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Blunt as ever, I see.

Were it anyone else who made that sinister statement, Anzu most likely would have immediately turned and departed the Necropolis. After all, the existence of the Naosu was not a secret known to many individuals outside those in power; to possess knowledge of the true nature of the Ninsen clan was not a privilege afforded to many. However, Sengo was a member of the nefarious Naga scientist corps and, in addition, had witnessed Anzu's incredible regenerative capabilities first-hand. It wasn't a shock that he was able to piece two and two together. His knowledge was certainly an inconvenience, and Anzu would undoubtedly report it to the elders of her clan, but she still saw no danger in proceeding forward.

After all, brazen as the skeletal Senshi was, Anzu doubted he was brash enough to disobey the orders of the Otokage himself. The Iron Laws were established to bring New Sound out of the Dark Ages and establish an order within the society. Abduction and murder of valuable human resources was no longer as common place as it had been in Sound's bloodstained past.

"Nice try, Sengo-san. And no, I’m not here on New Sound business. Do not worry, I still need time to recuperate from the last mission as well." She briefly gestured to where her now phantom limb once resided, simultaneously expressing the severity of her previous injuries while also making her current intent quite clear. "No, I’m here because I’m calling in that favor. I know you most likely haven’t had the necessary time to complete it, but if you haven’t perhaps I can assist you in developing my new prosthesis. I cannot serve New Sound in this diminished capacity; my limitations almost caused our mission to be a complete failure. That cannot happen again."

With that, Anzu took a step forward, communicating her determination and resolve quite clearly. Her crimson eyes showed no fear, even as she came within inches of the man who just a few seconds ago had suggested cutting into her skull. For despite whatever fear Anzu may have felt entering the lair of the Naga, it paled in comparison to the fear that she was finished; that she would never again be of service to New Sound and the Otokage. She looked up at her comrade’s gaunt face and gave a quick nod, as if to subconsciously force him to acquiesce to her request.

"Well? Shall we get started?"

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