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The woman's scream echoed in the room, and as Moko recovered he watched as Shipori's terrible power went to work. She fell back from his touch, her mouth agape. It was like her very essence was trying to escape from where Shipori had struck her chest. Black marks were there, like her clothing was worn away at the point of contact.

Her skin was losing color, going gray and being sucked dry like a rotting apple. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her teeth sticking out beneath teeth pulled back over her gums. Black smoke was leaving her mouth in wisps not too different from whatever came off of Shipori's hand.

"Small gods and big! Ya' turned her into a raisin." Moko said as he held his arm and took a step toward the destroyed Chuku woman, "Whateva' that was, promise ta' never use it on me."

He looked toward the door down to the room, and no one seemed to be coming. Then he looked back at the vault door, still closed. At least they would be able to get what they wanted now, no more obstructions. He was getting tired of fighting ancient evil. At least, he assumed they were evil.

Moko leaned in a little closer to the awkwardly posed woman, and a small puft of breath came out of her mouth. His eyes widened and he almost fell back. She was still alive?

"No rush, all considering, but if ya' can crack that door so we can get scarce, that'd be great."

Not that he didn't respect that Shipori just had a sword in him. He just didn't want to find out exactly what else this woman could do if she truly was still alive.

On her forehead, he could see what seemed like a symbol, indented in her desiccated flesh. He could swear it was familiar.

"I'll watch this one, in case she comes round for a second go."
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