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Default Demon Bound Weapon

Name: Kyoudai
Cost: 7
The Kyoudai is a left hand gauntlet. It’s made mostly of jet black metal and some silver edges. The gauntlet has some sharp edges at the arm area but they’re mostly decorative. The retractable finger spikes however are there to deal damage and can even rip through metal if enough force is used. Their size is comparable to finger nails.

Kyoudai was forged for Ryu when he was just a young boy and it fit him perfectly, and to this day it still does. The piece of armor seems adjust itself to Ryu’s size and it can even do so if his size was suddenly affected by some technique (whether an increase or decrease in size). The gauntlet is extremely durable but any damage done to it seems to be naturally repaired over time.

While wearing the gauntlet Ryu can normally perform ninjutsu without needing to complete any hand seals, and while doing so he can fire his techniques from the gauntlet itself instead of the regular point of origin. Ryu is also capable of channeling any element he has control over through his gauntlet.

Kyoudai was designed to suppress the bijuu’s visual effects on the host’s body. It completely shuts out the visual aspects of the awakened and borrowed states. At the blended state a hazy silhouette of chakra forms around the gauntlet while emitting a slight glow and in any state after that, the gauntlet fails the suppress anything.

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