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"A faction of rogue shinobi striking out against New Sound? Most interesting..."

The mission debrief Anzu received upon her return to Otogakure had informed Anzu of what had transpired over the course of their last mission, including about the identity of Hamachi Mikado's true killer. At first, it seemed improbable and illogical; the mysterious assassin was, or at least appeared to be, the politician's main adviser in Iriguchiro. On the surface it made no sense for him to assassinate his employer, especially if the intent was to ensure widespread support for the mercenaries. However, if his true intentions were to garner support for Atama City by painting the shinobi of New Sound as murderers, and furthermore if he had support from other rogue shinobi...well then Anzu and the rest of New Sound were facing a formidable foe indeed.

As Sengo made his suggestions on modifications to her prosthesis, Anzu nodded silently in agreement. She was already a competent, if not an excellent medic; the additions to her new limb would make her an excellent warrior as well. In particular, the notion of including the notorious Sound arm cannons within her prosthesis was an enticing one. Implanting those within a shinobi's actual body was a grueling surgery that many Sound shinobi chose to forego, even despite the incredible benefits the hidden weapons provided. Access to their destructive power was just the kind of strength that Anzu had been seeking.

"Sengo, just one thing." She called out to the scientist as he began to depart. "The material you're constructing it with; I need it to be light, but more importantly I need to still channel my chakra into it. Medical jutsu requires a rather intense focus of my energy; I need to make sure that what you're building allows for that."

The Naga gave a slight nod of acknowledgement before making his exit, leaving Anzu alone in the man's study. She glanced around, her face turning up in a slight look of disgust as she noted the general disarray of the room. Tomes of literature were scattered haphazardly across various desks; ancient scrolls were sprawled out on the floor. It appeared the kunoichi's arrival had interrupted a rather feverish study session, and Anzu knew that for a Naga to be researching a topic with such curiosity...well it had to be a unique one indeed.

Her curiosity got the best of her as she slowly made her way over to the mountain of books that Sengo had abruptly pushed off a desk upon her entry. He had made it explicitly clear that he did not want Anzu touching anything, but the Naga had certainly never precluded her from looking. She knelt down, inspecting the ancient covers of the various books in order to determine just what had seized a hold of her comrade's interest.

Now...let's see just what you were looking at...

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