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“Oi, wait a second,” Hajime said. “I thought you was dead?”

It had bothered the Genin that he had not been able to keep save the assistant, then again he had never really promised to save the guy had he? Huh, looks like there was nothing to feel guilty about after all.

“Ha! Even if you beat me you still have the buttiest butt face around bro!” Hajime tore off after the Chuunin, the boy was having trouble running down the corridor. The submersible must have taken a leak somewhere, the corridor was flooded in water.

“Do you think that monster knows about the engine room?” The assistant asked, easily keeping up with Hajime.

“Don't see how, only the crew knew. Heck, I didn't even know there were escape pods,” the genin replied, then pushed forward.

The assistant looked around and hurried to catch up.

The engine room looked to have been the busiest room in the sub, at least before someone let a rhino in and tore it to shreds

Hajime let out a whistle.

“Oh no,” The assistant let out. “The engines are about to shut down. We'll have to put in the override. If we don't and the engines shut down we won't be able to launch the escape pod.

That sounded a bit counter productive to the boy, but then again he wasn’t the sharpest kunai in the pouch.

“Well hurry up. That guy could be here anytime.”

The assistant nodded and put a code into the computer. A robotic voice came over the speakers in the engine room. “Engine shutdown overridden, engine self-destruct initiated. Please have a nice day.”

Hajime turned to the assistant. “Self-destruc?”

A tentacle shot out from the assistant's sleeve, attached to it was a familiar lobster claw. The claw latched onto Hajime and Hajime felt a dozen knives bite into his skin before being thrown into a wall.

“I know the moment's passed, but the guy is already here.”

The assistant melted, and where a man once stood a monster loomed.

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