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Sengo was surprised to say the least, it was almost as if entering a lions den or getting trapped in a spiders web. There was no doubt that Sengo still looked upon the parasite in Anzu’s head as some type of rare meat to feast on with his brain but he would have to be conscious to the fact that Anzu had her own brain and own thoughts. Some of which completely contradicted what he had in mind and for the moment that would be okay. However, if they were to go on a mission and she died, he would have no trouble possibly having her get lost. He was a servant to Otogakure but he had not forgotten what they had done to the Naga. This thought would always be in his head.

Looking over Anzu and her missing appendage for the first time since the mission as well as in a calm sate of mind he really was surprised with the power of the monster that resided right behind her eye. There was no doubt that Sengo would kill her if she was opposition or even civilian.

You know, I am very surprised you came here. Of all places, I think this was one of the most dangerous. I guess you can come right in. I have some tools here, and I have some materials that we can use to incorporate a fitting arm for you. I am sorry for the mess. Sengo stated as he pushed a mountain of books off the table. He was also a Honegaiki, and with that came knowledge.

It was almost impossible not to see Sengo in the books and he was alright with being alone.

So, what kind of arm are you looking for? Just a normal, run of the mill metal arm? Or were you looking for something with some power to it? I don’t know the capacity or permission I have so we would have to be quiet about this. Sengo stated as he stared Anzu in the eye that hid her parasite.
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