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Shipori sagged on his feet and brought a hand up to touch his shoulder – his fingers came back bright red. With the woman starting to fall apart in front of him, he flicked a bandage up over his shoulder and set it to wrap tightly about the wound. Blood started to soak through the cloth, but it would hold for now. His nerves burned and his skin crawled, his chakra boiled in his coils. Shipori looked down at the woman where she had fallen, still shrieking as she grew desiccated.

Whatever he had done to the Chuku, he knew it wasn't what he meant to do. This was an accident.

His gamble had been that the Chuku half-chakra might function like a seal and he could block it or at least delay it. This was something else again. Not that he could ever, would ever admit as much to Moko. With the boy from River standing guard, Shipori shuffled off back to the door to the vault. His seal continued to flare up with black lines crossed all over his face. Above them, he heard movement. The sounds of their fight had drawn attention.

Speed, then.

Shipori reached the door and flashed through seals. He held his palm an inch from the vault door's dial and felt his coils scream in response, but air swirled into the mechanism. “Rasengan.” One simple command and the vault door wrenched and twisted about a ball of dark, sickly looking chakra. Shipori tore the metal apart and sent it flying backwards into the vault as a knotted mess. The hole he made was small, but so was he, and he ducked through it into the vault proper.

More boxes and crates arranged under shelves, carefully wrapped and stored artifacts treated like the proper treasures they were. Shipori needed a moment to sort through the junk.

The guards.
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