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It seems that everything would be set in motion for the young Naga. He was a Naga on the path of creation and he knew that if anyone could do it, he could. In fact he was so confident in the idea that he instead made a different deal with the woman.

About what happened on our last mission. There was a man dressed up in Otogakure clothing and when he killed our target I knew that a shit storm might happen. It was the same man that was guarding him in the beginning of our journey. I recognized his voice even through his disguise. However, this isn’t the first time I have run into a rogue shinobi. A few weeks ago I also came upon a young girl who was poisoning a small outcrop of nomads. I think there is something sinister going on. I want you to join me in discovering everything. Sengo stated more serious then he had ever been with Anzu.

He knew that the woman in front of him wanted to get stronger but there was no way that Sengo would allow one of his creations die on the field of battle. It was at that moment Sengo decided he wanted to join forces with her. He had no idea what he was getting into and if anything was to happen, he would want to be there to recover her body.

The sinister thought that ran through his head was not uncommon for him but it gave some sense of honesty and worry for the young woman.

So I have an idea, I say that we add a retractable whip as well as an arm cannon to the prosthetic. We need to make it as strong as possible. We have all the necessary supplies except the metal. However, you have to stay here. I don’t want you knowing my secret stash. I will be back. Also, don’t touch anything I know where everything lies. Sengo stated as he walked out the door.
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