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Hanabi was in agreement with Sento. Her heart went out to the woman she had followed into the forest, wherever she was, but if it hadn't been some sort of ploy—to what ends, Hanabi couldn't guess—it was likely the lizards had gotten to her before meeting their match in the two shinobi. If this man was willing to abandon his search, Hanabi wouldn't argue with him. She twisted to look back the way she had come. "It isn't far to—" the woman started, but the trees began to shudder, and she broke off to ready for an attack.

The raptors that had just fled the pair came crashing back through the glade. Hanabi had her spear poised to impale the first to move for her or the other jounin, but the animals seemed to be blind to the humans. She frowned, straightening; the herd passed. Their cries died out as they scuttled away. The jounin knew better than to shift her gaze to follow the animals. They had been running for their lives—it was what what coming their way that she had be concerned about.

"I think it may already be too late," Hanabi murmured. Even as she spoke it began to rain. There's not a cloud in the sky. The stone-nin needed no more proof than the fleeing raptors to know that the approaching adversary was dangerous, but the shuddering of the earth and the sourceless rain were further evidence.

Hanabi considered running, but discarded it. There was no chance of outrunning whatever this was, based on the time the raptors had been gone, when they returned, and how quickly the tremors had become apparent. Shunshin didn't seem to be an option, either; the nuke-nin scattered around the landing—disgusting traitors that they were—had warned her that the island had a way of turning transportation jutsu awry.

By now the jounin was soaked to the bone. Her neck twinged as she looked up—way up.'There." There was a form emerging from the mist that had rolled in with the rain, a great... man.

The woman's eyes widened. A titan.
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