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Shipori fumbled through the dark with one clean hand – he didn't want to smear his blood over the rest of the artifacts if he could avoid it. The vault contained a number of weapons, swords mostly, and a large assortment of jewelry. They were all damaged in one way or another, likely recovered from various ship wrecks and pirate coves. The first few bins of papers he opened, Shipori found only ledgers and logs. Outside, someone took a tumble and Shipori heard them collide with the ground. Hopefully, it wasn't Moko.

Ah, here we are.

At the back of the vault was a work table arranged with lamps and a small, stacking tool chest that sat closed. A heavy scroll sat in the center of the table, all closed up and tied with shut. Shipori checked the wooden dowel through the center and found the matching crest. More work than he expected, but not more than he was willing to expend, all in all. Thoughtless, he reached out for the scroll with one hand.

Shipori paused as he got a grip on the parchment. Etched into the surface of the table was a crescent moon, a swooping cut like a smile. He pulled the scroll close and a frozen chill went up his spine. Shipori turned on his heels and caught sight of it.

A slender silhouette, a hazy shadow, stood in the doorway of the vault, waiting for him, with one hand along the rough edge of metal. She tossed back her hair and stepped out of sight.

Frantic, Shipori tucked the scroll into his robe and hobbled at maximum speed through the vault to the hole he'd blown into into, but by the time he got there, she was gone. Instead, there was the Chuku, now dissolved, and Moko, along with three very unconscious guards. Shipori peered about the basement and made his way to the stairs in a hurry.

An illusion? A figment?

Time to leave this horrid place. I have what we came for.
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