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Hajime pressed down a key.

Nope, that didn't do anything. He moved on to the next letter on the keyboard. “H” didn't do anything, maybe “J” would? Still nothing, the numbers on the screen till the self-destruct continued to scroll down. Hajime pressed his tongue to his teeth, this computer thing was hard.

What would Masato do? He knew what Masato would do.

The Genin punched the keyboard, breaking it with his mighty child strength. Huh, that didn't solve anything, a voice over the intercom continued to count down seconds. They just hit the double digit numbers. Whelp, he did all he could, truly this was now in the hands of some higher power. Or he could just get the hell out of dodge. There was one escape pod left. The Genin made his way to it.

Hajime to Masato's scream.

Oh. that's right, he needed Masato as well.

He was already reaching into the pouch that had the explosive tags when something big and ugly burst out of the water right past the waddling Masato.

“Out of the way!” The asshole yelled as he knocked the genin out of the way of the escape pod. Hajime made the attempt to block the entrance to it, but the man easily overpowered the beaten and bloodied Genin. The boy was pushed to the water as the man got into the escape pod shooting a grin at the genin.

The Genin snarled before pounding on to the escape pod. He could hear the man laughing at him. That was fine, Hajime would get the last laugh. He slapped a hand on the window. The man suddenly stopped laughing as he looked at the little “fuck you” Hajime left on the window. Now Hajime started laughing, and before anything else could happen the boy pushed a button on the side of the pod shooting it into the depth of the ocean. A second later the submersible shook as the explosive tags detonated.

The timer was on five now.

Hajime looked at Masato.


He shrugged.


This was it.


“Masato, I am never going anywhere with you ever again.”


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