder--a sandy countenance that comes from wounds and a disinterest in the pretty boy facade.

One thing Akino does have, if anything, would be a sense of style. Where others are afraid to go he will traverse into with a foolhardy disposition. Jackets and shirts are torn and ruined purposely for their abrasive style, while jeans are burned and ripped for the same purpose. He demands that he be one-of-a-kind in this world of conformity, even it means becoming the only person on a side against the rest. He lacks a hitai-ate (or at least doesn't wear it), and instead has the Amegakure emblem on a wristband.

Like most fourteen year olds should be, Akino is not extremely tall and rather skinny with a hint of muscle developing on him, but overall bland as far as muscular structure is concerned. Even his eyes seem to not hold much depth in their lackluster sienna tinge. But his presence emanates something many others lack--courage.

It is this courage that will lead him to become a shinobi unlike any other, even if he has to force himself to take on the examples of the land's foremothers and fathers.


He may not look like much, but Akino's a handfull. Not necessarily profane in his words, though there is the word damn that he uses as if it was a blessing upon others. He is a very intelligent kid, with an IQ of 169, surpassing the genius scale if only by a bit. The whole lazy type is shown, but he isn't lazy to the point where even in a tough situation he doesn't want to do anything. It usually only lasts around things that he feels aren't necessary as an every-day routine. I won't get into details, however, as you all might just hang me where I type.

Akino loves to do things that please him, or help him towards the goal driven into the center of his brain by his overly-perverted brother. Being of his intelligence, Akino has learned that in order to be successful, you need to know everything. And if you don't know everything, then support the one with the potential to know everything. And as such, that is his occupation, in a sense.

Supporting those that he finds have the potential to make a difference. And if you don't have enough skill to make a difference, then you are nothing more than a supportive sidekick, much like himself. When you say he's perverted, it's nothing like peeking at women while they are naked. He believes that he hasn't reached this level yet. He is just more attracted to the opposite sex than the normal boy his age. And if given a chance, he will try his best and peek at girls orbs of beauty. A lot of this time, it will include smooth talking and the random joke. But, there are also times when Akino will happen to like a girl. But his attempts at peeking at their chest don't change. He used to be a long-range type of guy until the kid sort of fell into his own sense of flair, adjusting to using his fists and ninjutsu to gain the upper hand on the opponent.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "I've got recognition, now I need strength..."

Clan/Bloodline: - n/a -
Primary Archetype: Beast Master
Secondary Archetype: Virtuoso

(#) = Account Points
# = Thread/Reward Points

- Strength: 1 + (3) + 6 = 10 (+9; Seido Kobushi)
- Speed: 1 + [2] + 5 + 2 = 10
- Stamina: 1 - [1] + 3 + 5 = 8
- Intelligence: 1 + (1) + 2 + 5 = 9
- Tactics: 1 + 2 + 5 = 8
- Willpower: 1 + (1) + 2 + 5 + 1 = 10
- Power: 1 - [1] + (4) + 3 + 3 = 10
- Control: 1 + (3) + 4 + 5 = 13
- Reserves: 1 + 3 + 6 = 10

Jutsus and Techniques

Seido Kobushi Taijutsu
- Stage 1
- Stage 2 ://: Transfer
- Stage 3

Global Ninjutsu
- Henge no Jutsu (s1)
- Kawarimi no Jutsu (s1)
- Kinobori no Jutsu (s2)
- Seiryoku Henge: Bunshin (s2; Replacing : Chakra Kami Nawa)
- Suimen Hokou no Gyou (s3)

Amegakure Ninjutsu: Kuro Suiton
- Abura Ryuushutsu (s1)
- Abura Aruki (s1)
- Santoarukari Hakisuteru (s1)
- Abura Bunshin: Karai (s1)
- Abura Baindo (s2; Replacing : Abura Gaihi)
- Kuroi Kougake: I (s2; Replacing : Hasamu-Makkuro Bakudan)
- Bakuhatsu (s3; Replacing : Santoarukari Bakudan)
- Kokuu no Jutsu (s3)

