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It wasn't the first time Ozawa Sento had to run for his life.

It wasn't running away exactly. The one-eyed Cloud shinobi had never run from conflict in his life, and he damn sure wasn't about to start. Facing vicious animals wasn't something to which he was unaccustomed either; Lightning Country had plenty of such things, and not every scar on him was a war trophy. He wasn't, however, trying to add any more, and he was well enough versed in wilderness survival to know that this was not the sort of place where one stopped moving.

This wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind when he was approached about diplomacy for Lightning Country. His wife had gone so far as to say that he needed 'to remember what peace is like'. She wasn't wrong. Traveling between Water and Fire Country, he'd witnessed plenty of conflict, but certainly nothing on the scale of Cloud's civil war. It made him realize why he'd been so frustrated over the last two years--suddenly, his sword had no purpose. There were answers that needed finding... Where was he supposed to start?

The letter that came for him in Mist brought him to Seirei no Shima. He was an envoy of sorts; he'd always been more or less free to do what he thought was in Lightning Country's best diplomatic interests, but he'd never even heard of the island. Seeing it was as wonderous as it was foreboding.

And now a giant tiger was trying to bite his face off.

"Here, kitty, kitty."

The beast lunged at him yet again; without his swords, Sento had been at a loss at first. His armor was all but useless, and while he wasn't bleeding, the impact from the first claw swipe put the command sergeant on guard. He drew back as the cat leaped at him, forming a rapid series of handseals. Sento pitched the ball he produced squarely into the cat's chest and it immediately yowled in pain as the electrical shock coursed through its body.

"Never did like cats,"
he muttered. He didn't bother watching the feline writhing on the ground, twitching on the ground involuntarily from the shock. Even after it recovered, the vicious burn the explosion left would actively discourage it from coming after him again. If anything, it was going to end up prey for some bigger predator. Such was the nature of things, after all... and Sento didn't feel bad about the beast's poor choice in targets.

Besides... something else was coming. He really didn't want to be there when that happened.

Breaking through the trees, he was reminded of so many marches and treks across Lightning Country. This, at least, was far warmer, and his scars didn't ache nearly as badly. It seemed that decades of training and dedication to his art and Hidden Cloud had their benefits. When he spotted a woman with a spear, however, his vague amusement with the situation immediately ended... He was relieved when she didn't attack him right away, though her armed status made him especially annoyed since his own weapons had been lost some time ago.

"...who the hell are you?"

He didn't stop long enough to actually as the question; in moments, he was already marching right past her, his heavy footfalls and the sound of his own breathing all that he was really concentrating on. The sounds behind him didn't concern him outright--only that they were getting louder. "I suggest, whoever you are, that you start movin'. Like yesterday."

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