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Etsuko slipped the camera away. A part of her was still shocked by the mere existence of the beast. It had been even more shocking than the raptor, or the strange white woman that had led them there. She watched Sengo sunder the spider creature's torso, and finally found her handblades in her pouch as the creature roared again. Etsuko moved up behind her Naga companion, and felt her Magnetic Field include the creature and the multiples of Sengo's body.

She fought back the dizzying headache from the stench and reached out with one hand, to meet the wall opposite where they had entered. The many copies of her companion left her disconcerted, but her Mugenkugan managed to look through to the beast with the eight appendages.

With her other hand, she pointed a finger at the body of the mutant. With a burst of tenketsu, a thin, dancing line of lightning shot out and slammed into one of the creature's humans arms. The successful impact caused the creature to erupt in an angry clicking sound, but behind the wall of Sengo clones, the creature couldn't direct it's rage properly. Instead, it simply lashed out, tearing through a clone of smoke.

Etsuko caught the glimpse of the monkey with the spider attached to it's back and caught her breath again.

Who could ever do these things?

Etsuko moved along the wall, hoping to flank the creature and give them a proper advantage in battle, but as her hand ran over the laboratory wall, she felt her hand push in against the wall, where there should have simply been stone. It was a panel that moved, and as soon as she had touched it, she knew she had sprung some sort of trap.


With the sound of stone grating against the floor quickly, Etsuko's world spun as the secret door made contact with her body and forced her to spin with the revolving door. As quickly as she had pressed the button panel, she had left the laboratory. Where she was now, she had little idea. She turned around sharply, to bang on the stone wall, hoping to find the button that would let the door revolve back in the other direction, but there was nothing.


In her panic, she had failed to realize that she was in the dark now, and that her Mugenkugan could not see anything on the other side of the door. The only thing she could see was the cool blues coming off of the cold stone walls. She was in a room, somehow. She could see what waited for her in the darkness, but she scrambled to change that.

Wherever she was, the creature on the other side of the door would be the least of her problems. Her hand searched her pouch quickly for a match and a hand-torch, anything that would give her a light in the darkness.

Electric Spike Strike Used
The foundation of Magnetic Fist, in order to use Electric Spike Strike the user must hold up their hand in the direction they want the shot to go. Electricity sparks along their hand and shoots forward in a jagged arc from their hand toward the target. It may only reach as far as the user’s field, after which it dissipates into useless static at most.
Stage Three The jolt can cause a convulsion in the limb struck, deadening its nerves and rending it paralyzed for about two posts.

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