Beast Master Ninjutsu
- Bestial Bunshin (s1)
- Nocturnal Hunter (s2)
- Kawarimi Sacrifice (s3)
- Eagle's Eye (s3)

Amegakure Ninjutsu: Shirou Suiton
- Mizu Souken (s1)

- Kunai (2)
- Shuriken (2)
- Tear Gas (3)
- Exploding Tags (4)
- Communication Unit (1)

Weapon Points Remaining: 8
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

- - -

Name: Uni
Species: Panda
Age: Four
Sex: Male
Weight: 139 lbs.
Height/Length: 3'0" / 3'0"

Physical Description:

Being the somewhat Panda that he is, Uni takes one of the most cutest faces possible. His facial expressions, believe it or not, draw in almost everyone that doesn't have a stick up their ass. So, you know, Akino isn't affected by this. He is unique in his own, that Uni's ears take a different shape than most Panda. However, he was bred in belief that he was a canine, and as such, he doesn't even know that his ears are deformed. The ears lag on his head, reaching below the panda's chin. However, when he hears something, the ears shoot up, and look like bunny ears.

They are black ears, and being ears, they can bend in a way that it'd be pretty hard to hurt him. Though, if you grab him by his ears, he will cry and flutter around, seeing as how it would hurt for all of his body to be hanging by the small ears.

Most of his actual body is covered with white skin. But, each of his limbs, are black. Along with his little puff ball tail. The ball can be thought of as a bun, if anything else. His little nose, almost always moist, is also black, and sits pointing outwards from the tip of his face. Being the cute little ball that he is, Uni wears a pair of pink ovals under his eyes, with the inch area around his eyes, black. The pink ovals not really a part of his actual body, but just an essence of his overall cuteness.

And no, it doesn't have to make sense to be cute. The last little piece of description about the smaller than small Panda is that he wears a bandanna around his neck, that sort of droops. But not big enough to be pulled off of his neck. So at most the small Panda could get strangled by his own clothing. It's a dark red, much like all of the clothing Akino wears.

Though unlike the descriptions above he has grown since his initial times with Akino and now stands eye-to-eye with Akino given that he was sitting down. This growth wasn't sudden at all. Gradually the panda attained more and more as he ate more and more, until now where his abilities in battle are much more useful than what they would have been at his smaller size. But to those with experience he's still not as strong as Akino would like him to be.


Uni, being a panda, has the overall cuteness that panda's give off. However, being a ninja panda has an even greater set of perks. For, the abilities of a regular panda come easier to him. Also, his past helps, seeing as how Uni was taken from his home, in the wilderness outside the Grass Country, and brought to the Rain to be bred as a ninja dog. Whoever kidnapped him was stupid, and should have never been given the job in the first place.

Though, hard for Uni to regret it, 1: Him being a panda and all. 2: He got to meet Akino this way. While he doesn't love the boy's mindset at all times, he more than makes up for it with his loyalty in tough situations. Though there are some times when Uni prefers someone other than Akino. Though, this is how he came to be used as nothing more than a chick magnet. And no, not chickens. He loves being held and treated as if he was royalty. Cuddled, being waited on hand and foot..his dream.

One last little thing about Uni. He only listens to those who talk to him right. Talking down to him will result in you both getting nowhere fast. The only way to speak to him is firm, but with respect. As if you plan on working together with him, and not just having him work for you. Along with his panda natures, of eating grass and drinking milk and water, Uni has the tendencies of a dog.

Raised by nothing but dogs, he seems to take on their traits. Not barking and wagging his tail, of course, but the little things. Trying to droop his little tongue, biting, and the occasional swift running of a dog, if only a puppy. Even though Akino is fast, Uni is almost half the speed, allowing him to keep up with those that find themselves below Akino's level. The ferocious little thing loves to bite Akino, anddddd, happens to love females himself. No matter the species.

