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What was Sengo to do? His partner had disappeared into the face of the wall and was now nowhere to be seen. It seemed that Sengo would have to fight this monstrosity alone and only if he was able to properly kill the spider/human hybrid would he be able to continue his research into the discovery of new jutsu advancements. His Honekaigi jutsu would not be very effective in such an area like this, however, there had to be some sets of bones that he would be able to properly use. For now he would worry more about using a smokescreen to stop this monstrosity. Sifting through the required hand sign smoke began to billow out of every orifice of his body. Smoke jet streams began to rush out of his clothes openings as well.

Within mere seconds the cramped room was now completely engulfed in smoke and it seemed like Sero would now have the advantage. That was until the sound of the lumbering spider started to rush through the smoke. Its large physique could be seen as it closed in not more than two feet from Sengo. Luckily, he still had six other clones to distract the monster as he escaped.

Forcing the clones to distract the spider man while the real Sengo hid behind a bookcase was the only sound and logically thing he could do. The sound of the clones being defeated was reminiscent of a small thud. He counted five small thuds as he continued to hide. However, they had served their purpose. Thinking of what to do next Sengo was met with an unpleasant surprise. Liquid began to drip on Sengo's head. It was sticky, smelled of old corpses, and was greenish. Looking up Sengo was met with the black eyes of his opponent. The simple fear that this monster could see him was enough for Sengo to freeze. It seemed like Sengo would be done for if he had not created his clones earlier. Right before he was about to be impaled by one of the many arms of the beast his clone came to the rescue. It was the last and seventh clone he had created earlier.

Jumping on the monster it gave Sengo a moment of freedom and using it he ran, however, before running to another hiding spot he threw a few kunai into the monsters face. Not aware if they landed or not was not of importance to him; the only thing he needed was a new hiding place. Finding another book self in this fog was difficult to say the least, but it was probable. Luckily, Sengo had found another hiding spot and no more than two seconds after a small thud bellowed through the room. It seems that Sengo was now alone. The screams of the creature echoed, taunting the young Naga.

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