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The stranger profaned and then began to walk briskly away, much to Hanabi's amusement. "Wait," she called, and tossed the makeshift spear towards him—not point or end first, but angled so that he could easily catch the shaft. The jounin turned back to face the trees, her small smile fading. She crouched, placing a palm on the ground. Jihibiki Ishiki no Jutsu—Earth Tremor Sense. Hanabi felt the movement of the cloud shinobi, but approaching were what felt like three figures, each moving quickly on all fours. Interesting.

Her hands slammed together, forming a series of hasty seals; the beasts were almost upon her. Just as the first breached the line of trees, five stone figures dragged themselves out of the ground, armed with spears where she was not. Hanabi didn't wait to examine the lizard closing in rapidly—she sprung.

The creature, astonishingly, rolled out of the way, and the jounin could swear it smiled before a heavy weight slammed into her from behind. Another of the creatures, descended from the treetops; the jounin flung it off of her into the waiting arms of two of her clones. They immediately began pummeling the beast, which closed its jaws around one—filling its mouth with crumbled stone—and slashed at and missed the other. The clone took this chance to drive its spear down into and through the animal's jaw, pinning it closed. It screamed.

Hanabi hadn't waited to see this, didn't turn at the increased noise. She had moved on immediately to join her other three clones in wrangling the first lizard into the middle of the path, away from cover. The third beast still hadn't appeared. One clone feinted with its spear, causing the creature to swing around; Hanabi used this chance to slam her clenched fists down up its back. Its hide was tough, but it howled, clearly disoriented and in pain. She raised her hands again, focusing power to the tenketsu in her arm.

It was of course then that the third raptor appeared.

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