- Strength: 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 (+2; Tsume Tenrai)
- Speed: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 (+4; Tsume Tenrai)
- Stamina: 1 + 2 + 1 = 5 (+1; Tsume Tenrai)
- Intelligence: 1 + 2 = 3
- Tactics: 1 + 2 = 3
- Willpower: 1 + 1 + 2 = 4
- Power: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
- Control: 1 + 1 = 2
- Reserves: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3

Amegakure Ninjutsu: Shirou Suiton
- Mizu Souken (s1)
- Dorogutsu no Jutsu (s1)
-*Kiri Bunshin (s1)

Tsume Tenrai (Heavenly Claw)
- Stage 1
[Kusari Bunshin]

- Gurabu Tsume (8)

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


"Uni! Stop crapping all over the damn floor! Oh, you..ya need something? I'm kind of busy at the moment. What? Life story?...Sure, why not. Let me catch this one first. Ah, got him! The little rascal. Okay, i'm back. Oooh! I see some ladies out there! Ah! How are you all? Heh, let's get started. And after this, maybe we can chat over a nice cup of boob-- I mean, drink. Yeah, drink."

Thirteen years ago, Satoshi Akino was born. With only one passion in live; Drawing. As a young child, he use to grab all kinds of utensils. Pastels, ink, brushes, the works. And then he would go to town on the walls. Random scrabbles and the artist's luck would allow him to create masterpieces as a baby. He still paints, using pastels, he is an achieved artist. But back then, he was doing nothing more than what a young person would do. Having fun.

Little did he know, when he would grow up his entire sense of enjoyment would change. Born to a Mr. and Mrs. Satoshi, Akino was therefore created. Though, the entire logic behind this suddenly stops when we come to learn that Akino has no actual information about his parents that would throw out their identities. High ranked shinobi, always on missions, he could in fact be son of two influential shinobi. Now, they would come home, but they would never stay. The way of life for this family of three, was to serve their village.

Though many people believed in this way of life, only a couple followed it, and were willing to put their life on the line. This is where they came in. On duty or off, their sole purpose in life was to make sure the Hidden Rain village was secure, and that the current leader was safe at all times. Along with keeping the secret areas of Rain secret, until they were ready for exposure of themselves, and to reclaim their Hidden Village. This was what Akino's parents did, and the reason they were never around long enough as to watch a movie with their two boys. Yes, that's right. Akino was no only child.

He had an older brother, who was six years apart in age. His name was Guile, and he was the reason Akino is the way he is today. The reason why he likes the opposite sex, and if had the chance, would dive into a pile of women. Guile was a true pervert. Though, being a pervert had it's perks. Guile was a certified smartass, another reason Akino is the way he is. As their parents were gone each day out of the year, Guile was left in charge of taking care of his brother during the day.

When Akino was about six years old, he thought himself old enough to walk and talk, and took after his big brother. Guile had become a genin, and was proud of it. This is when his perverted tendencies started to kick in, and Guile became almost infatuated with breasts. Big breasts, small breasts, perky breasts, dull breasts, round breasts, cone breasts. He loved them all! And if it wasn't breasts that suited him, he would look at the figure. Especially the rump! He looooved the female figure, and was a pig no less.

If anything could be said about Guile, it was that when he grew up, his legend would surpass all of the other perverts before him. The only thing he did just as well as perverted spying on random kunoichi, was a taijutsu expert. His infamous kicks would grow up to be admired by so many of his peers. Striking so fast that even the wind's momentum from the sheer force was enough to cut trees. But, enough of his brother's later-legend. We're stuck in the now at the moment. And now we will bring in Akino's nature and how he began as a mini-perv..

"What is that?" The seven year old Akino asked as he walked in on his brother and his girlfriend, doing the dirty, it seemed. They were in the bed, with the covers over them, just pounding and pounding as if no care. Though, no sounds came from the two young soon to be Chuunin, and as Akino aged he questioned his brother's ability to please. Though, being young, he wondered what they were doing. He walked over by the bed and stood there, just looking on as the pounding continued.

Soft grunts and moans filled his ears, but he wondered what was happening. After a couple of minutes of observation, Akino lifted the covers, just a bit. And this is when he came to hate his brother, as his love juices squirted from the bed, onto his shirt. Akino looked down, put his finger in it, and opened his mouth. His tongue seconds from licking it, until he was met by a kick to the head from his brother. Guile rushed Sakura out of the room, gave her the school uniform, and told her that they would talk later. Right now, punishment was needed.

