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The raptors turned and fled. Hanabi relaxed, finally allowing herself to examine the knuckles of her right hand. They were bruised from where she had punched the lizard in the back, which gave the kunoichi reason to pause. Her own hide was thicker these days than anything she had come across in nature, but a single blow had split her own skin? I might be lucky that this man was here, after all, the jounin realized. She looked up towards the cloud-nin, who extended the stave towards her.

Hanabi's lips twitched at his words. She took the spear with a nod. "I don't think I ever qualified as a damsel," she joked—which, for Hanabi, meant her inflection wasn't quite as stern as normal. "I am from Iwagakure, yes. 'Yarisugi' Hanabi, Bear Calvary, 1st Degree." She inclined her head respectfully. "It's been quite some time since I've seen a citizen outside of Cloud, Command Sergeant." Hanabi was a military soul at heart; she had followed the movements of Cloud avidly as soon as she had heard of their existence. The past four years had been filled with unprecedented peace, much to Hanabi's shameful disappointment. This man's presence on the island suggested that the village might be entering back into the diplomatic fray.

"If I may ask, what are you doing in the jungle?" The jounin turned to face down the way the Lac woman had been drawing her, brow furrowed. "I was following a woman who claimed that her child was taken, though considering that she disappeared, I suspect that was a ruse." She planted the spear in the ground the same way as the stranger had done before her, crouching to test the earth's tremors once more. There was no movement; the raptors had driven the smaller creatures away, and were totally gone themselves, beside their dead and trapped.

"There's nothing moving out there," she said for the sergeant's benefit. Still, you didn't have to be a shinobi to sense that something here was off.
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