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Sengo was a little upset that Anzu denied his request to go under. He wouldn’t have killed her…he thought. He honestly didn’t know if taking the parasite out of her body would kill her and he just wanted to see it. He would have been able to put the eye back and fix up whatever cuts he had given her. However, he would have to save it for another day. The smile he had turned into a muter feature and his lips seemed flaccid and his face less interested.

Then he was caught off guard by the request to clean up his home. There was a method to his madness and despite it looking like a pig sty there was a reason for it.

”See, I cant clean this up, I have books where they are supposed to be and see that rotting rat, well that is there for an experiment. “ Sengo stated trying to justify his reasoning. However, as he continued to talk he began to sound even more ridiculous.

Maybe it was just the way Anzu looked at him in disgust but under his own accord e began to clean up his home. First was the rotting rat that was carefully put into a test tube, then the books, and then the table. It took maybe an hour but everything seemed clean. It was now organized but everything seemed out of place to the Naga.

”Is this better? You like what we did to the place? I think it is horrible but I guess we do strange things in the name of science. Now, lets get cutting.” Sengo stated with a smile as he pointed to the table with a scalpel he just conveniently had in his coat.

There was no doubt there was going to be some blood and pain but Sengo relished the idea.
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