Akino stood on the wall, with a slash to the back, and his eyes on the wall as he was kicked once more. The kick leaving a permanent scar on his body, from just the force of the kick. Sliding the heel up the back instead of a direct contact, and starting the form of combat that he would later name. After punishing his little brother, he decided to mold him, into a crazed sex machine. This way, when he got some girls over, they could share, as Guile was never the ladies man. His mohawk styled haircut was a turn-off. And after what Sakura had told everyone about how he performs, Guile would NEED his brother's help if he was to get anymore action, other than himself and a night in the bathroom. Molding his brother into this crazed sex machine, looking for eye pleasure.

He tried to get him to go for the real thing, but he was too young. And the only thing the young people loved to do was watch their cartoons, and become ninjas. So guess what Akino did? "Let me be a ninja, big brother!"

Two years passed. Guile trained Akino the only way he knew. He wasn't that successful as Guile was in Taijutsu, so he knew that Akino would have to avoid close encounters if he was to every fight. Though, his speed was fast, and his stamina was even better. The only thing he needed was some jutsu other than taijutsu. There ya go! Genjutsu! It was perfect. Being that Akino wasn't he perfect boy, he would have to make use of his differences, and change his body into something else. Something extraordinary. Go, Akino!

Entering the academy at nine years old, Akino and Guile proceeded to talk to their parents about it. Returning from yet another mission, upon the same day Akino was accepted into the academy, they decided to give him a good luck gift. However, there was a mix-up. They thought they were giving him a dog, but it turned out to be a panda bear. They weren't the smartest tools in the box, and bought a panda bear out of a litter of dogs, saying that it was soooo unique.

Both of the siblings questioned their parent's choice as he woke up one day with Uni on his bed, his little tongue partially hanging out of his mouth, and a note attached to a collar around his neck.

"This is your dog, Uni. Congratulations Akiho!", "Un!" They were so caught up with work they even got his name wrong. What a shame. Akino proceeded to look at the panda in shame as he took the collar off of him, as it was way too tight. He then replaced it with a bandanna that he used to tie his hair up with, when he was younger. This was the beginning of the relationship for Akino and Uni.

He never really appreciated what the baby panda could do until one day he was surprised by the fact that he was spraying out a white mist from his mouth. Who taught him this technique? Guile, of course.

"Come on, slow bro! You just gotta know how to handle these things!", "Sure..." After a couple of years training Uni, he was ready for show! Upon graduating the academy, a special test was thrown in for the rain-nin to be. He was to command the dog to perform a jutsu of some sort, from the Rain Village. Heh, not like Akino had the ability to train Uni himself. So, with a little help, Akino said the magic words. "Sic 'em, Uni!" And he proceeded to spray out a fine mist also known as the Hidden Rain's Breath of Vapor technique. The rest was history. The semi-perverted Akino managed to become a genin, all with the help of his new sidekick, Uni.

"You're not so useless, after all. OW! Stop biting me!"

- - -

The effects of his perversion would forever reach new heights as the boisterous lad of the Satoshi family was given a hard task in working with three others unlike himself in hopes that the squad of four would become a team--and a great team in that respect. Hitsuryoku Joururi, Katsuchika Hokusai, and Kintsuchi Kugo were the three others that made up Team Seven, a rookie Genin group of Ame and a definite force to be reckoned with.

True that the five of them had a rocky start from the very beginning, in which they all had a fateful encounter one day as Akino disguised himself as someone of the opposing gender to sneak into an all-women spa, where Hokusai had been allowed in to do some sketching and Joururi was just simply lounging around.

Even after getting found out and then pummeled by Joururi his crush on the flat-chested heroine had been left to flourish. It just so happened that in that same instance he started to dislike Hokusai for whatever reason he could garnish. To the conscious Akino it was because of the boy's idiotic ramblings and rather irritating words of choice. Yet to the subconscious half it was jealousy on behalf of the growing relationship he had started to share with the girl who would only seem to countlessly turn him down after leaving some bruises atop his head.

Uni didn't like any of them, and was starting to resent the fact that he even knew Akino himself. But there wasn't much he could do about that.

Before he knew it they all were running along completing missions and getting mauled by black panthers and speedy old men with blades, heightening the action in their lives. There was no more getting used to the boring old D-Rank missions and low key assignments.

The more blood that could possibly be shed the better, so he thought, and as that changed so did Akino. He started off being fairly accurate with a bow and arrow only to change to his fists and hone his manipulation of chakra to the point where he could amplify the strength given off from his every attack. His growth in strength grew from his teacher's influence, his brother's influence, and especially from seeing the power escalator his teammate's had been traversing along.

It was a couple of months in and already he was feeling different. His usual lazy strides had become sprints as he risked his life the only way he could ever see himself doing. He started off as a shinobi of simple tastes who only wanted to become a ninja because of his family's tradition as well as envying his brother's strength. But he transformed along the ride for the better. The typical genius who didn't want to use his talents became a smart boy who needed not only that power but more.

At first he was okay with mediocrity. He would rather someone else be better than himself, because he knew of the responsibilities being better came with. But he was starting to hate that. Going against it was inevitable. His sensei probably saw this change in him as well as the others, and so maybe that's why they were suggested for the Chuunin Exams. In these grueling tests of ability, change wasn't simply a possibility--it was a premonition.

- - -

Thread Log

- Pervert Meets Art : Revamp
- [Team Seven] Lay the Earth, Raise the Stars : Revamp
- [Team Seven] Footsteps in the Rain : Revamp
- +4 gmAP : Revamp
- [Team Seven] sWEeT rain : Revamp
- +9 AP : Control (3), Strength (3), Power (3)
- Line (n.) A Mark with Length and Direction : Strength (2), Stage II Seido Kobushi
- Juxtapose (v.) : Oil Bind, Power (1) ://: Power (1)
Chuunin Exams
- Part I: The Written : Pet Communication ://: Mud Ball
- +2 gmAP : Power (1), Nocturnal Hunter
- Chuunin Exams: Second Round : Reserves (2), Intelligence (1), Bakuhatsu, Kinobori no Jutsu
- Shirou Suiton Revamp : Mud Ball Reserves (1)
- New Year's gmAP : Willpower (1), Kuroi Kougake: I
- Chuunin Exams: The Tournament : Intelligence (1), Tactics (1), Willpower (1), Seiryoku Henge: Bunshin
- Repeating Legend : Tactics (1) ://: Willpower (1)
Back in Amegakure
- Teenagers : Willpower (1), Transfer (Seido Kobushi) ://: Strength (1), Speed (1)
- Chuunin Promotion : Strength (3), Speed (2), Stamina (5), Intelligence (4), Tactics (2), Willpower (3), Power (2), Control (2), Reserves (4), Kokuu no Jutsu ://: Strength (1), Speed (1), Willpower (1)
- Help! : Control (2)
- Photography : Stage 3 Precision fist, Strength (1) ://: Stage 1 Tsume Tenrai
- Honey : Kawarimi Sacrifice, Control (1) ://: Kusari Bunshin
-Dancing Dresses : Suimen Hokou no Gyou, Tactics (1) ://: Dorogutsu no Jutsu
- Engiversary : 2 AP (Mizu Souken, Kiri Bunshin)
-Lost in Transit : Eagle's Eye, Willpower (1) ://: Speed (1)

been driving ms. daisy
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Hmm... Everything seems in order. Do you need to make note of who gave permission for this or is the registery all open to us anyway? Eh, anyway Half'd.

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Cute brat.

Full approved
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Well well, your panda-genin is being remade? Interesting.

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Can you link Shirou Suiton for Uni's list? Half'd once that is done.
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Sure, the list has been edited in.

been driving ms. daisy
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Half-Approved...Three, this may be moved I think.

Edit: Gottcha

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Requires Rain GM (and Mod, as Dark is only a LoE) approval.

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Rain GM approval.
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Approved and moved.
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